Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tanzini and The Club's Yuletide and New Year's Offerings, G- Tower

Where has the year gone?  It seemed like yesterday that we were celebrating Chinese New Year, and now the hum of carols is prevalent in malls with Christmas decorations to boot.  Having said that, I'm not sure if it's just me, but the festivities seem a lot more toned down.  Nevertheless, one mustn't forget the reason for the season.

An elegant dinner table was set up in boardroom 2 of The Club, in G Tower, next to Tanzini, where we were privileged to sample the Christmas and New Year offerings of both restaurants.  I have to be frank, in the portfolio of the IGB owned restaurants, Tanzini is my least frequented, cos I always never go beyond Sage and Cilantro.  Ambience wise, Tanzini and the Club offer superb vistas of the city, and is rather posh all round.

The trinkets on the table to remind us what the dinner theme was to be.

The food was served together, ie, both the menus from Tanzini and The Club were served in order of appetisers etc.

Marinated grilled sea prawn infused with classic “kerabu pucuk paku” salads, served in a pie tee shell, which kinda set the them for the Club's menu, which is basically Asian crossover (I hate to use the word "fusion").  The prawns were succulent and fresh, and the bite size morsels were easily devoured in one mouthful.  By the way, I believe FIDDLEHEAD FERNS is just a fancy name for our pucuk paku.


A really photogenic dish, I am always fascinated with dishes that have blue in them. I would hazard a guess that the chef is trying to convey an oceanic and beach theme in this dish, with the zesty scallops, the sweet coconut and refreshing salad.


This was one of my favourite dishes.  The angel hair, which is not easy to get right, was just nicely al dente-ed, and chockful of flavours, with the drippings of the seafood.  Encased in a beef bacon basket, it does make for a rather pleasing to the eye dish.  I was glad that two of the other guests were on KETO diets so that allowed me to have more pasta.


A seafood soup, tomatoey broth, well, it's almost a comfort food kinda dish.


The corresponding soup for The Club wins hands down, compared to it's Seafood soup counterpart from Tanzini.  Lovely aromatics reminiscent of our traditional soup ekor, with a peppery heat to titillate the senses.  I wonder if one can mix and match, cos I'd pick this soup anyday.

Might be strange that the sorbet should be the highlight of the night, but it was.  This palate cleanser really wowed all present.  The strong tangy bold flavours really hit the spot.

For the mains at The Club, a choice of either the PESCE AL CARTOCCIO
Brined king barramundi fillet infused with ‘asam pedas’ salsa verde style, which I personally found a bit too complicated, and too many things happening in one dish, though the familiar taste of assam pedas did add some "spice" to the dish


CAPONE DIRIENO PERCIK STYLE - My main grouse which I think will be acted upon, was the choice of breast meat for this dish, which was otherwise rather tasty.  I hope when the time comes, there will be a breast or thigh option.

Both the mains for the Tanzini menu were good, the
which I enjoyed despite not liking lamb these days with age.  Tender and succulent, without that lamby smell and flavour.

Yay to the fact that turkey is served in a different non carving the whole bird way.  Moist, tender and tasty, unlike some cooked to death Christmas turkeys you get .   Definitely my choice of mains.

Ok, in case the sequence was altogether too confusing, these are the menus for Tanzini and The Club respectively.  The Tanzini menu for Christmas and New  Year  is priced at a very affordable RM245 nett. The Club's menu is priced at RM155 nett.

The club's plush interior....

A very interesting photo wall with all the historic moments of Malaya and Malaysia. There is an interesting catch, if you are observant enough.

And to end the night, dessert...

The poached pear was very very good... Poached in Manuka honey and bentong ginger.   Why bentong ginger?  Because all ginger lovers would know that Bentong ginger costs 4 times more than normal ginger, and really packs an oomph.  Whilst the pear was bordering on sweet, the ice cream kind of neutralised the sweetness.


I found the creme brulee a bit too coarse, cos in my mind creme brulee's are silky smooth.  But like all foods, one man's brulee is another man's err...poison.  The valrhona offerings were lovely.  Bitter sweet...

Overall, for that price point, I'd say it's VERY reasonable, for that quality of food.

Make a reservation at:

Tanzini and The Club
GTower, 199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Telephone: 03-2168 1899


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Somersby Cider Garden, In Morganfields Da Men

If you think about it, there's actually a dearth of nice Alfresco places to chill and dine and drink... So it was rather clever I think, of Morganfields in Damen USJ to have the first Somersby Cider Garden.  Okay, I am sure in sweltering afternoon heat it might not the the idealest of venues, but on the evening we were there for the launch of the Garden, and their specially curated menu to pair with four variants of cider, it was lovely ambience to be sitting outdoors sipping icy cold cider.

To be honest, I am totally not a cider fan, nor a fan of any sweet alcohol.  But the summerlike atmosphere, with Ukeleleist and live entertainment with lots of porky stuff to eat made it quite an enjoyable evening.

Somersby Cider Garden is also I believe the first place to serve cider on tap, in the Klang Valley.  The four varieties of cider we got to sample were Blackberry, Apple, Sparkling Rose (my personal favourite), and the newly launched Elderflower Lime, which is every bit as refreshing as the name implies.

The menu crafted to pair well with the Elderflowers consist of the Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs, (ooh, alcohol on alcohol), Sticky Wings,

Fourplay, a naughty play on words if I ever heard it,  Bacon Wrapped meatballs, Onion Rings, Chilli Concarne with Tortilla chips, and sticky wings. 

(Above is the Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs)

The Pork Sausage platter consists of Spicy Devil, Smoky Bandit, Herby Dog and Cheesy Cheese...cute names I have to say.

This dish was the best, paired with the Elderflower, the Jim Beam BBQ Baby Back Ribs.  The ribs average around RM70 but is a huge serving that can easily feed two or three.

Malaysia's first Somersby Cider Garden is located at
Morganfields Damen Mall USJ
Address: 872, Persiaran Kewajipan, Usj 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Hours: Closes 1AM

Phone: 03-8011 8281

Friday, November 09, 2018

YG Republique - Happening Korean at TREC

Owned by the enterprising lady Sainy Chun who also owns Two Ox (French) and previously Maison Francaise, YG Republique is an obvious choice for her portfolio, being Korean herself.  Located in the trendy (a bit too trendy for old folk like me) TREC, YG Republique comprises Samgeori Butcher’s 삼거리 푸주간 , which is the BBQ grill restaurant and K-Pub, whose name should be self explanatory.

Unfortunately there were only TWO of us at the food review that night, so a food coma at the end of the night was inevitable, without having the chance to really sample a wide variety of stuff, as how much can two people eat.

Their signature package of Iberico meats, very quaintly wrapped in Korean style newspaper, for the novelty value I presume, adds an air of mystery, as the waiter unwraps and unveils what's "in the news"...It also is how meat is served in butchers in Korea apparently.

These gorgeous cuts include belly, neck and jaw, which are masterfully grilled in the Korean bbq pit.

Accompaniments are a plenty, which a wide spectrum of flavours, from sour pickles, to spicy chillies,

I found this salad with an almost raw egg yolk, if not raw, rather interesting. A symphony of flavours and texture, I think its made from some Korean chive, which gives it that rather grassy texture, like the chinese kuchai.  I am not sure what the raw egg does to the equation.... Kinda like carbonara meets kimchi .

Their signature pork fried rice, which costs RM25 per portion per person.  I personally don't like these mushy paella risotto type textures, and prefer the fluffy chinese style of fried rice, so while the taste was good, it didn't do much for me cos of the texture.  Perhaps it was just mushy that night, cos I've seen other pictures of it that didn't seem quite so mushy.

The signature K fried chicken is a must for fried chicken fans.  Crispily battered, with their special sauce, is rather good.  Screams for a beer though.

When we visited, it was shortly after some K Pop star had visited, so there were autographs on the wall, and on this cute inflatable pig too.

Prices for the Iberico start at RM170 for the Butcher's sampler, (the one we had).  The menu is quite extensive, and has Wagyu Beef options as well.

Address: HG-01 & HG-02, Hive, TREC, 438, Jalan Tun Razak, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
3Geori Butcher: 12pm-3pm (Lunch) / 6pm-2am (Dinner)
​K Pub: 6pm - 3am

Phone: 03-2110 4104

Monday, September 03, 2018

An Old Soul, With A New Menu.... Souled Out

Slightly over a month ago, just prior to the World Cup Finals, Souled Out Bangsar South launched some new items on their menu.  Souled Out, an Iconic name, a first mover of the hip and happening bistro cum bar restaurants...I recall with fondness their first outlet in that shoplex area in Mont Kiara...and thereafter when they moved to Desa Sri Hartamas.

The outlet in Nexus, Bangsar South, is pretty swanky, with a large semi outdoor area (as in it's covered outdoor), and seems to be a great watering hole for the Bangsar South hip and happening.

Around 50 new items have been added to their menu, so really, if comfort food is their thing, you will definitely find comfort in some way or other.

The new menu is about inclusion and embracing diverse cuisines from around the world. We want to cater to a wider range of taste profiles, so no matter what you are in the mood for, you can get it at SOULed OUT. In keeping with the times, the exciting flavours of the new menu items are presented in a contemporary style, aiming to reignite excitement and create buzz about our food as well as keep people coming back for more,” said Cassie Wong, Head of Marketing for the SOULed OUT Group.

Starting with their pizzas, the roasted duck pizza ( RM24),and nasi lemak pizza were rather interesting.  I personally preferred the roast duck pizza..I mean how wrong can you go with roast duck right.  But somehow the toppings for the nasi lemak pizza ..called Asiana, (but inspired by nasi lemak for sure), I think are best served with a piping hot serving of nasi lemak.

Asiana Pizza RM18

The Summertime salad, grilled seafood and orange vinaigrette, (RM27), I wouldn't say is revolutionary, but it does fulfil the criteria of a salad, a good balance of veg to other stuff, and most importantly, well dressed.

My favourite dish of the night, Kake Udon (RM21), a hearty broth with udon, and that every important runny egg.  Definitely I'd reorder this.

Classic Steamed Mussels in White Wine, Garlic, accompanied with village bread (RM39)...I'm not sure if Village bread meant it came from Village Grocer or some unspecified village....but this, as the name implies, IS a classic dish, and the breads soak up the lovely white wine sauce and make for a lovely combination.

Bangers and Mash (RM19)....I have to say their price point is really also one of their selling points.  Again, whilst not particularly revolutionary, the bangers were rather good, (I think they were chicken), and no complaints about the mash either.

I especially like the Patatas Bravas, chunky potatoes that make french fries look anorexic...RM9, a great beer snack if you ask me.

Okay, Sweet and Sour Fish served with egg fried rice, RM24...not my thing, so I'll give it a pass.  Not because it was bad, but I just don't fancy the combination at all.

Beef Ragout pasta, RM24, a distant cousin of Bolognaise, probably, again, a classic combination you can't really go wrong with, ground beef, pasta, tomato based sauces.

Bhuna Chawal, Indian Style Fried Rice with with cauliflower, chicken and prawns.  For some reason I thought it was vegetarian.  RM18.  Nice, I liked this dish.  Lots of variety of flavour for a fried rice.

Usually the idea of healthy desserts make me balk, not least when it has raw "vegetables" like spinach etc, BUT, I have to say, the YODA, (RM18), made from avocado, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, banana, spinach,...was very good.  Actually it can also pass off as a breakfast dish if you ask me.  I actually thought it looked visually quite interesting.

Pink Panther (RM18), made from dragon fruit, banana, yoghurt, chia seeds, ..pretty much in the same vein as YODA.  I prefer the latter.

And finally, Cheers....

Following its introduction at SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur, Ampang and Bangsar South, the new menu will be introduced in stages at other SOULed OUT outlets soon. Interested parties can call 03 2242 3308 / 013 613 1663 for reservations at SOULed OUT Bangsar South.