Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chef Lee Noodle House, OUG...You Can Take a Chef Out the Restaurant, But You Can't Take the Restaurant out of the Chef.

When Formosa closed down in SS2, after being there for almost an eternity, the loyal food community were moaning and groaning that we won't get to the imitable Mrs Jeannie Lee in action anymore... And eat their lovely Taiwanese fare.

But I think retirement just doesn't suit the Lees, because lo and behold, they're running a noodle shop in OUG now.  Well, it's called a noodle house but there's plenty of non noodle dishes, like this delicious pork rice

Lu Rou Fan, only RM5.50 for small and RM8 for large.  Where to find such amazing value for money?

The pumpkin yam rice, a dream for carb lovers, is also RM5.50 for the small portion and RM8 for the large.  It reeks of homemade-ness, and is so hearty.

The Sour Plum Ayu and Ayu Roselle drinks are refreshing thirst quenchers.  Slightly on the sweet side for me.

The ginger tea goes well with the food, because it helps expel wind and bloatiness... which after our meal certainly needed every last inch of stomach space, so any wind expulsion was welcome.

Spicy Black and White Fungus, ...I wonder who was the first person brave enough to forage for fungus and see if it was edible.  There's something very cleansing about fungus dishes, so it's a great complement to the other more decadent dishes. RM4.00 (yes, I can't believe it myself)

Signature Pork Noodles, (chee yoke fun), at RM6.80, is cheaper than a lot of kopitiam places.  Whilst the soup was adequate, I won't really consider this as my favourite in the pork noodles ranking.  I did enjoy the spare parts galore though.

Delicious Roast Pork Noodles, so simple but so good.  With a drizzle of some special sauce, this is definitely a dish I'd order again.

Nan Ru Pork Slices, RM7, screaming out for a beer actually.  What's not to like about crispy pork slices,

Beef noodle
Their spicy beef noodles, which at RM10.80 is probably one of the most expensive dishes there, but so much beef and brisket.  Most delicious indeed, if not a bit scary because of the layer of oil at the surface... presumably chilli oil.

Dessert selection, mango pudding, guilin gou, creme caramel, and matcha pudding with azuki.  All averaging around RM3.50.

Whilst I liked the flavour of the matcha and red beans, I didn't really like the texture which I found too light.

Creme Caramel, I believe it takes great skill to produce a silky smooth creme caramel, and this was perfect.

Herbal Jelly, actually my favourite Chinese dessert because the bitterness seems to erase a whole host of sins.

The lovely variety of tong shuis are also all good.  That bubur chacha is calling out to me again.

Thanks to Makan Fairy Godmother I was invited to once again enjoy the lovely company of Mrs Lee, and some extra mochi thrown in for good measure.

Chef Lee Noodle House is at 97 Jalan Mega Mendung, Taman United 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 03 7496 5394. It opens daily from 7.30am to 9.30pm.

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