Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whats Cooking At The Cooking House?

Salad, of all things.

What do normal people do on Sunday afternoons? Napping, sleeping, resting, massage, all come to mind, and after the previous day's hectic schedule of eating and eating, it took the propulsion of a rocket to release me from the gravity that was tying me down to the OSIM chair, to attend the cooking class at the cooking house. Organised by BabeinthecityKL, it was another feather in the cap for the social schedule of the food blogging fraternity. However, either Sundays are really rest days, coz the response of the floggers for a cooking class seem far less than those for free food, or food tasting. Let's see, there was Babe, Teckie, Foodielianne, Jackson, and Me. Five.

Both Jackson and I were exhausted, and were both saying we regretted signing up for the course, on the way there. He wasn't his usual ebullient self, so I guess the pot luck at Big Boy's (which I didn't get an invite to) must have sapped him of all his youth.

We arrived early, coz he insisted on picking me at 2pm, when I TOLD him that 2.15pm would be more than okay to get there on time. However, most people were there already. Located in Desa Sri Hartamas, in one of the clusters with easier parking, it's fairly easy to find.

We proceeded to the registration, and to my utter surprise, the lady manning the registration looked at me and asked, "what are YOU doing here?". Goodness, it turns out that she (the proprietor's sister) was my classmate of yore. And oddly enough, one of my earlier culinary idols. She is the kind of gal that every hungry man dreams of marrying. Ace-ing her home science classes, and exuding that domestic flair that eludes some other ladies who can't tell a wok from a fork..... Of course we got into light hearted banter, that removed my sleepiness faster than a double espresso could. Catching up over the last 15 years while other people were waiting to register wasn't a good idea though.

The "classroom" is really my dream kitchen. Large work tops, everything within handy reach, ....sigh, this is MY dream set up for a cooking school. [Have I turned a froggy shade of green?]

The instructing chef, Ryan Khang, I swear, evoked numerous giggles from the group of girls who were also attending the class.

He gave us an introduction to the 4 kinds of salads that he going to prepare, namely, Mango, Avocado and Prawns in Passion Fruit and Chardonnay dressing - served with radicchio, iceberg lettuce and rocket leaves and Pomelo; Duck Breast in Tangy Kaffir Lime and Palm Sugar Vinaigrette - served with lettuce, mint and coriander; and Thai Seafood Salad With Zesty Kasturi Lime, Lemon Grass, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing - with tomato, onion and multi greens.

I shamelessly cut and pasted that entire menu from Babe's blog. Babe, you don't mind ya. Well, yes, like any chef, an explanation of ingredients and where to buy them was helpful, as some of the young lasses there looked like they've never stepped into a wet market in their entire blissful existence. An array of herbs and fruit were laid out, like words from a dictionary waiting to be weaved into an exotic poem, or music notes like taugeh, waiting to be composed into an emotion evoking opus.

Strangely, people were not tripping over themselves at first, to volunteer to be hands on. I guess everyone was a bit shy. Jackson said he had to take photos, and couldn't get his hands dirty. I then voluntereed to squeeze the limes, which needed brute male strength... so much so I accidentally squirted one of the girls.

I love that Ryan uses so many local ingredients, and probably the only imported stuff were the meats, (duck from France and tenderloin from Oz), extra VIRGIN olive oil, red wine vinegar and Maple Syrup. Even the passionfruit apparently are from Cameron Highlands. Oh, and the Chilean Chardonnay.

We have above, our own Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson....

Ryan was very accommodating, answering lots of questions from the floor, and seemed to take everything in his stride, though initially expressing that he was stressed coz of the presence of food bloggers. Hey, we're bloggers, not chefs la, no need to be stressed. I think he realised that soon enough. Or perhaps the fumes from the chardonnay simmering on the pan calmed his nerves.

The wonderful thing about watching a cooking class is the tapestry of ingredients, under the magical guidance of the chef, that evolves into the final product that looks so absolutely delicious.


The Duck Breast salad - I agree with most, that I also would have preferred the duck a bit more cooked, or more thinly sliced. Twas hard to chew thru that fairly thick chunk, but it was well marinated, and tasted very good. The dressing was nice and tangy, and complemented the pomelo well.

Beef, mushroom and peaches, all my favourite stuff. However, this is one occasion where the parts on its own I felt were better than the sum of the parts. (Hmm, I think BAbe forgot to mention the beef one in her blog...I think she no eat beef...like Jackson). Good quality ingredients, and enough as a main meal actually, with all that meat.

This was my favourite salad. Prawns with avocado and mango and passionfruit. The dressing was just right, and complemented the combination the way good make up complements a bride. Were I to have to replicate one of the four, I'd choose this.

I don't have any decent photos of the last salad, (no, they're not indecent coz the salad was not dressed), but if a picture paints a thousand words, let me try with the 1000 words. Basically a seafood combination, prawns, squid, and crab, served in a large lettuce leaf.

More about the cooking school. They offer an impressive variety of classes, in a very pleasant and professional atmosphere. I love their set up and look forward to attending more classes here, especially of the baking sort. The price of courses are also very reasonable. The salad course was priced at RM80. Considering a 2 hour blind man massage would have cost this much, I think it was darn good value for money. Get to eat some more.

For more information, you can log on to their website. The url is http://www.thecookinghouse.com/


backStreetGluttons said...

without his chubby swoon and rolling tummy u know why people giggled lah . but now u gourmets have really reached another new level aka a class of your own OMG !

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

1st u start relating perks to perky like me..then u start to squirt on girls..oh my oh my..what has food porn bcome into??..

wmw said...

Such fun! Must have been a welcome change from the usual eats (especially after the day before!)

Unknown said...

my dear, there ain't any tenderloin left for me and teckiee!!! *sobs* only got to try wee bits when Ryan wrestle some leftover wiping on the whatever remainder dressing on the bowl

teckiee said...

Too bad I didn't get to record the part where you imitated Nigella.You were as sexy as her... maybe even sexier LOL!

boo_licious said...

LOL, I would have loved to see u do a Nigella impression. Was that the one where she licked the spoon and gave a sexy moan? Great write up as always. Must go check this place out one day.

Jackson said...

it was so much fun over there!! Luckily we sign up! I look forward for the cup cakes class

Anonymous said...

man that seem so yummy!!! heh especially the mushroom and beef salad. but for me i think i will sub. mango with the peached coz i thought mango is a must must for a refreshing and tangy bowl of salad. *drools*

hehe anyway ask you ar. ever thought of making eclairs?? heh just ate a mini one while reading your blog haha =D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Love that not-so-subtle hint in the first part.

fatboybakes said...

team bsg... whatever do you mean!

nipples, squirt sour stuff only ma. sour wet.

wmw, it WAS a pleasant change indeed. but end result is the same la. Stuffed.

babe, really? i thot the tenderloin wasnt popurar at all!!!

teckie, i'm blushing oridi.

boo, thanks. well, i didnt lick the spoon, only my finger....and didnt quite groan lar...too many strange women around.

jackson, you looked like you needed a red bull.

katherine, yes, i used to make eclairs and cream puffs all the time, because i cant stand the fake god knows what cream they stuff into the commercial ones....UNTIL bread papa came along with their yummy cream patisserie. so, until i can replicate THAT cream....i'll continue experimenting. mini eclairs...hmmm, i'm not into miniatures. i like big big bites.

lemongrass dahlink, twasn;t meant to be SUB TULLLLL mah.