Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Patissez, The Latest Hip Place in Bangsar Baru

Whenever friends open an F&B outlet, hope springs eternal that yay, a new hangout place, to drink especially.  Well, if you're teetotaller, young and happening, then this new place in Bangsar is the place for you.  Or, if you have deep pockets and have kids and would like to indulge them with designer milk shakes.....

Credit has to be given to the founders and owners of Patissez, who originally hail from Canberra (to the uninformed, that is the capital of Australia),  and who came up with the unique and novel concept of the FREAK SHAKE...

The Mint Condition

The Pretzella

Even I who am not a fan of milk shakes have to admit that these shakes do look rather inviting, sort of like a cardiac arrest in a glass, (who doesn't love that), portable dessert.  Priced at RM23 each, I'm guessing my four kids will be sharing one when we do go there.  Now, surprisingly, despite its gregarious appearance, the shakes itself are not overly sweet, and the combinations of say, nutella and pretzel, do lend a novel dimension, which is so lacking in most pedestrian cafes these days.  If you like Mint, which I do, the Mint Condition is packed with that minty goodness.  Judging by the throngs of people, it's obviously a hit, as KL craves something new in concept and taste.

Other shake flavours include the Red Velvet and Muddy Pat but they're all priced at RM23.

The Freak Burger, RM38, a generous double beef patty, some chicken bacon, Patissez chicken jam and fries on the side.  What's not to love... a moist juicy piece of meat between two well endowed buns... 

Slow cooked Cheeky Beef, much like a stew, which come to think of it, very few places do, and do well.  Served with a side of sour dough bread and pesto sauce...Perfect community dining this dish, almost passover like, each one dipping their bread into the lavish gravy.  RM35

Spring salmon, RM45, what struck me most about this dish is the abundance of avocado, which we all know is a small king's ransom in this country, so that alone makes this dish worthwhile I reckon.  I loved the generous sides, (not particularly being a fan of cooked salmon), and the fish was also seared well, without death being warmed up twice over.

Possibly my favourite dish of the night, Corn and Zucchini Fritters, it contains all my favourite stuff, corn, courgette, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and egg!!! RM23... and doesn't break the bank either.  Might head over for a dose of this soon.

The interior is "minimalist", (which seems to be the new "opulent"), and we managed to snap this picture of an almost empty place because it was Ramadan, and this was JUST before the madding crowds came thronging in by the droves.

The friendly staff, and it was lovely to see an old familiar face....

They pride themselves on their gargantuan house made doughnuts, (or is it officially spelt donuts these days?), with various types of filling.  Personally, I like plain sugar raised or cinnamon donuts with no filling, so this is off my radar.  I like the term HOUSE MADE, it's far more appropriate than "home made" especially if the restaurant isn't quite a home.

Broughtuptoshare is about to share his donut...Read their review HERE...

Other desserts include a variety of cakes, lemon tart, (Or was it lemon meringue pie...it's one or the other)

And there's always coffee art....I thought it was an onion, but it was concentric hearts....

By nightfall the tables were already filling up, and by the time we left, local celebrity Bangsar Babe was actually in the queue to get in.

Congratulations to the owners of Patissez for the new and novel concept that is so lacking these days.

Patissez Kuala Lumpur
42 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
Opens Daily: 8am-11pm.
Tel: +603 2202 2999


Monday, July 18, 2016

Steamboat At Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel

As far as meals go, I always like the clean feeling associated with a steam boat, all the better in cooler climes, but since 90% of KL seems to be refrigerated, (I think it's ridiculous how cold some malls and cinemas are), in all probability steam boat places also have the ambience of say, Cameron Highlands, at a comfy 22-23 degrees.

I was surprised actually to discover that Xin Cuisine, one of my favourite hotel chinese restaurants, actually has a steam boat set.  And only for RM50.

What I had not realised is how difficult it is to photograph a steam boat meal.  In retrospect, I should have done close ups of the steam wafting from the boat, those netting implements that is used to fish stuff out of the cauldron, etc etc...  Because really, as far as photos, go, you are basically shooting a bunch of raw stuff on a plate...And where IS the glamour in that!!

These fried bean curd skins ...were so delicious we had at least three helpings, and till now, I am unsure if they're meant to be chucked into the soup spa or eaten just like that, but either way, it was delicious.

You will notice a welcom absence of any processed stuff, so no weird looking fish balls, crab sticks, (my pet peeve amongst all processed foods), .... everything is basically RAW, except for the fish balls, which are actually stuffed with other stuff, and is rather palatable.

How do YOU eat your steam boat?  I have for years used the above featured egg, as a coolant, whereby I will break the egg into my bowl, and dip the cooked stuff into the raw egg.  By the end of the meal, the egg would have somewhat cooked, and I top it off with a little soup, and slurp it all down.

One unique feature about the Xin steamboat, is the soup,...you have a choice of herbal, clear or curry.  Curry is not quite normal, usually you get tom yam,  The Curry is not a thick laksa type curry with coconut milk, but surprisingly works well...  and the myriad ingredients makes it so tasty towards the end, you could just chug a whole bowl of the soup.

The freshness of the stuff is great.  These tiger prawns were firm and succulent when they had turned into the crimson hues of cookedness.

I loved these dumpling, water dogs, whatever they're called.  Plump parcels of meaty goodness, with a variety of texture, from crunch to chew.

There's really only so much one can say about raw chicken that has been boiled. ...err..it's chicken that has been boiled.

Think slices of well marbled pork, very shabu shabu style.....

Fish maw, for those who like it... I'm ambivalent myself, and wonder who first thought of eating this.

There is something comfortingly communal about steam boat, because it somehow doesn't seem like a meal you'd partake with people apart from those you are close to.

They also have an upgrade, where for a few bucks more, you get more ingredients, I forget what now.  But for me, give me my egg, non processed foods, noodles, a nice stock, and I am a happy camper.

Xin Cuisine
Concorde Hotel
Address: 2, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2144 2200

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

GoT Season Finale Banquet - GoT Spoilers, So Don't Read if Haven't Watched

Brilliant of course is the series, but brillianter still to host a season finale potluck, Valar Dohaeris ya know ...And all so very spontaneously too.  In a location with views that make those from the Red Keep look like a squatter village, (okay, I lie, the view of Dubrovnik from the Red Keep is spectacular), with food that would warrant the castration of a Greyjoy chef and company that would cheer even the Red Wedding.

Presenting, a Feast of Fire and Ice, but quite rightly as someone pointed out, why not a curry feast called Fire and Rice...so much more Malaysian it would have been.  But ah well, if walks of shame were carried out, one wonders which woman in power would be subject to the indignity of it all, but worse, the sight to behold, for what is seen can never be unseen.

Theon Greyjoy's P****S stew... slow cooked in the cauldrons of the Red Witch, aka Thamby...okay, not quite red.  A dish that would have paired sublimely I suspect, with that decanter of wine chugged down by Cersei as she waited for the Big Bang Theory.  I wonder what kind of wine it was, a Chateau Margaux equivalent I'm sure, no less.  That haunting soundtrack, the reflection of the flambe-ed green gunk reflected in Lancel's eyes.  

Cersei's Golden Locks, shaven, at the end of the last season, like the fresh cheese in the peppery pasta prepared by Victor Bolton. The most satisfying demise of the season, I'd say, followed closely by he who ate Humble Pie.  Henceforth, Pie must definitely feature in every GoT party.  Finally, all that training of scalping came to fruition.

Sansa's salad, for want of a better name, but I think almost any chick from the show (except Brienne of Tarth) might have been appropriate, since the hostess saw it fit to serve us this platter totally undressed.  Eating beets and kohlrabi undressed requires the strength of a Dothraki Warrior.

We always knew Margarine was bad for you, but who'd have expected it to be wiped out altogether in the blink of an eye.  Who knew that that absinthe colored liquid could wreak such damage, and wipe out almost half the cast and a whole flock of birds....

Dothraki Horse Heart...Well, a brilliant stroke of genius.  That crimson colouring could even have been from the forehead of Loras Tyrell...star that he is!

Stabbing and slitting in the show has become so common place that one barely bats an eyelid when it happens.

And for dessert, Ramsay Bolton's Apple Tart ...Remember he was the master at multitasking, peeling an apple, chatting with the wilding, and stabbing her at the same time.  Topped with wilding yak mascarpone.

Oh well, another year then, before this feast begins...Everyone seems to want more of Lyanna Mormont...Is Podric the true King?  Thamby Stark thinks its impossible.  I wonder if it's possible that Margaery and Loras actually escaped the Nine Eleven scale explosion and destruction?  Hey, if that motley crew of Jeff Goldblum and gang can escape what seemed to be total annihilation by the aliens, its certainly possible that Marg and Lorie survived.  Hope so la.  I like them.

Thanks M for Marvellous for hosting a larverly night.   Valar Morghulis.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

FLINT, Persiaran Ampang

After the successful firing up of Stoked in Medan Damansara, owner Yin How decided to reconceptualize their existing Vintry in 24 Persiaran Ampang, and turn it yet into another hot flame for the Ampang residents and beyond.....Flint is the latest outlet to open on this eclectic row of understated yet rather upmarket yet homely restaurants in that affluent hood of Ampang Hilir.

Flint, no relation to the cartoon character of the same half surname, (Flintsones la, which is actually the method of lighting a flame those days when I was young) also has the same signature oven its sister restaurant has, the Big Bertha, that steely Brienne of Tarth character in Game of Thrones comes to mind, big ass with a big heart, and an additional drum with the same concept as the Bertha, called the Drumbecue... every macho man's dream I'm sure of a backyard bbq... Except it's probably the Lamborghini of barbeques.

Big Bertha


The upstairs has a nice area for private diners, with even a play area to chuck away those screaming kids.... so that adults can dine in relative peace.  Afterall, being an old conservative Asian, we (as in I) semi subscribe to the adage that kids should be seen not heard.

I love places that serve fresh piping hot bread, with butter that melts gloriously ..although had we known the amount of food that was coming, it might have been wise to abstain.

They have a well stoked and well stocked bar,  and by the looks of it, a mixologist in the house as well.

Grilled oysters, for want of a better name.  Like Stoked, they try to source and utilize the best that local ingredients have to offer, in this case, huge oysters from the South China Sea. RM12 per piece

Ooh la la... Lalas... or clams, in white wine sauce...nothing like alcohol infused clams to make one open up, paired with a lovely St Clair Malborough Sauv Blanc 2015.RM38

The prawn tartine, ....a bit too many things happening on a piece of bread, and fellow IG follower commented that they had it before and it was "dry on dry"... Well, honestly, ain't my thing, but it you like mayo-ey stuff, then you might like this. RM30

Tartine of Roast Beef, Chilli Jam, Sourdough Bread, RM36.  Okay, certainly better than the prawn version, but again, too mayo-ey for me, totally negating the healthy salad effects of the rocket, but perhaps it is meant to be more decadent than salad-y.

Lamb Shoulder Stew, Mediterranean inspired dish, with haricot beans.  Very hearty, def a meal by itself.

Free range Moroccan inspired chicken stew, with that tomatoish base, and distinct what do you call that area?  Mediterranean cum  Middle Eastern (as opposed to Italy)...taste.

Homemade Tagliatelle with spiced beef ragout.. I love the pasta, so much body, done aldente...  And very light almost. RM40

Mushroom risotto with picarino cheese... okay, not a risotto fan, NEXT...RM49

Being the owners of Vintry, which is essentially a wine place, of course Flint shares its same DNA when it comes to the impeccable choice of wines.

A grilled fish, caught in our local seas.  Its a trevally, caught from the South China Sea, to be precise.  As a scuba diver, this is quite a common sight.  The flesh is firm, and I like it cos it's not a bony fish.

Oven smoked roasted beef, apparently the cut changes based on what is available, and today's happened to be wagyu brisket, which I love.  Excellent, melt in the mouth, but they really can do away with the mayo.  RM

Australian Black Angus OP Ribs, 1,3kg.  What can I say?  Perfect meat in every way that I imagine a good steak to be...Perfectly done, a wee bit on the tough side, but that's to be expected from this cut, if you want lazy chew and melt in the mouth then rib eye is more your thing.  RM dunno.

Like at Stoked, I love their grilled side tubers...Sweet Purple Potato.

Australian Lamb Loin, grilled perfectly.  Well, they do have the Bertha and the Drumbecue for this very purpose.

Whilst Stoke had an array of different salts, Flint has an array of different peppers...each imparting its own distinct flavour.

Just when I thought the OP ribs had hit the spot, this Australian Grain Fed Rib Eye, and me being a rib eye fan, was my favourite dish of the night.  I loved that it was served naked, so as to be able to appreciate the untainted taste of meat, melt in the mouth goodness. RM83 for 250gm or RM111 for 350 gm.

Deconstructed Apple Crumble.  Apples were baked nicely, though I would be preferred a higher crumble to apple ratio.

Earl Grey Bavarois.... Bavarois, Panettone, Panna Cotta, whats the difference I don't know but it they were human, they'd defintely have the same surnames...

The Rocky Mountain Orange brownie, we unanimously agreed, was more like a chocolate cake rather than brownie.  No complaints though, a rose by any other name....

Well, the lucky residents of that hood now have a lovely new place to try out.

24 Persiaran Ampang
Tel : 03-42528262