Wednesday, June 29, 2016

GoT Season Finale Banquet - GoT Spoilers, So Don't Read if Haven't Watched

Brilliant of course is the series, but brillianter still to host a season finale potluck, Valar Dohaeris ya know ...And all so very spontaneously too.  In a location with views that make those from the Red Keep look like a squatter village, (okay, I lie, the view of Dubrovnik from the Red Keep is spectacular), with food that would warrant the castration of a Greyjoy chef and company that would cheer even the Red Wedding.

Presenting, a Feast of Fire and Ice, but quite rightly as someone pointed out, why not a curry feast called Fire and much more Malaysian it would have been.  But ah well, if walks of shame were carried out, one wonders which woman in power would be subject to the indignity of it all, but worse, the sight to behold, for what is seen can never be unseen.

Theon Greyjoy's P****S stew... slow cooked in the cauldrons of the Red Witch, aka Thamby...okay, not quite red.  A dish that would have paired sublimely I suspect, with that decanter of wine chugged down by Cersei as she waited for the Big Bang Theory.  I wonder what kind of wine it was, a Chateau Margaux equivalent I'm sure, no less.  That haunting soundtrack, the reflection of the flambe-ed green gunk reflected in Lancel's eyes.  

Cersei's Golden Locks, shaven, at the end of the last season, like the fresh cheese in the peppery pasta prepared by Victor Bolton. The most satisfying demise of the season, I'd say, followed closely by he who ate Humble Pie.  Henceforth, Pie must definitely feature in every GoT party.  Finally, all that training of scalping came to fruition.

Sansa's salad, for want of a better name, but I think almost any chick from the show (except Brienne of Tarth) might have been appropriate, since the hostess saw it fit to serve us this platter totally undressed.  Eating beets and kohlrabi undressed requires the strength of a Dothraki Warrior.

We always knew Margarine was bad for you, but who'd have expected it to be wiped out altogether in the blink of an eye.  Who knew that that absinthe colored liquid could wreak such damage, and wipe out almost half the cast and a whole flock of birds....

Dothraki Horse Heart...Well, a brilliant stroke of genius.  That crimson colouring could even have been from the forehead of Loras that he is!

Stabbing and slitting in the show has become so common place that one barely bats an eyelid when it happens.

And for dessert, Ramsay Bolton's Apple Tart ...Remember he was the master at multitasking, peeling an apple, chatting with the wilding, and stabbing her at the same time.  Topped with wilding yak mascarpone.

Oh well, another year then, before this feast begins...Everyone seems to want more of Lyanna Mormont...Is Podric the true King?  Thamby Stark thinks its impossible.  I wonder if it's possible that Margaery and Loras actually escaped the Nine Eleven scale explosion and destruction?  Hey, if that motley crew of Jeff Goldblum and gang can escape what seemed to be total annihilation by the aliens, its certainly possible that Marg and Lorie survived.  Hope so la.  I like them.

Thanks M for Marvellous for hosting a larverly night.   Valar Morghulis.

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so what is a P****S? looks damn fantastic!