Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Alvin Leung's Molecular Madness By AFC

Gasp, I can't believe the last time I partook of Alvin Leung's cuisine was way back in 2010, at my first ever Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows event, where I was wowed and in awe of the event itself, and by the larger than life celebrity chef and his molecular cuisine.  True, I was but a young impressionable lad, still on the correct side of Forty, ....FF (Fast Forward) to nearly four years down the line, my waist has grown thicker, the hair has grown thinner, ...and lo and behold, a second chance to sample the wonders of Molecular....  (actually I thought it was very yesterday, but apparently it's still quite in vogue).

Thanks to the kindness of my namesake, (that's where the similarity ends), that hot gorgeous fabulous Fairenza Cheng, I was invited to Samplings on 14th, at Berjaya University Hospitality College, for this ladida glitterati event. 

You always know an event is fairly gliterrati if Xandria Ooi is the mistress of ceremonies.  She introduces Alvin, also known as the Demon Chef, who is no stranger to Malaysia.  For tonight's dinner, his objective was to somewhat deconstruct our Malaysian favourites, and to present them with a twist. 

I don't mean to sound like a lush, but the last event at this venue was dry, and it was quite a struggle getting through the night, I vaguely recalled, so much so I was tempted to bring a hip flask on my ample body, to get me in the mood. 

Tomoto Chinois, a scarlet luscious red tomato on the vine, braised in some high class chinese rice wine vinegar, with accompanying cherry tomatoes, made for a refreshing starter. Not to mention the aesthetics of a kaleidoscope of  the happy colours of the Bolivian flag. 

Umami wonton mee... okay, this was a bit too complex for my simple palate, and it took a stretch of the imagination to tie this to our traditional wonton mee.  Squid ink paper, langoustine tartar, duck breast charsiu, which sounded exciting, but well, give me good old three layer pork dripping with fat charsiu any day... rice noodle and vermicelli flavoured with har mee essence.  I am not sure what to role of the squid ink paper was, perhaps as the wonton wrapper.  Okay, to be honest, sometimes giving a dish a certain nomenclature boxes in our expectations, as was the case with the use of the term wonton mee.  Take that away and rename it, it would have been quite fascinating. 

Chilli Crab/Oyster Omelette Gazpacho... by far my favourite dish of the night, despite the gazpacho coldness which I usually might loath.  The fresh crab, with the very unique oyster "omelette" that ruptures in the mouth with rapturous result.  And that broth! May I have somemore, I would have asked.

Bak Kut Teh Beef Shortribs, with compressed watermelon, chinese angelica and aromatic bak kut teh chocolate.  Hahah, by very definition, this dish already clearly was just meant to be whimsical, for certainly there's no bak in beef, (Bak is Hokkien for Pork), but I have to say I was rather intrigued by the entire set up.  Certainly it was very creative.  Did it wow me?  I can't say it did, but it was very interesting, and I am truly glad to have the opportunity to try such unique dishes.  The beef itself was tender and tasted great.  I am not sure about the chocolate "molĂ©" ....

The vegetarian option looked most delectable actually, black truffle with rolled chinese pasta (chee cheong fun la), sweet soy sauce, baby carrot, asparagus.

The chicken option looked extraordinary as well.  Simply named Chicken Rice, a 9 year aqucallo rice, cat ear fungus, sand ginger cream. 

And finally, for the piece de resistance, Modern Ice Kachang.... made with liquid nitrogen in situ, this candy store colored dessert was utterly fascinating.  Peanut butter and condensed milk ice cream, freeze dried raspberry, cherry snow, banana caviar, salty caramel popcorn, blue hawaii spheres, (which in a perfect world, would have been curacao, but since the food is halal, it was just some blue liquid), sous vide strawberry with sichuan & maple syrup, effectively using up almost my entire culinary vocabulary, from freeze dried to sous vide!

Another lovely event by AFC.  Thanks so much for the invitation!!!!

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Ciki said...

Just gorrgeous!! Haha.. so call it Bif Kut Teh? :P Wish we had been there - food looks great!