Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ronnefeldt Tea At KL Hilton

Time flies, it was in April 2011 that I last had the pleasure of tea-tea llating my taste buds with Ronnefeldt Teas. 

Fast forward 2 ½ years later, amazingly, the people involved have not aged a day, it's like they've all been preserved in a time capsule, this time round the tea party was at the KL Hilton.

Chef Benoit Chargy of Hilton KL had developed the special edition-French inspired three tiers tea set that was paired with three types of Ronnefeldt Teas, namely: Darjeeling Summer Gold, which is a second flush Darjeeling; Flavoured Sencha with mango, lemon and cornflowers – the Morgentau; and fruit infusion-Strawberry and Crisps.

To accompany the teas, there were savouries of freshly baked Mini Quiche Loraine, Feuillete mushroom,
Prawn salsa sandwich, Truffle egg sandwiches, Duck rillettes and Salmon and Caviar Croutons. The sweets on the final tier consists beautifully crafted Macaron Collier de perle chocolat Passion, Green Tea Emeraude, Financier carre Hermes, Religieuse Louis Vuitton, Chanel Hand bag, Chocolate truffle and Mini Crumble mascarpone strawberry.  Of course, the daintiness of the handbags etc drew a lot of comments from Instagram followers, asking what a crude pleb like me was doing at such an elegant event.

The selection of Ronnefeldt teas, just a drop in the ocean, of their wide array of available teas.

The dainty elegant handbags, which of course, are as incongruous on me as a diamond on my nose.

These bodum contraptions are one of the better ways of steeping teas, apparently.  But the usual steeping time should be around 2-3 minutes.  For the lighter green teas, apparently, the longer you steep, the more it gives a relaxing effect. Something to do with the caffeine or by product of it.

Tea Master Gold from Ronnefeldt Germany, Mr. Andreas Aufmkolk.  If you look at my previous link, you'd notice he hasn't aged a day.  Must be all the oxidants from the teas.

The Morgentau Sencha was my favourite for the day, a subtle green tea lightly infused with some fruity mango flavour, imparting a very cleansing taste, and gives a very relaxing feel.  But don't be fooled, these green teas do contain caffeine, and much as I would love a cup of this as a nightcap, I am almost sure I won't be able to sleep.  Apparently when you steep it longer, the tanine trumps the caffeine, hence making it a more relaxing drink, which Katherine of Ronnefeldt swore by.  Alas, I value my sleep too much to experiment.

Then we have the confusion of the infusion... which isn't really a tea, but well, hence the confusion.  But apparently teas like chamomile, etc are also merely infusions, so when is a tea a tea and when is it not?  It boils down (no pun intended) to the leaf, obviously.  So if the tea is made from flowers, it cannot be called a tea, or it would be a impostea.  This particular strawberry and crisp, to me, tasted like drinking warm unsugared rosella.  Not a fan, I have to say.

The newly renovated Lounge at the KL Hilton offers on daily basis regular International or Malaysia three tiers Afternoon tea set with a pot of fine Ronnefeldt tea/coffee, priced at RM69.00++.

From the press release:
About Ronnefeldt

Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt established Teahouse Ronnefeldt (J. T. Ronnefeldt KG) in Frankfurt am Main in 1823. The tea experts are specialised in importing and blending high quality leaf teas from all major tea -growing countries.Ronnefeldt supplies top hotels and restaurants, independent specialty stores with customised tea selections and service ideas. The marketing concept, which has been followed since the company’s establishment, relies on the company’s central European location, from which it can serve customers throughout the world. 

The focus of its international marketing lies, in addition to Europe, Middle East, Russia, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. All Ronnefeldt teas are produced according to traditional orthodox methods, i.e. wherever possible by hand, in order to guarantee the highest quality. Ronnefeldt is the founder of the unique, worldwide TeaMaster.Programs for Hospitality Service Managers.

If you wish to purchase Ronnefeldt teas directly, you can contact:

TEL: +6012-4838323, +6012 4318323 FAX:+604-6303231


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