Monday, May 25, 2015

Chandon Summer Limited Edition 2015 - Climaxing in .... PHASE 2

In TV narrator's voice: Last week, on Chandon Mayhem, the media had finished a five course meal, plied with Chandon Brut, Chandon Rose, Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir 2013, Domain Chandon Chardonnay 2013, Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2012....

[Scene continues to present day]

We were ushered to a higher place, literally, in spirit, in physical location, we continued phase two of the afternoon, with the lovely people from MHD and Geometry Global, who sadly had to stay stoically sober while watching the rest degenerate.  Actually, the main stream media were rather sedate too, I guess it's no fun to have to go back to work after an afternoon such as this.  (Rub salt into the wound).

Chandon Summer Limited Edition 2015 (Dan holds up a bottle with that attractive packaging) seeks to showcase the versatility of the bubbly, as a cocktail complementer.  Frankly, I think good bubby shouldn't be contaminated in any way, but what the hey, no harm trying right.  Each of us had our own workstation, I judiciously picked a corner spot, in case I had to run to the toilet.

The resident mixologists instructs us on what to do with the alchemy laid out before us, and the first cocktail was a Tequila royal, comprising 30ml tequila (that's 30ml too much tequila for me), 15ml fresh lime syrpu, and 8ml agave syrup.  I've always been fascinated by agave syrup, wondering what it is.  Well, it's a natural syrup from some American plant, nuff said.

Directions for mixing are easy peasy, just add the three ingredients with ice in the cocktail shaker, shake shake shake, strain and pour into a champagne flute, and top us with 90ml Chandon Brut.

Tah dah, a ultra refreshing tangy margarita like drink on a hot tropical afternoon.

The second cocktail, my favourite, as I vaguely recall, Apple Gin Fizz, comprising 10ml gin, 10ml lemon juice, 10ml fresh apple juice, dash of syrup, mixed and shaken, and 60ml of Chandon Brut.

Let the partay begin.

The sedate shakers VS ...

(Picture courtesy of CCFoodtravel)

 ....those who had clearly too much to drink at lunch...

I wonder if I will be blacklisted from MHD events

In goes the Bubbly....

Pop in your cherry....

There you have it, two lovely cocktails spawned by Chandon Summer Limited Edition 2015.

As the ice settles, some semblance of decorum

Dan Buckle, Senior Winemaker from Chandon Estates, the gorgeous Melissa Hon, (MH but not the MH in MHD), and me.

Chandon Chaos...

A big thanks to MHD and GG for a WONDERFUL afternoon of wine education, fun, food and laughter.

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You ASKED me to hold the wheel!! that's abetting!! ROFLMAO!