Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Long Table

Somewhere in Plaza Glomac, the immediate left turn after you turn off from the Subang Toll off the NKVE, lies a gem of a place, for the Nyonya Food enthusiasts. Like a hidden Aladdin Cave filled with lobak, pie tee, roti babi (yes, this place is not halal, and has an array for porcine dishes). The place, The Long Table, directly translated from what is presumably Hokkien, T'ng Tok. Thanks to an invite by Aly, we were privvy to this scrumptious meal, and I was the rose amongst the thorns, (excluding our host, of course).

The restaurant is actually a labour of love between three ladies who had always had a lifelong dream of owning a restaurant, and who are all great cooks in their own right. So, there comes a point when you've had enough of cooking for friends for free,....hence, giving birth to the Long table, where friends, family and strangers can now sample this fine peranakan fare.



First was the roti babi, a french toast kinda thing, with minced pork and other goodies inside. To be fair, I've YET to attend a food review where the first dish was anything but good. Perhaps its a combination of hunger, expectations, etc.

Deep fried fritters, like cucur something. Lovely snack with the Tiger beer that accompanied our meal as the beverage of the day. Where there is Aly, there is Tiger.

Traditional Penang Lobak. Honestly, I dont know how the name Lobak came about, it must be hokkien for something, coz doesn't lobak mean carrot in Malay? Or root vegetable? There's nothing carroty about this. Lovely meaty chunks of sausagey filling with crunchy err..water chestnut I think.

The must have pie tee. No complaints here. I am always amazed at the work that goes into the creation of the pie tee shell. Sweaty women slaving over a hot wok to get that perfect cup size, and texture.

My favourite, the kerabu mee hoon. Tangy, sweet, salty, a slew of flavours attacking your palate in a delightful kaledeiscope of sensations on the tongue. The shrimp were plump and fresh.

Traditional fried fish, with an AWESOME sauce, much like a nyonya salsa. Must eat with the sauce.

Sambal Petai, with more prawns. I love sambal petai, and this version is excellent. Generous amounts of dried shrimp, (har mai or hair bee), this dish cries out to be accompanied with white rice, therein the danger.

Hong Bak, or probably Babi Pong Teh in Melaka. A pork dish with a rather complex tasting gravy, that also goes well with rice. Love the fatty bits of pork.

Brinjal With More Dried Shrimp. Lovely! Brinjal, such a decadent vegetable, that soaks up all the oil its fried in...

Nasi Ulam, which was a tad salty, but the proprietors took note and ensured that that would be rectified. Texture and flavours were excellent though.

Fried Chicken With Nam Yee. Well, a bit ordinary, when compared with the other fabulous stuff.

Some pork curry dish. We were getting really stuff by this time. Also, I don't know WHAT Ciki did to my camera settings, most of my pics were going out of focus, in what was essentially an idiot proof camera. Grrr.... I couldn't get a decent shot of the perut ikan dish, another nyonya favourite.

Ju Hu Char, a lovely oriental salad, wrapped in lettuce leaves.

The other thorns by this rose's side.

Lovely thick coconuty black bean porridge, which constitutes a meal on its own. Dessert, this was.

Pengat, or an atas version of bubur cha cha. I do so love the name bubur cha cha..makes me kinda want to break out in dance.... which I only do with the help of alcohol.

Rojak Buah, which strictly speaking, isn't a dessert.

Now, oddly enough, the Long Table closes on Saturdays. But opens the rest of the week. Perfect place for family dinner.

Thumbs up, for great tasting (I am not in the position to verify if its AUTHENTIC or not, since I have no Peranakan blood that I am aware off, but I endorse it by taste) Nyonya food. Be prepared to whack a whole load of rice, so the anti carbo clan better think twice. Thanks Cherry Pom Pom for the invite.

And thanks to our gracious host, you know who you are, for a lovely scrumptious dinner.


ciki said...

the food was excellent. a smashing host (who cannot be named) and great company.. the only thing missing was actually meeting the fine cooks lor.. sigh. i guess that's what you get when a place is soooo busy.

My last makan wiv ahpa.. wipes a tear.. bye2 2010, hello 2011! Have a gr8 trip to the UK.. see u and family when you get back!! XOXO, ah mei

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like another great meal as always..have fun in london!

thule a.k.a leo said...

because the owners are family ppl too! Sat is for family.. the rest? Working of course :)

iamthewitch said...

If I'm not mistaken, Lobak is actually Hokkien... Bak = meat, and Lor = the thick starchy gravy to dunk the meat into, but it seems that most restaurants in KL omit the gravy and serve it with chilli sauce instead. Either way, I still love them!

UnkaLeong said...

Hmmm...My mom would have my head if she finds out I would like to dine here. She screams bloody murder if we have nyonya food not cooked by her :P

qwazymonkey said...

OOoh, it's not often one can find Babi Pong Teh in this part of the world. I love em. My god mum used to make fabulous ones with buak keluak as well... I won't mind trying this place out.

babe_kl said...

Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderfully delicious new year ahead!

Life for Beginners said...

May you and your loved ones have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with new cake recipes and delicious new adventures!

Hugs from Devil & Kenny.

jason said...

Oooo now I think I know where it is! Thanks you! :p

J2Kfm said...

So this was the place you mentioned. Long Table. GOod, since Glomac's filled with dunno what random restaurants. And darn near to my place.

fatboybakes said...

j2kfm ah yes, mr ipoh should try and see if it gets the good nyonya food endorsement.

jason, wow, two ipohans commenting consecutively.

fatboybakes said...

LFB merry christmas 2011 to you too.

babekl, sorry for the late reply. merry christmas 2011.

fatboybakes said...

monkey, i have yet to try buah keluak. ask your mother to make la.

unka, tell aunty we would LOVE to do a food review in restoran yeoh & co in KK.

fatboybakes said...

iamthewitch, hahah, yala, def the bak in lobak refers to bak...oooh, does that mean lobak merah and putih are not halal?

leo, yeah, you could be right abt it being for family day.

fatboybakes said...

nipples, thanks..did have fun in london.

ciki, was that our last meal in 2010? awww....