Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christmas Comes Early

Oooh, so many new toys to play with. Rubbing hands in glee, whistling, "My chest nuts roasting on an open fire"....

First in, thanks to dear DEAR friend, Ms LTA, who lugged these babies back all the way from the States for me. I ordered them via, and had them mailed to an address in Texas somewhere, for Ms LTA to bring em back for me.

I hope my pores aren't as large as these.

Look at how finely these babies grate. What GREAT GRATERS!!!! God forbid you should ever run your finger through that thing though....imagine ribbons of human flesh in a pool of blood coulis.... bleagh. The microplane grates the surface, without entering the bitter pith region of the fruit, and the aroma from the grated zest is delightful. You can smell the lovely almost aromatherapeutic scents of citrus as they waft up your olfactories. The other longer one is for grating parmesan, etc. Price: USD 11.95 (RM48) for the zester, and USD 8 (RM 28) for the grater...what a steal. Considering they retail for at least RM 80 here.

The next toy, (unlike Christmas gifts though, all these I have to buy for myself), is this wonderful piece of equipment that will revolutionise my life forever, I believe. Other boys go for boys toys like expensive handphones. My present handphone was probably used by that T-Rex from Jurassic Park. Even my blind masseur has a more canggih handphone than mine.

I was asking ex classmate, sister of Edyth who runs Cooking House, as to what food processor to get. My little Kenwood is more overworked than an african slave in the 1800s in the cotton fields, and the one year warranty is due soon. I have great faith in electrical goods these days, they hardly ever fail me. The day after the warranty expires, so do they.

Anyway, Ms Ban recommended me the Magimix range, and offered to set up a demo, as they are one of the distributors. Demo = free cooking class. Why not!!!

The 3 items on demo (but there was more actually) were Swiss roll, Indonesian Rojak, and Chicken Floss Bun With Mayonnaise.

Look at this baby!!!!

Chopped up gula melaka which is for the rojak sauce.

The magic machine whips up egg white, and fold in your flour for you as well.

Chopping, slicing, grating, (except the fine grating that only microplanes can do) are a thing of the past. Lucky maids.

The machine kneads bread dough, juices citrus fruits, and has a juicer component for other fruits, whips up mayonnaise faster than you can say KRAFT LOW FAT, blends ice coffee, makes cakes, whips egg white, chops up nuts, ...... put it this way, if Magi Mix was a woman, I'd be asking Papa Mix for her hand in marriage.

For the indonesian rojak, which turned out most yummylicious, it was all done in the one bowl, from scratch. Nuts in first, followed by palm sugar, chilli, tamarind, blitz, change attachment to slicer, slice fruits, cucumber, and presto, rojak enough for 4. Amazing.

And apparently you can make these things too. But you know me, I'd never endeavour a recipe that takes more than 20 minutes, so this is out of the question.

Check out the vegetarian egg yolk. Go figure. No, a carrot didnt lay an egg, its made from gluten.


daphne said...

Nice toys u have there! hehehe

babe_kl said...

wow i have been eyeing on this magimix thingamajic for a long time!!! can't afford such an expensive toy :(

chenboon said...

Merry Christmas... Ha ha...
really wonderful Christmas gift...
impress with demo... how many people should i have in order to get the demo?

kat said...

Aarrgghhh.. cheap microplane!! There is a similar one here, UK brand but with the same type of squarish grating hole-thingy (whatever you call it!!) that costs RM60++. Still wondering whether to get it or wait for a chance to get the US one.

I have always resisted food processors because I find that the time I spend cleaning the bowl, blades, etc. is longer than the time I spend taking out the knife and cutting board and actually cutting the vege!! But then again I guess it's indispensable when you are preparing food for big parties.

Do share your experiences once you get your hands on one of these babies (its the same as the ones Jamie O and Nigella uses, right?). I just might be a convert yet!

Tracy Tan said...

i do enjoy reading your blog :)

i had this thing for kitchenaid but if this magimix thing can do what you say....woah!

my kenwood is older than me - ok! more than sam cheong!

boo_licious said...

Whoopeee for gifts!

The Magimix is brilliant - my sister has one too. She bought hers in UK though as she compared the pricing and it was cheaper than KL. U can also go join their programme and get that referral thing which you can earn $$$.

Thxs for the tip on USA is cheaper for the Microplane - now I need to figure out which one to ask those people to get for me.

teckiee said...

"run your finger through that thing though....imagine ribbons of human flesh in a pool of blood coulis" gives me the chills.. too much imagination going on.

Precious Pea said...

The vegetarian egg yolk looks like the real thing!! Tastes good?

fatboybakes said...

precious, honestly, i'm not a fan of imitation foods...non dairy cream, margarine, sacharrine, vegetarian meats and yolks....but i guess if the objective was to have the shape of the moon in the middle of the mooncake, then its acceptable la.

teckiee, yar, can you imagine? [seram music in the background]

boolicious, it'll be whoopier if they were actually GIFTS. enjoy your graters!!!!! you wont regret buying them.

tracy, how's the mainland air treating you? you didnt look a day over sam cheong when you left.

kat, yar, obviously you wont lug out the whole thing just to squeeze one lemon la, or chop one cucumber. of course, the wonderful thing about living in 3rd world countries, is a easy access to domestic help.

chen boon, i think if you can get 3 or more, i can arrange for you.

babekl, true, initially i thought, AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH, but the banks and retailers in their infinite wisdom have come up with that WONDERFUL WONDERFUL concept of ZERO PERCENT instalment plan.

daphne, ya, havent had chance to play with my toys yet.

Big Boys Oven said...

I saw this microplane of yours at a shop outside robinson, midvalley, wah! so expensive! gonna get "Pokanmon... opss pok kai"

fatboybakes said...

hey BBO, you're right, i had to clutch at my heart to prevent me from collapsing when i saw the price. RM135!!!!! for the same thing at that Pavilion shop. (Pavilion in the HOW confusing is that!)

S*** man, we should start importing this. Know anyone coming back from the States? It costs USD11.95 there.