Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Seafood Buffet At Gobo Chit Chat is Back

For seafood fans, I can unequivocally say that the Seafood Buffet at Traders, priced at RM149 nett per person, Friday and Sat 6.30-10.30pm, is fantastic value for money.  It's like all of Poseidon's peoples are present at this conference of seafood, from Hokkaido King Crab, to razor clams to the more pedestrian mussels and prawns.

You first gather all your bounty in a bucket, and bring it to the cooking station whereby you can have it prepared in several ways, the most highly recommended one being the Curry Cheese sauce one, which everyone seemed to be having.  Me personally, I find that a bit too rich, and would opt for the Sichuan Chilli Sauce gravy.

The bucket above is transformed into this platter of sinfully rich marine paradise.

Curry chese

This is the Sichuan Chilli Version which doesn't look as rich, although I didn't try it, and had to "tumpang" the picture from another diner who came later. 

There's also the usual brined and boiled seafood that is already cooked, like crabs and prawns.

Carry your bucket and pick away, like an aunty in the seafood market.

The oyster station is worthy of mention, because oysters are freshly shucked, and were actually very plump and delicious.  I am always wary of the oyster stations at buffets, cos those pearl manufacturers have been exposed and I have suffered badly before the repercussions.

Of course, if raw, and boiled seafood is insufficient, there's also smoked...

and BBQ...

...oh, and sushi-fied too....

For the land carnivores, there's no shortage of meats either, the carvery does a LARVERLY roast beef and roast lamb, and you also have meats done myriad ways, like satay, roast chicken, curries, etc.

This selection of roasted vegetables is one of my favourites, and I feel terribly understated.  Which is to my benefit. 

And for the sweet toothed, the usual array of cakes, malay kuih, ice kacang, ice cream, and oooh, special mention of this Ayu jelly which I love.  Tangy, sweet, all at once and a most refreshing palate cleanser.

There are apparently more than 130 types of dishes in this spread, and currently there is a special offer of 5+1 whereby for every six diners, one dines for free.

For reservations, call GOBO CHIT CHAT, TRADERS HOTEL

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