Monday, July 07, 2014

Errazuriz's Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve, Masterclass

Oh dear, I realised most of the events I have been attending recently are all alcohol related ones.  They are also the ones hardest to say no to, because generally, they are the most fun.  So when Makan Fairy Godmother got me an invite to a wine Masterclass, it was obviously going to be a yes from me.

Chile has always fascinated me, its long narrow stretch of land that stretches the length of some continents, giving it a diverse climate profile, depending whether you are north or south, (unlike our land of perpetual summer and humidity here), and such climes make it possible for vineyards to flourish and as such, produce delectable wines.

Founded by Don Maximiano Errazuriz, one of 19th century Chile's most prominent families, he sought a land north of Santiago, and came across Valle de Aconcagua, where he founded his winery in 1870, proclaiming "From the best land, the best wine".

Vina Errazuriz Winery

Today, Vina Errazuriz leads modern Chilean viticulture and showcases Chile as a world class appellation.

The very affable Nicolas Happke, who is the Area Manager of Southeast Asia, led us through the wine tasting that evening, featuring 4 different types of showcase wines.

The wines served were the Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve, 1989 (gosh, I had just graduated in 1989), Don Maximino Founder's Reserve 1999, Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve 2010 and Kai 2010.

The DM FR 1989 is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, described as clean cherry brick red in colour.  Notes of fresh fruit with earthy balsamic as well.  The wine had been decanted for an hour, but actually at the time of tasting, it felt that it could use a little bit more decanting time.  Actually, upon revisiting that wine 15 minutes later after the original tasting, the flavours were so much more evident, and it really was a very elegant, polished wines.

The DM FR 1999 is 97% Cab Sav and 3% Merlot.  Aged in oak, the wine boasts harmonious integration of toasted almonds, vanilla and coffee.  On the palate the spicy tannines titillate, with flavours of blackberries and cherries.

The DM FR 2010, as the years progress, become more complex in their composition, as I think wine makers by then were more adventurous in their blending, etc.  78% Cab Sav, 10% Carmenere, 7% Petit Verdot, 5% Syrah.  I have to say the Carmenere and Petit Verdot are new to my vocabulary.  Apparently, the Carmenere is unique to Chile, which paves the way for the next very special wine, the

KAI 2010.  Kai means "plant" in the Chilean indigenous Mapudungun language, and it embodies the ultimate expression fo Carmenere that had long been lost and forgotten by the rest of the world.  Sounds rather dramatic, I know, but it was rediscovered in Chile.   The Kai has been quoted as "Year in and out this is Chile's finest example of Carmenere" - Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar.

The event was also graced by Christian Rehren Bargetto, the Chilean Ambassador to Malaysia, who said his favourite wines were the DM FR1989 and the KAI 2010.  What do you know, those were our favourites too!!!

Ooh, and one of my FAVOURITE things about event is this uber cool thumb drive containing the press release!!! So cute right!??

For those interested in procuring bottles of the wines, (they are not cheap, retailing at averagely RM300 and above per bottle), you can contact :

Su Ling Lee
Senior Marketing Executive
Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd
DID : +603-78832855 | FAX : +603-78832928 |

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