Monday, March 23, 2015

The Launch of Fifty Six Degrees, a "Malaysian" Brand

It was with great fascination that I accepted an invitation to the launch of Fifty Six Degrees, a rather catchy name by all accounts, but even more so, because it was the name of a new Scottish whisky, and as the launch was to be held in the rather swanky Marble 8, with stunning vistas of the KLCC skyline, I was certainly looking forward to a good good night.

Unbeknownst to me, the story behind this bottle IS rather fascinating.  A bit of that later.  I very wisely, anticipating a wild night, uber-ed into town.  The Marble 8 building was abuzz with the paparazzi and gliterrati of KL, and light signs flashing the FIFTY SIX label illuminated the building, in an elegant way, unlike the garish lights that adorn an unmentioned building next to PWTC.

Bottles and bottles of the whisky filled the shelves of the bar, and drinks flowed freely, as they should, with canapes floating around, all very society like.


Whisky as far as the eye can see, it's like the sun never did set on the British...or in this case, Scottish, empire......

A well kept secret was that the media were allowed upstairs to partake of some of these lovely morsels of black Angus, roasted to perfection, melt in the mouth, and pairs wonderfully with Fifty Six Degrees.

Like all glitzy events, celebrity performers like Dennis Lau ply us with entertainment, as we guzzled our nectar, feeling the buzz increase with each stroke of the bow.

The moment of the night, when the gorgeous lady entrepreneur, Kristine Goh together with Jonathan Scott, representative from Ian McLeod launches the FIFTY SIX DEGREES.  Referring to the latitude of the Scottish Highlands, which is well known, for its scenic beauty, clan history, and malt whiskies. FIFTYSIX  DEGREES has been blended with Asian palate in mind.  How very novel.

The food culture in Asia is generally rooted in the mixing of multiple ingredients to
produce dishes of vastly differing flavors. As such, the Asian table is often loaded with an
array of food and condiments to be shared among a group of people,” - Kristine Goh

Kristine Goh has the distinction of being the first female whisky blend creator in Malaysia by the way.  FIFTYSIX DEGREESis really geared towards a new generation of drinkers who are looking for new ways of appreciating a dram and a  drinking whisky.  (Mind you, I am not sure what they mean by "drinking whisky" opposed to what??  A gargling whisky??)

In her speech, she said that it was during a visit to Scotland with her father that she came up with the inspiration for FIFTYSIX DEGREES.

Under the tutelage of Master Distiller, Jim McEwan, she learned not only the basics of whisky making but also about the people who make whisky. They showed her that whisky making is a process rooted in the local geography and culture. It was this visit that sowed the first seed for the birth of FIFTYSIX DEGREES. For Kristine, FIFTYSIX DEGREES is an homage to the Scottish whisky-making tradition. 

Okay, what did I think of the whisky?  It really is very palatable, and drinkable.  Not as distinct as some of the single malts, but overall, a very pleasant blend, which imho, would very pair very well with Asian cuisine.

And what a great party.... Fireangel reuniting with old colleagues... and my old gym instructor....

The motley crowd ambil-ing kesempatan to pose with the lady of the hour, Kristine Goh...

Our local Jennifer Hudson, aka Elvira Arul, with ..I think she's some deejay, Serena See, ....also gracing the event.
Honestly, I can't remember what that is I'm holding up, probably the redemption ticket for the door gift, which was very nice, I have to say...

FIFTYSIX DEGREES is a 40% ABV (alcohol by volume) whisky, at present available ontrade
through bars and restaurants in the Bangsar, Damansara and Hartamas area including The Roulette Restaurant Bar, Naughty Nuri’s, Piggy Tail, Sid’s Pub, Chapter One Bar & Bistro, Hour Place Restaurant, Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG), and Castell Gastrobar.
For more information, please reach us at or at Facebook
FiftySix Degrees or at 012-2347156 (Stef Lim-Marketing).

56 Degrees Marketing Sdn Bhd

Established in 2014, 56 Degrees Marketing Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-owned boutique whisky proprietor specializing in new-age whisky. For the best quality, 56 Degrees Marketing Sdn Bhd collaborates with Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd in Scotland.

For media enquiries, please contact :-
RAPR Mileage Communications Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603 2282 2333
Joey Gan - +6012 2077 525,
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