Monday, October 16, 2006

Caramel Banana Pie

Got my last of the 4 books that I ordered from Amazon. I don't understand how the postal service here works. The first parcel had to be picked up from Chan Sow Lin area, and the 2nd parcel, in the Pantai Dalam area. Important thing is, they all arrived safely.

It's been a phenomenal week last week, with 15 orders. Well, 4 were complimentary, 11 were commercial. An old recipe I dug up, that haven't used in awhile, was the Caramel Banana Tart, which is something like a Banoffee Pie, except the latter usually required boiling condensed milk for 2 hours, and I can't get myself to waste that kind of electricity, unless I have 10 orders of banoffee. My alternative recipe has all the goodness of milk and sugar, without having to make TNB happy. Alas, I didn't take any decent pictures of the pie, so I only have this to show:

If you're interested in trying it out, the recipe is as follows:


1 cup milk with 1/2 cup corn flour, mixed
100 gm butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1½ cups whipping cream
3 bananas
chocolate sauce

Pie case : Well, you should know how to make it by now, so no need to explain here

1. Melt the butter and sugar in a saucepan until all melted. It should form a lovely brown-ish golden caramel.

2. Add the milk and cornflour mixture until the whole thing thickens. My boy calls it Taffy. Donno WHEERE he learnt that from.

3. Remove from heat, and stir in the egg y0lks and vanilla essence. When it is cooled, spoon into the tart shell, top with bananas, and a layer of whipped cream, and just before serving, place some banana slices on the top, and drizzle with chocolate sauce. Refrigeration is of UTMOST importance. The colder the pie the better.

In fact, it tastes better after overnight in the fridge.


snowdrop said...

oh. my. yumminess. i just KNOW spot's gonna be bugging me to make this asap (ANYthing with caramel). *throws lemon meringue pie plans for the weekend out the window*

thanks for the recipe!

fatboybakes said...

heh heh. lemme know how it goes.
i really am kinda shooting myself by putting up recipes of things i intend to sell hor. oh well, it is afterall more blessed to give.

snowdrop said...

hmm.. it's true! but other than me and boolicious, hopefully not many pple are interested to try? i won't sell stuff that use your recipes, and if anyone wants, i refer them to you, ok! :)

btw, glad to hear the business is booming. oh, went to bakewithyen today, and waaah, so many things no more stock!! shocking. even chang thung was rather empty of perishables too.

we should meet up and compare notes!

Paprika said...

Hey ya, will definitely check out your recipe. I normally boil a few cans at one go cos they keep well in the fridge.

Spot said...

What a salivatingly yummy looking picture.

Yes, yes, indeed, we should meet up, fatboy. Been meaning to give Bakerzin a try...

Ah, snowdrop has forgotten that we've improvised a Banoffee once..using tinned peaches instead bananas cos din have bananas.

boo_licious said...

Yippee for a booming business! Who knows, you may be the next Just Heavenly cakes? This is an easy way to make banoffee, I have also seen them cook it in a saucepan instead of the 2 hours boiling situation.

fatboybakes said...

yar, us floggers should meet. someone organise lah...but it should be in a place where we can each bring a sample of our wares la, notttt bakerzin surely.

Jackson said...

wow...gathering? can i join? i think boo should organise