Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Elegantology, With Guest Chef Jes Chew

To be absolutely honest, I have no idea what the concept of Elegantology is, although I have been several times, but always for events.  I can't really see myself dining there voluntarily because it is also a boutique, ostensibly a fashion house of sorts...showcasing famous designers, so as a fashion illiterati, I would find no comfort in dining in a place that is all decked up with clothes and stuff.  And while I realise this paragraph may be the death knell for me ever receiving an invitation from them again, I am just saying what I feel.  It's a great venue for events, because it's different, and edgy, and well, elegant, but would I traipse in for say lunch, or even dinner?

We were invited to sample the menu of Guest Chef Jes Chew, with a selection that is clearly tropically if not Malaysian inspired, with interesting items such as deconstructed Bandung Sirap for dessert.

The Bang Bang Chicken with Satay Sauce and Cucumber strings was palatable enough.  The chicken felt sous vide-ed, and was tender, a bit too tender for my liking.  I prefer my chicken with more texture, and I immediately regretted my choice of starter when I saw the others.

Spicy Tuna, Compressed Watermelon and Pickled Chilli Crisps. And interesting blend of sweet and salty, and use of watermelon, which almost always lends a refreshing dimension to starters.

To accompany lunch, we had a choice of cocktails.  The Havana Rambutan Mojito was rather innovative, if not a bit sweet, but for the ladies and sweet toothed, (I know they're not necessarily one and the same, but generally ladies who aren't whisky swiggers prefer a sweeter drink) this drink would be a smash hit.

Although it sounded the least interesting in the menu, this was actually the most fascinating starter, Charcoal Smoked Salmon, Soy Ikura and pickled melon salad.  Dazzling presentation, complete with frozen palm, not to mention the highly striking colours of the salmon, and edible flowers.

No complaints here, pumpkin soup with white truffle oil, and crab meat...though now that I look at the golden needle mushrooms, they remind me of .....oh never mind, this is a child friendly blog.  The soup was rich, and satisfying.

Martell Cane Sugar, ...Martell VSOP with sugar cane juice, triple sec and Ribena.

Tiger Prawn Pasta, Squid Ink and Prawn Head Foam.  Actually this dish was very good.  Although I don't understand the Foamy Fascination, the tastes were great, and the pasta cooked well.  Love the robust flavours which the foam, I have to reluctantly admit, contributed.

Sarawakian Pepper Beef, (as in the pepper is from Sarawak, not the beef),  Onion Parsnip and Garlic Broccolini....which I ordered.  In retrospect, compared with the other stuff, mine was rather pedestrian, though it was good old comfort food, and the beef, a fillet cut, was cooked well.  Of course Sarawak pepper is world's best!

Cod Fish, Nestum Crust, Otak Otak Cream, Eggplant and Croissant.  Okay, a bit too much going on here, totally drowning the fish, (excuse the pun), so they really could have used any cheap fish and it would have made minimal difference, because those are really powerful flavours.  Otak Otak Cream!!! Wow.  Give me a mantao to soak it all up.

That's Chef Jes Chew there....

Valrhona Ganache, Citrus Cake and Citrus Segments... I totally did NOT like the gelatined Valrhona Ganache which had the texture of Wood Ears.... but the rest was okay, can't really go wrong with chocolate and citrus.

I love watching Chefs at work...

Chef Jes explaining to us the various dishes.

Oh, that's my orange cake after removing the veil

Jagung Ice Cream Potong, Pop Corn, Durian and Corn Cream.  A visually pretty dish.  Didn't get to try, so have no comment.

Sirap Bandung 1.0.....Well, a picture paints a thousand words.  Definitely deconstructed, the milk I presume is in those white balls, and the "sirap" is in the jelly.

It was a most enjoyable lunch experience actually.  Kudos to Chef Jes for daring to be different, and taking so many bold steps with so many bold flavours, admittedly hits and misses, but I really do admire the way chefs have this blank infinite canvas before them where they can express their creativity.

Address: Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-6206 5577