Thursday, October 19, 2006

Enough Cookie Cutters For Now

Thanks to Spot, or was it Snowie, who directed me to that marvellous baking decoration heaven, called Wilton, in Section 14. Of course, don't expect to pay your average Bake With Yen prices for any of the merchandise. But hey, yutt fun cheen yutt fun for. I think Venetia had earlier on directed me to that site as well, but I had deleted her comment in haste cos it revealed my name, and it aint Rumpelstiltskin.

Check out my latest purchase....what got me was the T-Rex cutter. But after buying it, I remembered that 3rd kid, ie, boy no 2, is no longer into dinosaurs, but more into Ultraman and Power Rangers..... oh well, Christmas is around the corner, so I guess they (the cutters) can be used for a whole gingerbread zoo, though I have no idea how gingerbread is related to the birth of Jesus Christ in any way.

Anyway, I also enrolled for the Level 1 Cake Decorating course. The lady there asked me at least twice if I was registering for myself. It wasn't until I announced that I was bored with my day job, did they believe me. I very foolishly showed one of them my attempt at my first wedding cake, and she almost condescendingly said, "hmm, not a bad effort for first time"... and proceeded to show me a styrofoam coated with fondant cake by one of the students, proudly telling me, oh, this was done by a guy, first timer with no experience. I have to say the fondant was exceedingly smooth.

Meanwhile, this morning, to my horror, I discovered that two lemon meringue pies I had made for a delivery today had gone partially soggy in one section. (ie, the crust). I'm not sure why this is so, probably the meringue leaked or something. And what is with the bleeding of the meringue? Can anyone enlighten me? (usually when I ask these kind of culinary question, it's directed at Boo_licious)


jaytea said...

i saw the 50pcs sets in london. 15pounds. how much are they at wilton?
have yet to take pix of my cookie cutters.

fatboybakes said...

RM46.90. were they plastic in london as well? hmm, 15 pounds, wow, that's a steal. as in, highway robbery.

london is NOT the place to buy these things. my friend sms-ed me from selfridges and asked me if i wanted the square flan pan i've been hunting for. 26 quid. RM180 for a pie tin? do i look like the pillsbury dough boy?

Spot said...

That would be Snowie, the baking fanatic. :)

Hey, we were going to buy that set too...can't remember what exactly caught our eye though.

You can use them to cut out fancy schmancy sandwiches too.

Our meringue bled too once, stupid tart. Found out the reason why, but can't remember anymore, so eagerly awaiting boo's advice too....

snowdrop said...

haiyah, i commented earlier, then my internet died and it got swallowed.

anyway, yay for cookie cutters! hey, if there are too many for you, can auction some of them here - i'd bid if it's something i want :)

so, you're going for the classes eh, do let us know how they are. i wanna go too, but will wait till next year, i think (hopefully the price won't go up!)

as for weepy meringue - i THINK it could be because of our humidity, or overbeaten egg whites?

Anonymous said...

Hiya... ermm... we won't mention any names this time around for fear of getting censored!! ha ha... anywayz... if you haven't read this before... fyi...


boo_licious said...

er, me no expert lar but my mother always taught me when making chiffon cake that the freshest eggs must be used when beating egg whites hence I only bake cakes with eggs from the egg seller in the market that I trust - i.e. the egg whites are thick when you seperate them vs watery if you buy from the supermarket. Could be a number of reasons also - undercooking it, humid weather and etc.

Read this link for tips to overcome it. Interesting stuff.

Hope tht helps and good luck with the course. Sounds great.

Sweettooth said...


I've been reading ur yummilicious blog for a few mths already...and i like what i see :)

Can u furnish the address of Wilton? Whereabout at section 14?


flower said...

Wilton as in the Wilton brand. Wah so lucky lah. I bought some cookie cutters from Big W 50pcs for AU$15.00. What I want now is a cupcakes stand holder. Might have to shop around more.

fatboybakes said...

boo and venetia, thanks for the weeping meringue answers. actually, it accidentally answered my question about the soggy crust, cos that's what caused it. but when i asked the question, i thought bleeding meant the droplets that appear ON the meringue...apparently that's moisture.

sweettooth, you can check out the wilton website,
but they're basically above the watsons in section 14. thanks for your compliments.

flower, yar, wilton has those lovely cupcake stands. cheap wat, AUD15 for 50 cutters. Nice big ones? These Wilton ones are huge actually. Perfect for gingerbread, and sandwiches.

flower said...

Its a mixture of big and small.