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It's DECEMBER, and time for The BIG Christmas Cirque at Bens/B.IG

Festivals somehow cannot escape the culinary excitement they generate, and in our wonderful multicultural and multicreeded land, the whole year seems to be one gastronomic treat after another. So when I was invited to try the Christmas spread at the beginning of November, I was mentally making a note to prepare for Yee Sang in December.  The BIG Group has always innovated novel treats, and this year is no different.

Their lavish takeaway...YES, TAKEAWAY menu means for the culinarily challenged, you can now host a Christmas party as if you slaved over the kitchen since Gor Dong. (Winter solstice, 22nd December).  Order in advance, select your date and pick up from Ben's Independent Grocers, Publika.  And as the spread is Kosher, you can even use it for Hanukkah.  (well, kosher in so far as it's pork free, not the other baffling combinations of no dairy and meat etc etc). Alright, let's not complicate matters, and just say it's PORK FREE.  (I am not seeing myself doing cartwheels of delight at this information however, I have to admit).  What? Noglazed ham?

Starters of Chicken Liver Pate & Melba Toast, Hummus, Babaganoush, Beetroot Yoghurt, Cold Prawn & Cocktail sauce, (whatever happened to the good old prawn cocktails of the days of yore).  I have to say, that chicken liver pate is to die for.  And no forcefed goose had to be forcefed in the process. Uppermost left is a Quiche Lorraine, and Lower Right is Turkey Pie.

The pate was seriously good, I think me and Jamie Khoo of Elle must have whacked an entire jar between the two of us.
The spread goes on, (clockwise left top) Macaroni and Cheese, Beef Lasagna, Crusty Potato Dauphins, brussel sprout leaves with bacon (Beef) and chestnuts

These hasselback potatoes I imagine would taste great if piping hot.  Reminds me of an accordion.

Roasted Rosemary Pumpkin.... gorgeous, I think I shall make some myself.

We three meats of Orient are.....
Stuffed Leg of Lamb

Capon Chicken... to the uninitiated, a capon is a castrated chicken, (Yim Kai) that due to its castration, becomes unusually large.  No, I am not a capon...

Chef holds up the star of the night, traditional Roast Turkey and if you've heard rumours that the import of turkeys has been curbed this year, it's somewhat true, I hear and they're not readily availaible, (raw or otherwise), but evidently, B.I.G. has their ways and means of flying in the bird.

Herb Parmesan Crusted Beef Tenderloin

And the pieces de resistant... DESSERTS...

Red Velvet Log, Chocolate Pavlova With Mixed Berries, Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding, Peanut butter jello log, Mince Pies (oooh, forgot to take pictures, the mince pies were amazing, melt in the mouth), raspberry meringue trifle, sticky date pudding, spiced orange cheesecake.

They had also lined up for us gingerbread houses for us to decorate.  Me? Decorate??? Shudder...Of course dinner time conversation went to Hansel and Gretel and greedy children eating off an edible house....

Children's choir ...
There is also a dining in option at Ben's, Plan B and Ben's General Food Store, starting 1st December, ...smoked salmon terrine and aragula, stuffed turkey rolls with sweet chestnut cranberry stuffing, sides of grilled brocolli, hasselback potatoes and caramelised shallot gravy.

For dessert, the red berry pavlova topped with strawberry ice cream, red berry coulis and pomegranate.

And all set to decorate her Bangsar Gingerbread House, is ...BANGSAR BABE.

It's December.... Peace on Earth Goodwill twards man.

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