Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ashley's, by Living Foods

Every since I went to Living Foods in Menara Tan & Tan, and had their superb healthy yee sang, circa CNY 2014, I've been looking forward to the opening of their Bangsar Baru establishment, because I love healthy food... Okay, I lie, I generally do not, but I did so much enjoy the healthy food offered by Living Foods, hence my enthusiasm when Makan Fairy Godmother asked me to join her at Ashley's, By Living Food.

I love the cheery woody bright healthy looking interior, gives one the illusion that one is healthier just by stepping into the establishment.

Nuts do grow on trees.... evidently.

Their power smoothies, named Stress Combat, (the green one) and Cardiac Arrest, which I had the last time in Living Foods.  The side salads are an accompaniment to the mains, and obviously follow that 5 different color vegetable rule, judging by its kaleidescopic colors.

Living Mushroom Foie Gras, a vegetarian version where no geese were hurt in the process of preparation. An amazing velvety rich texture, with a hint of truffle oil for added decadence, melt in the mouth just like foie gras.  A very unique offering indeed.  RM38.

A ying and yang of organic dim sum, ...actually there are more varieties, but we sampled two, where the green is actually the one with meat, and the red is the vegetarian version.  The set, which comprise 5 items, is priced at RM75.

Portobello Mushroom, Polenta buckwheat stack.  I loved the portobello mushroom, and the rhubarb puree, with pumpkin, and mushroom ragout, but I can't say I'm crazy over the buckwheat bit, which to me felt too healthy.  RM42

I guess this proved my long suspicion that deep down inside, despite an external desire to become vegetarian, I am a carnivore, because this quail currant stew in red wine and tarragon was definitely my favourite dish of the day.  Succulent quail met, lovingly stewed in a wholesome stock, carrots that had soaked in the goodness of the juices emanating from the stew, at RM38, I'd choose this over the RM42 Portobello any day.

Pearl Snapper Asparagus Foo Choke Wrap, and Spinach Mai Kai...(As opposed to Lor Mai Kai).  Part of the dim sum organic set too.  Let it never be said that healthy food can't be creatively prepared.  I enjoyed the spinach mai kai, which had bits of quinoa, mushroom, salted egg yolk (yay, my favourite ingredient), dabai (a native sarawakian plant), giving the entire dumpling a very unique texture with cornucopia of flavours.

Apple Doodle With Chocolate sauce, which was crunchy apple err..."noodles", raspberries, macadamia nut cream, macadamia nuts, and blackberries.  Take away the chocolate sauce, and it would almost be a salad.  I enjoyed this dessert, and wondered to myself as to how laborious it must be to shred apples into long strands like that.  (though obviously there are machines to do these things).

The other dish that I was so longing to try when at Living Foods previously, was their salted caramel cake, or more appropriately "Cake".  Devoid of gluten, it comprises dehydrated apples, on a bed of crushed nuts, more dehydrated apple, drizzled with salty caramel.  Desserts range from RM10-RM15.

Ashley’s : 11 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 017-325 3663,
Email ashleys.bangsar@gmail.com.

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Ciki said...

Love this place because eventhough it's healthy, it tastes sooooo good! :D