Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scottish Single Malt Pairs With Scottish Salmon - Glenlivet Guardians

Glenlivet Guardians, that lucky group of people who get invited every month to sample that gorgeous nectar that sails down the throat so smoothly, (yes, I am referring to the Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky), and usually paired with the most novel of ideas.  The last one was a cigar pairing at WTF in Avenue K, and prior to that, an exclusive gentleman's haircut at Truefitt and Hill..

This triumvirate is always a sight for sore eyes, especially after having to brave the jam to the destination. 

One thing for sure, the surprises never stop.  This time round, at Starhill Culinary Studio, a pairing with Scottish Salmon, which probably came from the same waters anyway, as the whisky. 

Lionel Lau, the host for the night, tells us about the various pairings, starting of course with the 12 year old, notes of summer fruit and aroma of spring flowers, which went wonderfully with the various smoked salmon canapes

The fifteen year old, finished in limousin French oak barrels, is the perfect pairing for these wonderful slabs of premium tea smoked salmon.  You could almost feel the salmon spawning on your palate... if you know what I mean. 

I have to say, the smoked salmon served that night was really top notch.

If you ever read this, I owe you a big big apology for organising dinner and then disorganising it.  I hope to get the chance to meet you again in Malaysia someday.  :(

Chef Wai explaining how to cut salmon...

And the grand finale, a twist indeed, smoked salmon ice cream.  Well, it isn't as bizarre at it sounds, and tasted very nice actually.  That savoury sweet combination is superb, it's just that I'm not sure it actually does anything for the whisky, or vice versa. 

Tumpang Glamour, ... was actually there at that same studio earlier in the day for another event.

Welcome to our new Guardian..... Richard Sughanda...

Thanks as usual to Pernod Ricard Malaysia and Millennium for the invitation!

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Ciki said...

I like ur sexY whisky eyes ahpa in the last foto. hahaha! Well, you've been blogging like a fiend. Must be clearing backlog in prep for next week! LOL :P