Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Kuvings Silent Masticating Juicer

Many years ago, circa 1997, one of my closest friends, a Korean American named Justin, told me of a special kind of juicer, that slowly juiced vegetables, fruits, and how he consumed juices from that juicer regularly, resulting in glowing skin and untold health benefits.  It's like one of those "grandmother" stories, that are seared in your head, and it gets etched in your memory like two teenagers carving their names in the bark of a sycamore tree.

Fast forward, 16 years later, a friend on FB asks a general open question, "What is a good masticating juicer to get?".  Of course, when I first heard the story from Justin, I don't think he used the word "masticating", which of course, we all know, means to "chew".  I mean, it's a rather common word, I oft hear mothers tell their kids, "oi, masticate your food properly, at least 1 minute before swallowing", so one wouldn't expect it used in the context of a juicer.  But I guess if you think about it, that is really what the juicer does.  Crunches, and grinds, much like our molars on food, ...

So, when friend asked me to try out and review the Kuvings Silent Juicer, I was rather intrigued.  I was looking forward to that glowing skin that Justin told me about.  Now, I am embarking on this juicing journey, so watch out for a glowy leaner me in say 2 months time.

Firstly, you can check out the range of juicers HERE or  I was surprised that there are so many different models, and prices range from the lower thousand to about RM1,500.  The model that was passed to me is the BOLD BAXTER, a sleek vertical juicer that is retailing for RM1,499-00.

 The Bold Baxter... I love the black.  Looking at the juicer, you might think it looks dreadfully complicated, and well, I can't say I wasn't intimidated looking at the parts, but it's definitely one case where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The mechanism basically has four parts, the main juicer bowl, the masticater, aka the ULTEM SCREW (that black solid thing that looks like it fell out from a sci fi movie), and the other plastic thingies.

Now, what is supposedly so special about SLOW JUICING?
Basically, copied from their website:
 The world certified Kuvings Silent Juicer does not have the high speed juicer system (traditional juicer system).
It has a slow speed squeezing system, which is giving 100% pure juice without breaking down the nutrients.

Assembling really isn't rocket science, as it turned out to be quite simple, and a matter of aligning dots, much like a camera lens. 

Step 1, place the main bowl in, and follow the arrow, with a slight turn until it clicks.

Step 2, add in the white plastic frame, easy, just slot in.

Step 3, the filter is to be aligned with the red dot.

The ultem screw goes in next, before the lid.

For the inaugural blog post, I decided to make a Salad in a Glass (inspired by a recent pineapple dinner I went to recently), comprising a bunch of coriander, a bunch of mint leaves, 2 green apples, one red apple, one cucumber.

Oooh, I can feel the health already.  It actually yielded about 500 mls of juice, enough for three glasses of this size.  Son No 1 said that it's the first time he's heard my dad say "YUM".  (Dad is not really a food kinda guy).  It was rather yum, if may say so myself.

Anyway, you can watch the video here and see for yourself how it works.

Salad in a glass 

One pineapple yielded this much juice, around 600ml.

To you juicy lucys out there who love juicing, honestly, (and I'm not saying this just because...) the texture of the juice coming out of this juicer is totally different.  The pineapple juice is almost creamy!

Anyway, you can purchase online, and for the vertical juicers, (Betty, Chloe, Baxter and Rob), if you key in "FATBOYSGIFT" in the promo code section, you will get the mincer unit for free.  Now, if you check the website, the mincer can be used to make frozen fruit sorbets and "froyos".  (Will blog about this frozen fruit yoghurt thing next)
This promo is valid until 31st August 2013.

But, if you are a SINGLE PARENT, or buying for a CANCER patient, (obviously it's an honor system),  there is an ongoing promo (key in "SINGLEPARENT" or "CANCER") in the promo code, and you will get a RM250 discount.  (Cannot be used in conjuction with FATBOYSGIFT promo).

Standard warranty is TEN YEARS for the motor, auger and juicing screen.   Other parts have a 1 yr warranty, with options to purchase extended warranties for 20 YRS for the motor, and 5YRS for the other parts.



Flower said...

Wow! I haven't been to your blog for a LONG time. I'm a juicy lucy n i love juice. I have a hurom n i think it the best AU$450 i've ever spend! I use it more than my elctric kettle too.

From Perth, WA

TheNexus said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

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