Friday, November 17, 2006

Congratulations On Your Opening

To my dearest dearest friends, KSL and Mr K, may I offer my heartiest congratulations on the opening of your new restaurant Isthmus, which I am sure will offer a host of dining pleasures, to the socialites and non socialites, gourmets, gourmands, gluttons, plebians of KL.

We await with great anticipation for the grand opening.

Anyway, guys and girls, it's a lovely set up, in the new Northpoint buildings, next to midvalley megamall. Basically it's on the route to Seputeh, if you're going around the megamall loop, and is on the ground floor, where the large open courtyard is, and as you enter, its in the building on the left, ie, block B I think. The restaurant is called ISTHMUS, and is affiliated to that chain of restaurants in Melbourne, Isthmus of Kra, Monsoon and Madam Fang. (ie, one of the owners owns or used to own those restaurants). I hear their trademark baked oysters in terra cotta plates will be featured here as well.

The last few days have been brisk baking business. People, ALL my free time, time that used to wallow around watching sitcoms, dvds, ALL OF IT, has disappeared, this week. I mean the usual routines of bringing the kids to the mall on Mondays, and inlaws dinner, and movie premieres (Casino Royale last night) can't be compromised, of course, but spare time, ZILCH.

In the last 48 hours, I've had to bake the following: 2 brownies, 3 chocolate oreo, 1 lemon tart, 1 walnut coffee sourcream, 1 chilled lemon cheesecake, 1 savoury chicken ham and mushroom quiche, and in the next 24 hours, 40 cupcakes, 1 walnut coffee, 1 lemon/lime tart, 1 more oreo, 1 arghhh, what was it, I can't even remember now....oh, orange cheesecake, AND I have to experiment on a baked orange cheesecake for my mother, AND I have my icing homework to do by tonight for the ICCA course tomorrow. Argh, my recorded Seinfeld backlog is increasing, and so are the 30 unwatched DVDs. Nothing new displayed down here, that hasn't been displayed before. Clockwise from left top, walnut coffee sourcream, choc orea, lemon cheesecake, lemon tart, and centre is the chicken quiche. Still got time to blog, should be thankful la.


boo_licious said...

Gosh, so busy! The restaurant sounds good - what kind of prices are they charging, sounds like a good place to test the food.

I sent u an email, do check yr gmail acct.

snowdrop said...

wow, busy week! congrats that the enterprise is doing so well! though - has it taken the fun out of baking yet? hope not :)

will you be showing us your wilton homework?

boo_licious said...

I googled Isthmus and it said it's owned by a chef called Jimmy Shu who also owns Zigi's in KL. Is that rite? Sounds interesting, let us know when their teething period will be over and we'll pop over there to try the food.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free ad fatboy ha ha. And Boo, the celebrated chef for Isthmus is Beh Kim Un. Jimmy i think may have been one of the partners a long time ago. Rgds KSL

Anonymous said...

Sorry fbb. I meant to refer to you as fbb not fb. A thousand apologies again. KSL