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Good GODiva!!! A Chocolate School Session!

There are some invitations which are absolutely irresistible, and when it involves one of my favouritest chocolate in the whole wide world, well, even if it meant playing truant all afternoon, so be it.  Whilst to some, Godiva may be associated with that famous lady who pranced around naked on a horse, to me, Godiva is synonymous with sheer decadence and luxury, something that I would rarely ever buy for myself, but would buy for others as a treat, and would gladly receive as a treat.

We were treated to a Godiva workshop, which involved making truffles, and who doesn't love a good truffle, and Beijing-based, Belgian Chef Philippe Daue, the GODIVA Chef Chocolatier led the exclusive sessions.

Chef Philippe Daue

Chef Philippe introduces us what is a good chocolate, starting with the packaging, followed by the smell, then followed by a "snap", a good chocolate should have  nice snapping sound as you break it, and of course, finally the taste.  Godiva of course is right up there as far as chocolates are concerned.
We were taught to break it, put a piece on top of the palate  and let it melt by itself.

Everything about Godiva screams elegance and class.

To make truffles, we were taught how to first make the truffle shells, which involved pouring the melted chocolate into the moulds.

The chef here is stirring the melted chocolate which is kept at a constant melted temperature of about 23C if I remember correctly.
Chris of Broughtuptoshare...
After filling the mould, and tapping to release all the air bubbles, the mould is then inverted and the balance of the flowy chocolate is released back into the bowl, leaving a thinner layer of chocolate coating the mould. The moulds are then refrigerated.

Moulds filled with chocolate....

Moulds after the excess chocolate has been released back into the bowl.

While waiting for the truffles shell to refrigerate, and harden, Chef demonstrates how to make these lovely chocolate discs, topped with toppings of our choice.

Back to the truffles, they're filled with a chocolate ganache (chocolate and cream mixture), using a piping bag, after which another layer of melted chocolate is placed to seal in the ganache.

The lovely other half of Broughtuptoshare...

The filled shells with ganache...

After a stint in the chiller, voila, out pop these beauteous truffles.  Which to me, are good as it is...although Chef went a step further to show us how to coat them.

Basically the naked truffles are coated with more chocolate, and tossed around in whatever topping you choose.  In this case, it's crushed hazelnuts.

About Chef Philippe
Born in Belgium where GODIVA is from, Chef Philippe is a fourth generation chef and son of a
famous Michelin 2-star chef in Belgium. Chef was born in a family that has a tradition of producing
top quality Chefs and has taken several studies in France and Belgium. The multi-lingual Chef
Philippe has worked as Executive Pastry Chef in several leading five star hotels, such as Shangri-La
Hotel, Mandarin Oriental and Hilton Hotel in various countries around the world and provided the
finest pastries for Belgian Royals in his own boutique hotel. His passion and creativity in culinary has
led him to join GODIVA as Chef Chocolatier, with primary focus on pastry products for China and
the whole Pacific Rim markets. He works closely with the team of GODIVA chefs around the world
(there are three other GODIVA Chocolatier chefs) and together, they meet twice a year to
develop new chocolates and further elevate the brand to new heights with dedication and
professional craftsmanship.

Some Trivia ...

The Legend of Lady GODIVA

When Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Leofric, protested against the taxation of his subjects, she
agreed to ride through the streets of Coventry "clad in naught but her long tresses", and so long
as the residents remained in shuttered buildings their tax burden would be lifted. The following
morning she made her famous ride and, despite being the ultimate temptation, the citizens
graciously remained indoors. Leofric kept his word and reduced the taxes to the delight of his
subjects, ensuring Godiva's legendary status throughout the centuries.

With a Belgian heritage dating back to 1926, GODIVA Chocolatier is the global leader in
premium chocolate. Inspired by the values of Lady Godiva – her passion, generosity, and
pioneering spirit -- GODIVA’s legendary name has become a universal symbol of luxury, quality
and the most delicious chocolate.

The company has a presence in more than 80 countries with distribution in over 500 boutiques,
Global Travel Retail, department and specialty stores, and online. GODIVA offers a range of
chocolate creations and is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the Belgian
tradition. From its famous truffles and shell-molded chocolate pieces to its European-style
biscuits, individually wrapped chocolates, gourmet coffees, hot cocoa and other indulgences,
GODIVA is committed to bringing the ultimate chocolate experience to the world.


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