Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sage, Redux Redux....

Some Sagely advice from FBB, to all you young dating/courting couples out there. Especially to the men. Do Not Do during courting what you don't intend to do the rest of your married life. For example, giving flowers, opening car door, (that's what remotes are for), love letters (shudder), buying jewellery, because it WILL come back to haunt you....10 years down the line, nag nag nag... aiya, why last time dating you buy me flowers, why this why that.

I am proud to say, Mrs FBB has never asked me those questions, because, well, she can't (cos in my wisdom, I never did any of those things).

I digress as always. The word Sage always evokes so many different thoughts in my mind. This would be my third time in a span of 1 year and a bit that I've been to Sage, at the Gardens. Feeling uncharacteristically un-frugal, I decided, yes, I shall treat myself to a nice lunch with good friends. (no, I wasn't treating them, it's the Netherlands method we used)....

It always pays to know people who know people. In this case, our pal, Paranoid Android, who dines here the way ordinary mortals dine at kopitiams. On a regular basis, so that everyone here knows his name. If you do go, just name drop, "I'm Paranoid's friend", and look around in a paranoid way for gangsters who might mug you. (I'll bet you are, they'll think).

Don't you just LOVE IT, LOVE IT, when you sit down, and don't have to think, and there's a menu planned out for you? And I don't mean those that start with "The Wedding Dinner of Mr So and So" and the rest is in chinese.

A virgin like mojito like drink. Refreshing and cleans up the palate in anticipation of the goodies that are about to be served.

Isnt she the epitome of elegance?

Monkey Boy with his new toy. He's a genius with it. Added to his comical flair, it's best to get his autograph now while you can, before he's famous and looks at you and asks, "who are you?". Even name dropping Paranoid's name would be futile.

Their signature bread and dipping sauce, something like a pesto in olive oil. Basil is definitely one of the featured ingredients. The pleb in me still screams out for butter... but on this occasion, I refrained.

Aren't they a gorgeous bunch. Paranoid refuses to be photographed. Hence ....

Smoked Salmon Starter.... With Akame herb. Simply sublime. Not too salty, like the commercial smoked salmon, a thick sashimi sized slice, if not bigger, with a layer of crispy skin. Fabulous contrast in texture and tastes. The freshness was superb, makes you wonder if Mr Salmon Rushdee was swimming in the sea hours before that.

More carbs to fill us up. Nothing to shout about. Cheese on toast, basically.

Mmm, my favourite. Angel Hair pasta (capellini) with seafood. I could eat a main portion of this easily. The pasta was perfect, and had soaked in the flavours of the seafood and sauce, and oooh, shudder in esctasy, oh so good. The seafood was delightfully fresh, and scallop sweet and succulent.

I opted for the Wagyu, which reminded all of us a bit of charsiu. The wagyu was a bit overdone, as I asked for medium. The overdone-ness was more apparent in the leaner cut of the wagyu whereas the piece with the fatty layers was more forgiving. But still, very tender, and was still a treat to the palate.

The Mulloway Sea Bass, (is that from Mullholland Drive?) which the others had. I think it was good. I sampled a morsel, which was not enough to give me a real taste. It's like that teeny spoon of sampling ice cream at a baskin robbins, that gets lost on the way to my tongue. But I think the sea bass was good. Afterall, it's Mulloway wor. What's Mulloway? idea.

Then, just as we thought the best was over, Paranoid Android brings out his cherries!

These were no ordinary cherries. They were humongous. Of the Bing variety, (read about its history from Ciki's blog), and look at how huge they are....two cherries cover the entire phone screen.

Delectable Su couldnt refrain from fondling Paranoid's lovely jewels, looked like an esctatic schoolgirl in a candy store. They were seriously seriously DELICIOUS!!! Succulent, firm, sweet, moist, RM220 per kg, they better blardy well be.

The kids playing with Paranoid's cherries.

Dessert, the red cherries flambe with nougat glace. Coincidentally, more cherries. Yum. But Sage's cherries, compared with Paranoid's, almost seemed shrivelled...had we NOT had paranoid's cherries, the Sage's cherries would have been fine, if not perfect. A lovely dessert though, to cap off a lovely afternoon of fun and good food.

If life were a cherry, that'll be about right, I am half way through. ARGHHH, sob sob sob.

The set lunch is priced at RM80 net, a damn steal if you ask me, for that quality of food.


thule a.k.a leo said...

I remember seeing one picture of the salmon being very plump and juicy.. why yours so ordinary one? LOL...
After reading your very first paragraph... it's too late!!! I did those things that you mentioned (all of them!!!) sigh!

qwazymonkey said...

I feel so honoured. Got an entire paragraph about me. So sweet of ya Ah Pa.

And your shots are love, especially the ones of us. We all look like a bunch of very happy kids.

Oh yes, it pays to drop Paranoid's name! :)

Yin said...

Ooooh so nice, especially the cherries!

My office is moving to MidValley next week, can I join u at your next visit to Sage please?

Thank you :D

minchow said...

Awww it does look like a shot of very blessed (and very well-fed) kids! I only hope that there will be similar future opportunity to play with such radiant jewels and swallow their sweet juices at Sage, no less!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've got a constant love affair with Sage. Everytime I feel empty inside (my heart and my tummy), I go to Sage, and am immediately rejuvenated. I can imagine how much more wonderful it would be with the whole gang there.

Nic (KHKL) said...

i thought the set costs 100 bucks? so, it's 80 now? sounds good to me. cool pic of the fondling of PA's lovely jewels, fbb!

UnkaLeong said...

Sets available on weekdays only hor? *sigh*

fatboybakes said...

unka, ayam not sure leh.

hairy berry, yahor, RM80 is soooo cheap for you in sing lolar.

lyrical lemongrass, so poetic. so you're carrying the sage's baby eh?

minchow, the radiant jewels are only available one month in the year.

fatboybakes said...

Yin, for me sage is an annual affair, or possibly twice a year affair. so you'll hafta wait till august or so. BUT, ppl like paranoid go there weekly...

monkeyboy, i love that shot of my brood.

thule, ;p. haha, how i know why mine looks ordinary? chis! no talent la dats why.

CUMI & CIKI said...

ahpa.. i mizzz uuu.. coming home!

(i noticed u used all the shots that i DIDNT take from yoU! mwuahahaha :P)

gfad said...

You engineers go to the same husband(ry) school hor? I should be thankful he takes me out and says, 'Nah.. choose what you want. I dunno what you want'..

Your lunch looks miles better than what we had in ChgktBB and much cheaper too.

Your next visit in Aug, I wanna come too..

And I'm still dreaming of your pseudo durian cake. Was it baked ar?

Life for Beginners said...

You are indeed wise, O Great FBB. Why on earth did I start on my lavish pampering of my lil Devil? My bank account and my feeble unimaginative braincells shall rue the day I started... :P

Catherine said...

Hi Hi,enjoyed your review of Sage.
My dearies husband took me there last night for early Valentine's dinner as we've heard SO much about it.Had the 3 course dinner menu.I would say quite good value for such fine dining (only EUR 30 mah!:)to make myself feel better)also service recovery was very good when the manager asked how my meal was,i mentioned that the scouffle was not very good,he proceeded to send out some chocolate fondant which hubby & I devoured although we were stuffed! who can resist choc???

anyways, we looked at this week's lunch menu and weren't impressed. they had chicken as a main dish......!!!!!I much prefer yours. was it a special menu for you & your friends or they do wagyu for lunch usually??:)

thenomadGourmand said...

The Sage. Cilantro.
Enough to bankrupt the Pg-nite in me for the year.
But the weekday lunch is worth it!
Not sure if the portion feeds a HUGE lunch eater like me tho! ehhhee

Argus Lou said...

Ah, I can't wait for cherry season again. Here it's RM15-RM30 per kg depending on the size and origin.