Monday, February 03, 2014

The Empire Strikes Back... Prosperity Pot At Di Wei

Di Wei, to my surprise, although is located in the Empire Subang Mall section, is actually part of the Empire Hotel.  Quite a smart move though, to locate it in the mall, because sometimes hotel restaurants can seem very intimidating, and pricey.  We were supposed to go a week earlier, but Makan Fairy Godmother had other plans up her sleeve, and with one wave of the magic wand, we were rescheduled to eat there a week later.

I have been tardy,  I realise, for this post was meant to come up before Chinese New Year, but well, the days leading up to CNY have been frenetic.

There are three Yee Sang menus at Di Wei – the Golden menu for RM388 (4 people), the Happiness menu for RM1,188 (10 people) and the Longevity menu for RM1,688 (10 people), as well as Poon Choy (RM388 for five persons or for RM688 for 10 persons), from now until Feb the 25th.  (Plagiarized from CCFoodtravel)

Such a pretty assortment of colors.  Yu sang is taking on a "life of its own" in a way,  and different restaurants seem to pride themselves by doing it differently, or adding something different.  I love the crispy bits of yam strips in this one.

The flower tea which is very cleansing.

Gotta love the chubby waiter, who rattled off the usual auspicious greetings with much aplomb. 

The Poon Choy (this serving size is for ten, and is RM688++ but you can take home the pot after finishing the food.  Layers of marine goodness, all the luxury foods, like prawns, abalone, the most expensive items being on top, and progress to the "less luxury" items, like pork, at the bottom.  Nevertheless, I loved the bits of fatty porky.  I am a peasant. 

Nam Yue Ribs, one of Di Wei's specialties.  The meat was moist and aromatic, seasoned with that fermented bean thingie. 

Nian Gou, the quintessential dessert during Chinese New Year.  Legend has it that it's sticky so that it will seal the mouth of the kitchen God or something to that effect.  I was never really a fan of nian gao, but over the years I have developed a liking for it, and this particular way of serving, deep fried with yam, is rather delectable.

Darn, I need to get myself some nian gao pronto.

Di Wei Chinese Restaurant,
Empire Hotel Subang,
Level 1, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Website: Empire Hotel
Opening times:
Mon – Fri 12.00pm -2.30pm,6pm-10pm;
Sat-Sun 11am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm.
Tel: 03- 5565 1388

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