Thursday, December 28, 2006

Level 2 Finished

I'm referring to the Cake Decorating Course by ICCA, Level 2, which was supposed to be using Royal Icing as the main medium. Overall, the course was far too flowery, and on hindsight, a bit pricey, but it was quite fun, though I don't envisage myself plunging into the decorative cake business, especially not the flora and fauna aspect of it.

For our finale, we learnt the art of basket weaving, as can be seen from above. It is a tedious process, and really, quite superflous in my opinion. Then again, I am not into intricate delicate designs, hence my continuous quest for a course that offers 3D semi crude modelling of objects, such as cars, toys, ducks, etc.

Using the flowers that we've made over the duration of the course, we had to assemble of graduation cake, with the basket weave around the sides, and flowers on the cake. Those two birds were literally killed with one stone. The maid had careless tossed the container in which they were roosting upside down, hence smudging the royal icing. I tried to make another pair, and AGAIN, the maids murdered the birds.

Now, this cake was made by my classmate, Paige. I reckon it was by far the most elegant, and her petal work for the roses is quite fine. I've made a loose arrangement with her, to order from her should any of my clients require pretty flower cakes. No way you're get ME doing a cake with basket weaving and flowers, unless I've retired and am swatting flies.

Voila, the aerial view of all the finished cakes.

The next level is fondant, but again, its flowers. Argh!!!! What is the obsession with flowers. I want to make carpenter tools, hammers, chainsaws, electric drills, and army soldiers killing each other, ....not FLOWERS!!!!


Paprika said...

Waaaah...I like a man who knows how to handle his tools. Happy New Year!!

Anytime you need a taste tester, please call me and my sis! :-)

fatboybakes said...

hi paprika, long time no hear.

hey, you must try my rum and raisin pie. its selling like hot cakes.

happy new year to you too.

Kelvin said...

Hello & Happy New Year from down under in New Zealand. The only thing missing from this post, is a knife to cut the cake !!! (hehe) Hope you have a good year.