Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Somersby Cider Garden, In Morganfields Da Men

If you think about it, there's actually a dearth of nice Alfresco places to chill and dine and drink... So it was rather clever I think, of Morganfields in Damen USJ to have the first Somersby Cider Garden.  Okay, I am sure in sweltering afternoon heat it might not the the idealest of venues, but on the evening we were there for the launch of the Garden, and their specially curated menu to pair with four variants of cider, it was lovely ambience to be sitting outdoors sipping icy cold cider.

To be honest, I am totally not a cider fan, nor a fan of any sweet alcohol.  But the summerlike atmosphere, with Ukeleleist and live entertainment with lots of porky stuff to eat made it quite an enjoyable evening.

Somersby Cider Garden is also I believe the first place to serve cider on tap, in the Klang Valley.  The four varieties of cider we got to sample were Blackberry, Apple, Sparkling Rose (my personal favourite), and the newly launched Elderflower Lime, which is every bit as refreshing as the name implies.

The menu crafted to pair well with the Elderflowers consist of the Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs, (ooh, alcohol on alcohol), Sticky Wings,

Fourplay, a naughty play on words if I ever heard it,  Bacon Wrapped meatballs, Onion Rings, Chilli Concarne with Tortilla chips, and sticky wings. 

(Above is the Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs)

The Pork Sausage platter consists of Spicy Devil, Smoky Bandit, Herby Dog and Cheesy Cheese...cute names I have to say.

This dish was the best, paired with the Elderflower, the Jim Beam BBQ Baby Back Ribs.  The ribs average around RM70 but is a huge serving that can easily feed two or three.

Malaysia's first Somersby Cider Garden is located at
Morganfields Damen Mall USJ
Address: 872, Persiaran Kewajipan, Usj 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Hours: Closes 1AM

Phone: 03-8011 8281

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