Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Best Value For Money Wagyu At Lucky Bo, Jln Bangkung

Ed Soo has all but conquered Jln Bangkung, with his stable of restaurants, (albeit with his business partners), and the latest one is Lucky Bo..named after his late dog, Bo, who passed on to doggy heaven sometime ago.  I can only hope that when I die someone might name a restaurant after me.  Located next to Opus Bistro, (which incidentally, has been around for 14 years), Lucky Bo is an interesting concept, whereby it serves a wide variety of cuisine, from East to West, and thankfully, not East Meets West kind of fusion, but rather, distinctly Asian, or distinctly Western.  The Hainanese Chicken Rice which I had during a couple of lunches I thought was particularly good.

The warm welcoming exterior is the gateway to a kind of "community cafe" whereby they try to support local industries, so a wide array of stuff from various independent "suppliers" are for sale as well, such as pet treats from Barkery Oven, a range of home made sauces by Vincent Tan, (not that one), cakes from several homebakers, 

Who'd have thought that these peppers from a can, can taste so good.  A light drizzle of olive oil, a session at the grill, and some chopped onions.  Simple and delish.

Duck Jamon, Smoked Duck Ham, since the place is pork free, so to replicate the Jamon which is pork, duck seems to be a great substitute.  The gaminess of the duck, the perfect layer of fat. ... It's nice to see more pork free alternatives of porky stuff. RM36

Did I mention they are great supporters of local industry?  Well, one very unique feature of Lucky Bo is their TUAKTAILS, cocktails made from Tuak, a local fermented drink that is made from rice, coconut or sugar cane.  Of course tuak is nothing new to those hailing from the east, ie Sabah and Sarawak.  In fact I had my fill during the recent gawai, but was pleasantly surprised to find it here.  As with all "moonshine", quality can sometimes be questionable, but the tuak served here is probably the XO of tuaks, ....smooth, drinkable, and very palatable.

The Tuak Colada, with a little glass of pure tuak.  Give me the pure tuak any day.

We were there that night with the main purpose of sampling the new WAGyu (remember Bo the dog) "promotion", which really is good value for money, and I am not just saying that because Ed is my friend.  A 300gm Ribeye is selling for RM125... and if that aint good value, I dunno what is.  Marble score 5 if I am not mistaken.

Ed showing off his meat......

So, this BEAUTEOUS piece of meat, the Tomahawk, sells for about RM400 for a 1.2-1.3kg slab.  This one served to us, which can feed six people more than adequately, is around 1.6kg.  Charred to perfection in a Josper Oven, (from Spain), this weapon of choice is superb.

There's something satisfyingly primal about this kind of meat, the pink flesh and that charred bone, very Asterix and Obelix...

Garlic fried rice on the side to fill us up in case we were still hungry...

Me and the requisite Boner shot...but seriously, the meat on the bone is the best...crispy bits of juicy meat...what's not to love.

Carving off the last bits of meat off the bone....

Just when you thought you could not possibly eat anymore, out comes the Leng Chai Curry Hot Pot...the leng chais being Ed .... and Peter Yew...(hmmm)...Anyway, priced at RM118 for two, I seriously urge whoever is ordering this to make sure there are at least 3 eaters, for there is damn a lot of stuff in here, and if two people can finish this, I must see this gluttony in action.

A wide array of raw stuff, and a hotpot with a thick-ish curry soup,...


A meal that would be perfect on a cold winter's night, or one of KL's rainy stormy evenings...RM118 is pretty good value for this hot pot, and I reiterate, can easily feed 3.

Another local industry supported by Lucky Bo is Forty Licks, the ice cream maker.... A nice variety of ice cream is available.

The Puan Sri cake, by one of the local bakers.... Well, perhaps eating this after a heavy meal is not the best idea, as this is an incredibly dense and rich cappucino cheese cake, that when eaten when full, is likely to give you a seizure from its sheer wealth.  For lovers of rich, dense and cloying cakes, this would be perfect.  A double dose of espresso would be perfect.

Ed prides himself on making a really mean Milo ice, completely shaken and not stirred, in a cocktail mixer.  What a brilliant idea!!!!

Everyone LOVED this Lucky Duck tea contraption, where the duck acts as a buoyancy device for that little sieve containing the tea leaves.  How novel!
Tuak Sunrise...

And the final slice of cake, by another local baker...Hmmmm, I wonder who....we were told that the cake is actually named the THAMBY, although the label at the cake display is the scientific name, the Pandan Gula Melaka Cheesecake.  Since I know the baker, I shall refrain from comment.

If you like Wagyu, or beef, in general, be wowed by what comes out of that Josper Oven....

65 Jalan Bangkung
Tel: 03-2092-1222


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That is indeed pretty good price for wagyu!

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