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Arthur's Pub, Shangri-la KL, With Amazing Steak to Kick Start 2017

Back in the day when Shangri-la KL still sold their privilege card, me being the eternal romantic (choke) would regularly patronize the F&B outlets with the wifey, because it's one person eats free with that card, and really, where ELSE in KL would you find a fabulous prime rib at such a price.  Alas, the Shang has since discontinued that card program, much to my surprise, actually, as quite a number of other hotels still have theirs.

Anyway, fast forward, and what a lovely start to 2017, to receive an invite from Makan Fairygodmother (Marian Eu Hooi Khaw, established Food Writer amongst other credentials), hereafter referred to as MFG, to dine at Arthur's Pub.  I'm no stranger to the place of course, and my whole family are regular customers there, in fact, my parents are almost part of the furniture, dining there in one outlet or another every week.  The night before the review, my dad and nephew were dining at Arthur's Pub as well.

Which is why I was delighted to revisit the place, which I personally haven't been since they discontinued the privilege card, not because #iamacheapskate, but because I felt obliged to use the other loyalty cards in my possession to get more bang for the buck.  I was pleasantly surprised, and honored to be the only guest MFG had invited, together with the Shang Art director, Daniel Lau.  And it turned out to be a lovely evening with fabulous food and company.

Their homemade Ciabatta bread is lovely, but anticipating the food marathon ahead, I decided not to fill myself with bread, as man does not live on bread alone.

Arthur's Bar & Grill is a lovely setting, and I don't know if it's because it's age appropriate for me, but I find the ambience exceedingly cosy, and elegant but yet casual.  Their menu is very extensive, and well, it is called Arthur's Bar and Grill, so it does have the best of both, bar food snacks and a proper menu.  The signature deep fried octopus with Thai chilli dip (RM28) screams out for a beer, which I of course had.

Whilst eating, I regaled MFG and Daniel about the good old days, when Arthur's was known as THE PUB, and how my friends and I used to play board games at the upstairs area from the bar.  Boy, the Shang and I go back a long way.  We reminisced about the Gourmet Corner, etc etc....

I can never resist a good clam chowder, and I was not disappointed by this thick, New England Seafood chowder that makes you wish you were in a cold climate with snow falling on the outside.  Basically I wished I was in New England. RM43.  Very filling, enough for two to share.

Simply called Spicy Snow Crab (RM22), these little baskets of delight are basically crab in a deep fried wantan skin shell.  Again, a snack that screams out for alcohol, and by which time I had moved on to a NZ Sauvignon Blanc, which was perfect.

I did suggest to Daniel that they have two sizes for the Nachos (RM48), as the plate was HUGE, and large enough to feed a hungry horde of marauding Vikings.  Generous dollops of Guacamole and Sour Cream.  A bit too much for a table of three....

Because we are very ahem, classy people, we drink wine with dinner lor. .......

Apart from the Prime Rib, which was my raison d'etre for coming here, this dish, this very "atas" mee mamak, really was superb.  Okay, it's RM62 for this Seafood Mee Mamak, so I am sure, to be very honest, this will cause some to faint, but honestly, it is very good.  Enough wok hei, and chockful of ingredients.  And of course, you ARE paying "hotel" prices, but hey, price is subjective.  A few friends having beers and sharing this very satisfying platter, justifies it all.

Their signature Shepherd's Pie.  Truthfully, I am not really a shepherd's pie fan, so I personally would not order this, but if you ARE a Shepherd's Pie fan, and I realise that among my friends, there are many, then knock yourself out with this. RM62 for lamb and RM52 for beef.  (Theoretically I heard a Beef Shepherd's Pie is called Cottage Pie).

It's like watching a concert, the Chef slicing this beauteous piece of meat....

Perfectly roasted prime rib.....

lying on a HUGE Yorkshire Pudding, (as someone described on Insta, "as big as my face"), with a choice of vegetable and potato sides.

Just look at that perfect doneness, and that glorious streak of fat .....Priced at RM125 nett, I am reminded what good value it is, even without any loyalty discount.  It really can feed two moderate eaters.  And contrary to popular belief, I myself am unable to finish one whole portion myself.

In addition to the Prime Rib, there's also the usual Wagyu Rib Eye, (RM260/300gm), Black Cod Fillet (my wife's favourite, RM140) and even Grilled Boston Lobster (RM290).

The classic Creme Brulee dessert, one of the largest servings I've ever seen...usually it's just a ramekin.  Aromatic silky custard with vanilla bean flavour.

Arthur's also has a live band on Friday nights from 6.45pm to 10.15 pm.  And (the most important info for me), there is happy hour daily from 5-8pm, where:
6 bottles of Carlsberg or Tiger, in a bucket for RM88 nett.
Asahi at RM24 nett
Beer in Tower at RM140 nett (Carlsberg or Tiger)
House wine by glass, buy one one free
Selected cocktails by carafe at RM65 nett.

Operating hours are
 Mon - Thurs, 12noon -1am
Fri & Eve of Public Hols 12 noon - 2am
Saturday 5pm- 2am
Sunday and Public Hols : 5pm - 12 midnight.

Kids below 18 are not permitted after 5pm.

For reservations, call 03-20743900
or visit their website at

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