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My Favourite Nyonya Is at Park Royal Again! Debbie Teoh's Nyonya Kitchen!

One of my favourite Nyonya Chefs is  definitely the inimitable Debbie Teoh, so I was delighted to receive a personal invitation from her to join her and some media at Park Royal to sample her latest Nyonya Kitchen delights.  This lady really exudes beauty, class, elegance, eloquence, and combine that with culinary talent, it's no wonder that she's a celebrity chef.  And she always looks so good in her kebayas.

Although the Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh, from 5th Sept - 12th Oct will be held at Chatz Brasserie, for this dinner, we had it at the Si Chuan Dou Ha Chinese Restaurant, as I think some other event was happening at Chatz.

..which means we get served tea in this fancy smancy style....

Kerabu Jantung Pisang (literally translated, Banana Heart) With Prawns... I wonder how many bananas had to give their hearts for this dish.  Now, the really bad thing about Debbie's food is, it's all so delectable but screams out to be eaten with rice, and we all know how evil rice is.  Or have been made to believe so.  I loved the light, subtle creamy coconuty sauce, and the texture of the jantung pisang. The prawns were fresh and crunchy.

Penang Perut Ikan.  Fish bladder? Stomach?  A very traditional dish, and almost an acquired taste, with brinjals, pineapple, in a curry like gravy, but lighter, sans the santan.  Oh, apparently this is not part of the buffet spread, but can be ordered ala carte at RM35 each. 

The raw ingredient looks like this: 

Fish stomach...not for the faint of heart.... looks like something out of Dr Frankenstein's lab...

Gotta love love LOVE this Nasi Ulam on so many levels.  For taste, for visual impact, for the heat, and most of all, for the way it complements all the other dishes on the table.

Melaka Ayam Pong Teh, for those without a spicy palate.  Very traditional, wholesome, and reminds me of childhood.  This plus white rice would have sufficed.  Maybe with a fried egg...with runny yolk.  Oops, I hope I am not being sacrilegous.

Ayam Buah Keluak... My absolute favourite.  A rich thick gravy, tender pieces of chicken infused with a gazillion spices, and married together with the enigma that is the Buah Keluak.  This unique seed, apparently if consumed raw, is enough to kill you as it's laced with arsenic, or IS arsenic in its pure form.  Of course, that spawned the dinner conversation of how it must have taken great courage for the first man to try this, and must have decided, wow, it's worth dying for, let's try again and again until we get it right.  There's is something indescribable about the keluak.  The contents are very earthy, almost muddy, the texture, like eating soil.  But it is absolutely delicious.  It really is an acquired taste.  And if you are a keluak fan, then brace yourself your KELUAK KONCENTRATE, in the form of...

Pais Buah Keluak (Keluak Paste).... the mother of all Keluak dishes, this innocuous looking thing that could be mistaken as a nyonya kuih, really packs a punch, and if eating this doesnt Kure your Keluak Kraving, nothing will.  This also is not part of the buffet (apparently 7-10 keluaks go into one pack), and is available ala carte at RM30++ for two pieces.

Gulai Kiam Hu Kut or salted fish gulai.  Absolutely absolutely must eat with rice, and so rich and decadent.  Pieces of long beans, brinjal, with salted fish which surprisingly isn't too salty.

Fish Panggang With Lum Chut Sauce.  For me, the hightlight is the sauce.  The fish itself is fairly ordinary, but add the sauce, wow, a whole new world.

The no carbs lady pretending to scarf some carbs....

Fish maw soup, or Hu Pio Soup.  Chunky pieces of fish maw, that's good for you, a plump prawn ball, in a clear broth that is like the fish maw soup for the soul.  It was so good that after the first bowl, in an Oliver Twist like fashion, I asked, "Can I have some maw???" and Debbie very kindly obliged.  Ask and you shall receive.

Close up of the Kiam Hu in the Gulai Kiam Hu Kut.... not a good idea to be doing this in the morning hungry.

Sheer Peranakan Panache....

For dessert, Rempah Udang, glutinous rice filled with dried shrimp, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled presumably over a charcoal fire.  It falls under the dessert category, but the sweet savoury flavours really allow it to be eaten as anything.

Sweet Potato Kasui - A very traditional, yet not too sweet kuih, that needs no introduction.  The soft melt in the mouth texture and the distinct flavour of sweet potato... and sweet potato is good for you, with the bits of salty grated coconut...the simple pleasures of life.

The promotional price of RM85nett is only applicable until 11th September.  From Friday 12th of September the price will be RM125 nett per person.  

For Reservations Call 03-21470088.
And the High Tea with Sunday Cooking Class sounds like a STEAL!!!!

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