Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Glenlivet Guardians Siu Yoke Showdown at the Forking Cork

Talk about the ultimate non-kosher event, whisky with a roast pork showdown.  Yup, the guys and gals who organise Glenlivet Guardian events never fail to innovate.  The porcine showdown was held at "The Forking Cork", a kind of speakasy bar, with slabs of Chinese Style roast pork, (siu yoke) by two established Porkaholics, Boon's Signature Recipe and Crack Pork

The slabs from Boon were distinctive because of the square scoring of the crackling....

The winning triumvirate of the Glenlivet family, ..... juxtaposed against the backdrop of s-wine..

Whilst the girls of Crack Pork,  of Garam Haram fame (gotta love that name right), served their specialty called Porchetta or something like that, with their own version of Siu Yoke as well....

This time there was no specific pairing, and we were more or less left to our own devices as to which year paired best with which pork....

And so the chopping began, ....

After a round of feasting, votes were cast, to see who "won"..

My personal choice was Boon's, as overall his meat was flawless.  For the girls one, the meat was very tender for the siu yoke, but I didn't care much for the porchetta, which was dry, but can't really blame them, as it was sitting out there for quite awhile, and I think it needs to be eaten hot.

But, the ladies of Crack Pork won the popular votes.... by show of hands.

And which Glenlivet paired well with the Siu Yoke?  Actually, all of them go extremely well with siu yoke, which is the ultimate alcohol finger food I reckon.

Thanks for another great Glenlivet Guardian event!!!!

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