Monday, December 30, 2013

K Ginseng Launch

I've always been rather fascinated by Ginseng.  I don't know much about it, apart from the fact that it can be expensive, and cheap, much like wine, depending on quality and grade.  At the back of my mind, it's in the same category as Chinese medicines, with healing properties that can heal myriad ailments, and actually, looking at those complex root structures, it's totally believable, because that's what I imagine a healing root to look like.

Intrigue took over, and my curiosity was piqued, when old friend Angeline Mah invited me to the launch of K-Ginseng, in the newly opened Pullman Hotel, which I didn't even know existed, in Pantai Baru, next to the TM Tower.  Two firsts in a row was just too much to resist.

Fortunately, I bumped into a familiar face, our dear Makan Fairy Godmother, (Marian Eu Hooi Khaw), which at least ensured I had palatable company for the night.

There were two types of K-Ginseng drink being circulated around, the White Ginseng Vitality Drink, 120ml, retailing at RM10.90, (drat, should have drank more).  I like that ginseng bitter aftertaste, but I found the drink generally too sweet.  The high amount of sugar almost negates the benefits, in my mind, but I suppose the general populace do tend to favour sweetness over bitterness, much like life.  The other variety was the Red Ginseng G at RM7.90 for 100ml.  I cannot tell the difference, to be honest.

At the rate I was chugging the K-Ginseng drinks, (sweet as they were), I was beginning to worry that they had aphrodisiac properties....Some people swore they were feeling hot after drinking a few bottles.

These lovely bits of red ginseng candied jelly were actually rather nice.

A closer view of the Vitality Drink.  Someone asked if  ginseng was the Korean equivalent of Tongkat Ali, but no one ventured a proper reply.

In our party packs, there was this generous  bottle of Red Ginseng Extract Tonic, priced at RM249 per unit. One of the K-Ginseng gentlemen was going around from table to table, demonstrating how a sachet of the red ginseng extract powder, when put into a bottle of unadulterated korean wine, (23% proof) would allow the drinker to drink with merriment without the effects of a hangover.  Now this is music to my ears.

The demo of the Red Ginseng Extract in the Korean Rice Wine.  He animatedly tells us that the wine contains 23% alcohol, which for a wine, is quite a lot.

He pours in a sachet of the red powder, which almost resembles paprika.

Shake shake shake...and a hangover free bottle of 23% proof alcohol.  How wonderful.

I didn't really get to test the theory to see if it works, but I do intend to do so soon.  Perhaps this NY Eve.

Anyway, K-Ginseng is launched in Malaysia  by  The Korea Gyeonggi Government Agricultural Cooperative Federation and its local distributor, Caldbeck MacGregor (M) Sdn Bhd's Health & Wellness division, on Thursday and is halal-certified.

The dinner fare on the menu showed the standard hotel banquet type dinner, which surprised us, because we were expecting Ginseng laced culinary offerings.

However, there were some bonus authentic Korean dishes prepared by Korean Chef Mrs Hae Young Nam, who has over 35 years of ginseng cooking under her belt.

Above is a ginseng beef wrap, which must be very authentically Korean.  Totally new to me.  I like the bitter flavours of the ginseng, and the crunch, paired with the tender beef.

Ginseng Spice Seasoned Kimchi, a rather delicious salad, with  a tangy spicy sauce, with a coriander like leafy vegetable, with chunks of ginseng.

A ginseng salad of sorts, with julienned vegetables, walnuts, dried persimmon, which was actually a rather good combination, of sweet, slightly savoury (from the nuts), and that powerful zing from the ginseng.

Tempura Ginseng.  Not a dish for everyone, I'm sure.  I personally found it alright, though the batter could have been lighter and crispier.

Like all launches, the opening ceremony, which entailed pulling a lever, to reveal the range of K-Ginseng Products.

The lovely Sharon Lee explaining to us how the ginseng for K-Ginseng is farmed, and how the ginseng roots are best after 7 years, and harvested accordingly.  The lands in which the ginseng is farmed is also ideal for its cultivation, hence making it one of the best in the world, if not the best.

The night's events were filled with performances ala Psy, (Gangnam Style), which I guess these days, is impossible to escape, especially for a Korean event, some traditional Korean dance, and a rather entertaining songstress.

Other Products Available:
Red Ginseng Root 300g / 150g RM1190 (300g)/ RM609 (150g) per unit

Red Ginseng Extract Gold 240g / 120g RM919 (240g) / RM469 (120g) per unit

Red Ginseng Extract Tonic 720ml  RM249 per unit

Honey Red Ginseng Slice 20g X 5’s RM195 per set

White Ginseng Root 300g / 150g RM569 (300g) / RM299 (150g) per unit

The full range of K-Ginseng products will soon be available in all Chinese Medical Halls (Traditional Chinese Herb shops) and also major supermarkets such as Aeon Jusco & Isetan. Enquiries can be directed to Caldbeck Macgregor Sdn Bhd's general line (Attn Health & Wellness Division) should there be any enquiries.

T: 03-5569 2283
F: 03-5569 2383


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