Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Azrah's Thai Cooking Class, Part 2

My next goal in life, by the time I am 45, is to have reached Celebrity Chef status. I'm not ambitious, so just locally would do me fine, but of course, I wouldn't refuse the chance to become an international celebrity. My own cookshow, FROLIC WITH FATBOYBAKES.....it'll take on the format of more Nigella type, ie, in a home setting, with kids running around. Might have to find some fake kids to run around, if mine aren't photogenic enough. They must be all fat, and we shall be the FATBOYBAKES FAMILY.

And then, I shall run culinary classes for Tai Tais and See Lais, different rates, of course. I recently found out the difference. A See Lai is a middle class housewife with lots of chores. A Tai Tai is a rich married woman who just goes to daytime gym classes, and attend cookery classes and go for facials. According to the article, that is. Then there'll be also the odd guy or two who will attend, like me. I heard of this woman who refused to let her son enter the kitchen, for fear that he'll end up cooking for his wife, and she cannot stomach watching her son slave in the kitchen while daughter in law gets a home call massage. How chauvinistic is that. Back in the prewar days, I'd probably have been running a hainanese coffee shop.

Anyway, yar, back to celebrity chefs, my thai cooking class was run by :

She also has another book on the shelves, for vegetarian cooking. Now, the thing about celebrity chefs is, they must appear unfazed, not a hint of sweat, to drown the mascara, (like Nigella), and make the cooking look as if they were cooking maggi mee.

In the 2 hours we were there, she managed to whip up, effortlessly, (she was all dolled up, apparently had to go out after that)

Kerabu Meehoon....SO easy, and SO yummy

Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried Fish ala Thai Style

Pandan Chicken, including how to wrap the darn thing

Red Curry Chicken

and also a raw papaya kerabu, which I don't have a photo of. And doing some mental arithmetic in my non chinese ed head, I figured, wahhhh, if she ran classes like that two or three times a week, eat no finish man!!!

And, being a celebrity chef, she even had a participant from Germany there yesterday, who heard about her thru the hotel concierge. Terror or what!!!! (She's actually an Indian national, residing in Germany). Keep your eyes peeled. Am gonna do a homemade video and send to 8TV for audition.

Why I think I can do this?

1. I'm quite used to speaking to large crowds, having taught English before, and other subjects, and also having emceed/spoken at like 25 weddings.
2. I got the build for a chef. Tetsuya after all is quite plump. And so is Jamie these days.
3. I can speak english...so the programme has to be in english, with malay and chinese subtitles.

But meanwhile, I better go brush up on my culinary skills.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting read, and food.

Where have I seen you before ? ( head scratching...)

boo_licious said...

Wah! I better get yr autograph first as it'll be worth millions next time.

Yeah, think u shld try out the dedication cook show in 8TV. Who knows, the camera will love you and then you'll be the next Chef Wan minus those irritating gestures.

Jackson said...

wow....i wan the pandan chicken! FBB, u should consider invite us for a food tasting session after the Thai cooking class.hehe

Anonymous said...

could you let us know how we can sign up for the Thai cooking lessons as well? YM

smaller toe said...

not sure how u r gonna b a celeb chef since v can oni see ur chin all the time.

camera man wld have to alwiz remember nt to shoot ur face.

maybe u cld try putting a 1 min vdo of urself baking ... film ur chin & hand oni-lah.

if u r worried dat ppl can recognise ur voice, just ask our resident vdo guy to make u sound like darth vader.

fatboybakes said...

tonixe - err??? where have you seen my chin before you mean? fitness first?

boo - you're already halfway there to celebrity status. any food blogger worth their salt would have heard of the famous masak masak. all you have to do is come out of the shadows...(background music, phantom of the opera)

thai cooking class over liao. its just demo, not hands on, so i dunno if i can replicate.

anonymous YM, ..is that for Yang Mulia? well, if you have a group of 8 or so, i think azrah will accommodate you for a thai cooking course. its 250 per pax, for 4 hours. you get to take home one portion of the stuff.

snaller toe, are u volunteering to video me?

smaller toe said...

can ... u got vdo cam or not? if i m nt free the other Toe wld gladly vdo u.

of course if u 1 very gud stuff i wld nid to loan from our church resident vdo guy & den film u.

UnkaLeong said...

Go for it! I can get fresh thai spices and pos laju them back for your show!

fatboybakes said...

thank you muchly for you kind offer, unkaleong. well, will continue to pursue the dream first. have to get sponsor for plastic surgery, liposuction, lasik, etc before dare to even consider appearing in public.

smaller toe, ditto the above la.

Audrey Cooks said...

You are the greatest! thanks for your creatively humourous writings and wonderful baking adventures ... I am sure u are aredi a celebrity on the blogsphere just minus the $$$$$$ and Hollywood fame :D Happy New Year!

fatboybakes said...

awww, audrey, how sweet of you to say all that. harrrdly a celebrity la even on the blogosphere. the real celeb food bloggers are ppl like masak masak, etc...

happy new year to you too.

dyah said...

hi FBB,
Is this good cooking class?
can U tell me others good cooking class aroung klang valley?