Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Lovely Afternoon Soiree at Jeff's Place - Private Dining Supperclub

Whether private dining and supperclubs are a fad, or are here to stay, is irrelevant, because so far, all my experiences at supperclubs have been most enjoyable, I guess because firstly, you're likely to be with your own familiar crowd, secondly some have been really quite novel, like in a bicycle shop, or in apartments transformed into nyonya kitchens, or in someone's dining room...and lastly, the food is usually good, as it tends to have that home made loving goodness, that is a combines the best of home cooked, and the expectations of "commercial" cooking, if you know what I mean.  I mean, you can't jolly well serve your ABC soup to a supper club and charge RM whatever...no matter how lovingly prepared.

I am always very blessed by my friends, in this case, the inimitable Fay Cheng, owner of Oriental Cravings, 1u, who invited me unexpectedly for a luncheon at her friend's private dining supper club, in Bangsar.  We were introduced to the Chef and owner, Jeff Koit, his lovely wife and son Justin who doubled up as waiter and subsequently barista.  Don't worry, it wasn't child labour, the "son" is an adult.

Located in the serenity of Bangsar Heights, one of the few green pockets left in the concrete jungle that is Bangsar, the Koit's apartment seems to have been "modified" to cater for this endeavour.  The view at night from the balcony I can only imagine, must be quite spectacular.  As the only rose amongst the thorns, I took my seat at the dining table, amidst the luminary company of Fay, the Makan Fairy Godmother and some of Fay's other lady friends.  So much estrogen in the air, I could have sworn my ahem, chest, went one cup size bigger.

The most wonderful chicken liver pate, prepared with madeira, and two other types of booze.  The texture of the pate perfect, velvety, and the taste, sublime, accompanied by crackers and some breads.  Actually for a luncheon, I could have just eaten this and sipped a good chilled white, and be very happy.

Speaking of wines, ..no, this doesn't come as part of the dining package, although I am sure Jeff would be more than happy to quote for dinner with wine pairing.  This larverly bottle of champagne, my favourite, as it turns out, was brought by our ever generous hostess with the mostess...(that's her below), which went so well with the food.  I was quite crimson by the time the soup was served.

A refreshing salad, with my all time favourite salad ingredient...EGGs, and this was great because I hate hard boiled eggs with hard yolks.  A very balanced meal, protein from the ham and the eggs, tomatoes and lettuce with a light vinaigrette dressing.  Very tai tai kind of food actually. 

Okay, this is one of those cases where you look and think, huh??? Is that it?  A clear soup?  I also can do la!!! But actually it was a very flavourful broth, some kind of consomme that was chockful of flavour, but yet so clear.  Chicken soup for cleaning the soul kinda thing.

Time to flex those mussels.  Grilled salmon on a bed of unidentifiable vegetable or tuber, which I think turned to be err... something quite expensive, hence not in my vocabulary.  I am not a mussel fan, to be honest, so I would not opt for this pescetarian selection in the menu.  But that was a HUGE slab of salmon, and the weight conscious lady guests were hurriedly slicing off halves of the fish onto a common plate.

This, on the other hand, are right up my alley.  Special barbequed pork ribs, tender, falling off the bone, although Jeff said that he left it a minute too long in the oven.  No damage done, it was still moist.  Aye for the ribs.

Almost as an "encore" we were treated to a fine selection of coffees by hobbyist barista, Justin Koit, who kept the ladies enraptured with his explanations of the various beans etc.

The ladies paying rapt attention to the barista...

The perfect cuppa... although I prefer mine a bit stronger.  The tastes of the various beans etc were all too complex for my plebian palate.

That's the man himself, Jeff Koit, (who has since shaven off his facial extras)....an entertaining, affable host, and puts his guests totally at ease.

And finally, the delicious chilled blueberry cheesecake made by Mrs Koit, light, ethereal texture in a chilled cheesecake, which I can never seem to achieve.

As as a final encore, another variety of pate, which was also oh so good, but we were soooo stuffed by then.

I believe the dinner price ranges from RM150 onwards, and corkage is free.  (very important knowledge for the alcohol ghosts).

You can join his FB page HERE, and contact him via that page for reservations.

Location: Bangsar, near NSTP area.


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