Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yikes, It's Christmas Already?? Christmas at Traders Hotel....

In the blink of an eye, the year has passed, and the advent month is upon us.  Whilst for the believers it is a celebration of a special birth, to most, it's a time for merriment and goodwill towards men, and of course, a time of feasting.

The first of a series of Christmas previews was at Traders Hotel, starting with cocktails at the sky bar.  Nothing like cocktails at happy hour to kickstart a great evening.

And of course, the stunning vistas from the Sky Bar make it a treat to come here every single time.

We were ushered downstairs to Gobo Chit Chat, wine glass in hand, in the elevator.

Beef wellington, lamb leg, and the quintessential Christmas turkey in a lavish meat spread at the Buffet.  As we were doing a "Food tour" of the hotel, we had to pace ourselves, and not get full on these delectable meats, which took a lot of willpower.

The succulent roast lamb.....

I didn't try the turkey though...but it looked interesting.

Apart from the Xmas themed goodies, there is the usual wide spread variety to choose from, and I particularly like the salad bar and array of roasted vegetables.

For the sweet toothed, you'll be spoilt for choice,  with the cakes and puddings.

We then moved to Gobo Upstairs, which is where the ala carte dining is.

A deconstructed Seafood tartare, paired with prosecco,...

Blue Swimmer Crab with Ahi tuna, fish cracker (keropok), caviar and honeydew... a delicious combination that is so unique.

Black Angus Fillet, aged 150 days.  Splendid cut of meat, with brussel sprouts, pomme puree and sauteed vegetables.

I LURVED this soup, I think it was chestnut rich and creamy and tasty.  Fortunately they were in dainty portions.

Turkey Breast with Mascarpone, brussel sprouts and apple stuffing with cranberry sauce.  Personally, I'm not really a fan of turkey, let alone breast.  But the embellishments to an otherwise boring piece of meat made this dish a real treat.

Chocolate indulgence, with gold leaf and crumbed cookies soil, pistachio coated cherries, and raspberry sauce.  Certainly was a very indulgent dessert.

Smoking Santa with a blueberry almond tart, beautifully presented, and a fabulous combination of sweet and tart (no pun intended)...

The last few remaining...

Thanks for a lovely evening, Theresa and Zhen.

For more information on the Christmas Menu, check out the hotel website,

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