Monday, July 02, 2007

A Weekend Of Orgiastic Home Dinners

Who says you've to eat at a restaurant to have a gourmet feast!!!!

These is the massive spread we had at my fellow gym member's abode, cooked by the man himself.

Kylie Kwong's Styled Steamed Cod fish. Perfectly done. Not your conventional style of steamed fish.

Signature chicken in some sauce, that is meant to be dipped with thick slabs of hainanese coffee shop bread.

Sauteed Spinach on Steamed Bean Curd. Didn't even get around to trying this, there was so much food.

Oxtail Stew. Ooooh, bovine heaven. Hmm, a lot of meat.

Vinegared Pork Trotters. Confinement food, but great stuff. (and I'm not even a fan)

Bourbon chocolate mud cake....made by me. It went very well with the hostess's homemade vanilla ice cream with a hint of bailey's irish cream.

Durian cheese cake. Still don't know how to really capture this cake in pictures. Help!!!!

On Friday night, we were at another friend's house, but we were all so hungry, I forgot to take pictures. However, I did manage to take pics of my latest experiment, Delia Smith's Molten Chocolate Puddings.

It turned out pretty well for a first attempt, but I couldn't achieve that molten centre that was in the recipe. It could be attributed to the fact that I forgot to check the temperature for cooking, and brought the batter in the pudding bowls to friend's house to bake. So I hazarded a guess, which was a hazard. I estimated 150C, but in actual fact, recipe called for 200C!!!! I guess it's meant to quickly cook the outsides leaving the insides uncooked and hence, molten. iI forgot to take pic of the finished product.

Okay, let's see if I remember the recipe.

4 eggs, plus 4 yolks with half a cup of sugar, until quadrupled in volume, leaving a ribbon trail when you lift the whisk.
In a separate set up, melt 200 gm of chocolate ...oh shucks, I forgot the recipe. I'll put it on tomorrow.


jason said...

Durian cheese cake!!! Uwalallalala..... *going crazy*

Tummythoz said...

Lalalala... jason dear, u missed it BIG TIME! We got to taste fbb's durian tiramisu (brandied sponge based with choc topping. Sanwiched in between.... pungently dreamy..).

Fbb & friends can really cook!

KampungboyCitygal said...

imagine my mouth all sticky frm eating the vinegar trotters..yumzzzz

UnkaLeong said...

Food glorious Food!

wmw said...

I want to sink my teeth into that molten choc pudding!

boo_licious said...

Yum! I can imagine all that yummy food esp the molten choc pudding plus durian cheesecake.

jason said...

Aiyee... how come?! *stomp foot, bang head on the wall*

Precious Pea said...

AIYOOO!!! Now I understand why you need to detox yesterday. Such a yummy feast.

MeiyeN said...

boy oh boy, your wifey is so lucky!

sc said...

everything looks so good! all your kawan kawan can cook so well!

Whisky said...

Oh doggy. That durian cheesecake sure tasted yummy. Mind putting up the recipe? (*Begs*) =)

fatboybakes said...

whisky, mean you've tasted the durian cheesecake? hmm, cant put up the recipe just yet la, since i'm actually selling the stuff commercially. sorry ya.

the rest, yar, my friend sure can cook!!!! [dreamy look, still longing for the lamb cutlets in port sauce]..

Jackson said...

ok. I wan durian cheese cake next time!!

Wandernut said...

hey, i'm wondering where you got them ramekin dishes! :)
thanks fbb!