Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Carlsberg Pop A Draught

Carlsberg really knows how to throw a party.  The invitation was mysterious, it said the launch for the unveiling of a new innovation in the already existing Carlsberg Smooth Draught.  Whatever could it be?  Portable draft beer taps tapped from miniature kegs?  That would be cool.

The event was held at a hitherto unknown location to me, at Jenerator KL City Walk.  KL City Walk itself was like a different planet to me, for from the main road, you never would have guessed that such a place existed. 

After a couple of beers at the "holding area" we were finally ushered into the event venue, and greeted by an interactive screen, almost something you'd expect to find in the brewery itself. 

Meanwhile, the hostess for the night was telling the crowds to try to open the bottles using innovative methods, such as the edge of a table, screwdriver, heel of a shoe, spoons, and a whole host of other implements you never think to use, in the absence of a bottle opener.  Ah, so maybe they were launching mini kegs with portable taps. 

And then all was revealed.  Managing Director Lars Lehmann introduced the new product, which is the .......

POP CAP!!! So now, you can have a draught anywhere anytime even without a bottle opener.  Well, arguably the technology itself is hardly new, but it is a rather good idea to incorporate this simple solution, I have to admit. 

To launch the POP CAP, the hostess got the crowd to POP in unison, while the collective sound was measured by a sound meter, and the target was to better the record of the previous launch, which was 118 decibels.  It was rather entertaining actually. 

The crowds were hushed, and on the three two one countdown, all popped in unison achieving a collective POP sound of 128.5 decibels.  

The crowds cheering the POP achievement of 128 decibels. 

A close up on what the pop cap looks like.  Again, it's not exactly new, but well, why reinvent the wheel.

After that, they really made Lehmann work for this money, for he became the main focus of entertainment, harnessed by wires for a special flying drum performance, and while in mid air, choreographed to a visual and acoustic symphony amplifying the POP innovaton through sound and sight. 

There was also an individual popping contest to see who could pop the loudest. 


For Further enquiries, contact:
Koh Kian Mei
Senior Brand Manager, Carlsberg  03-2222 6340

May Ng
Senior Executive, Corporate Communications & CSR 03-5522 6404

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