Monday, December 08, 2014

Tim Ho Wan Opens In Kuala Lumpur

The detrimental thing about these lunch time invites is if you've had a heavy night the night before.... this scenario is likely to happen.   In this case, on whatsapp
Ciki: OTW
Me (hungover): huh? otw where?
Ciki: Tim Ho Wan laaaaa, cis
Me: What  who wan where???
(then realisation hits)
Me: ARRGH, I totally forgot, let me try to Uber.

Of course, no Uber cars were to be seen within a 10km radius, so I had to drive, and you know, these days, MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL and the Gardens is the Parkers Paradise Not.  By 11am, those green lights that show how many parking bays turn redder than a scarlet pimpernel and it requires the patience of the dead Mother Theresa to wait for an available lot.

Nevertheless, knowing that Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin Star rated dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, and that thanks to this Ciki here, we were privvy to a PRE-OPENING tasting, what is braving the parking of MVM in exchange for the bragging rights and green envy of people going gaga over the fact we didn't have to queue....

Am I as scrawny as these chicken feet? She asked...

Ah, the welcome sight of Pei Dan Sau Yoke Chuk, (Pork and Century Egg Congee), the perfect hangover food.  That glorious glob of warm carb slid down my esophagus with such welcome.  I'd say this dish was one of the highlights. 

I am not sure if this is how the Hong Kong people eat their chicken feet (Phoenix claws), but it was a tad tough for me.  I'm more accustomed to the skin falling off the bone type, rather than this al-dente style which gives the jaw a good workout....

One of the quartet of the Four Heavenly Kings, their signature Baked Bun with BBQ Pork was yummy.  Luscious charsiu filling, in an ethearally soft on the inside, crispy on the outside bun....

The steamed pork ribs were decent enough, not quite cartwheel worthy....

Shiu mai dumplings, which were above average, and certainly a staple in any dim sum meal, at least for me anyway.

I always like this dish, deep fried beancurd skin with porky filling, and then cooked again to undo the crispiness, almost as if...

Chicken and chinese sausage with rice.  A meal on it's own, and rather wholesome. 

Another item from the quartet of the Four Heavenly Kings...the steamed egg cake.  (I think it's a literal translation of Gai Dan Gou).  My late great grandmother used to make this, ...I really must try to make this one day. 

This has to be my favourite dish...LIVER cheong fun...pork liver, that is, not foie gras.  (though there's an idea).. silky smooth rice noodles wrapped around just rightly cooked pork liver... Oooh, just thinking about it gives me shivers of ecstasy.

Beefballs with beancurd skin.  Not very memorable...

Spring roll with egg white.  I actually liked this dish, despite the common-ness of springroll and the Chinese saying that only gwai lous order spring rolls. 

The glutinous rice in lotus leaf.  Can't complain, the rice was done nicely, almost fluffy, and the fillign was adequate. 

The mango pomelo dessert was disappointing, because the mango was probably from concentrate or cordial, and had that artificial mango essence taste to it.  The redeeming factor were the crunchy bits of pomelo and sago. 

The osmanthus jelly was nice, not overly sweet, and the wolfenberry gives it that textural crunch. 

Well, from what I understand, there is no way you'll see such a tranquil sight at lunchtime since the place has opened its doors to the masses.  Queues as long as free bread given out in the USSR...

Tim Ho Wan, Unit 27-G,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur.


Ciki said...

LOL.. I hope I am not as RUBBERY at THW's chicken feet is all i can say.

Flabby Less said...

Wah d chicken feet giving d middle finger ah? I like d jigginess of d jelly! ;-p