Monday, December 08, 2014

Grand Harbour, Grand Dining at Fahrenheit 88

Prior to this, I only knew of Grand Harbour in the Boulevard of Mid Valley, because I simply lurve the wantan noodles there.  Springy, Hong Kong style noodles, with lovely fatty char siu, only grouse would be that one portion of noodle is barely enough.

When I got the invitation to Grand Harbour in Fahrenheit, I wasn't sure what to expect really, because in my mind, it was mainly a noodle and dim sum place.  But the Grand Harbour in Fahrenheit turned out to be a fine dine place, with private banquet rooms that can seat 20 on one table, which actually is quite a rare find in KL.

Huge private room, perfect for a large crowd that would otherwise have to split into two tables.  However, for my family configuration, the splitting into two tables actually works quite well, because kids are relegated to one table, where usually the food is a little bit cheaper.

I'm not sure if the traditional Chinese musical instruments are permanet fixtures there, but for the night's entertainment, we had a trio entertaining us with the koo chng, and another two instruments of whose names I do not know.

Hope sprang eternal that these lovely crustaceans would find their way to our dinner plates.  But alas, the term wishful thinking did seem very real that night.

Fine dining styled lobak, together with a chive pancake, as nibbles to start with....

Nanyang Style BBQ squid.  Visually rather riveting, kind of reminds me of how majestic these creatures are underwater, almost like floating alien spaceships.  If you like squid, and surprisingly a great number of people I know don't care much for it, you'd probably like this dish.  That gameyness of the squid, with the caramelized glaze, and the chewy tentacles...

Double boiled fish maw and kampung chicken soup, wholesome, hearty and comforting, truly the chicken soup for the soul.  For those of you who DON'T know, the maw is actually part of the swim bladder, that controls a fish's ability to sink or float, much like a ship's ballast.  Trust the chinks not to waste any part of the animal, and have managed to transform this odd piece of anatomy into a delicacy.

Can I please have some maw?  Alas, we were only given a bowl each.

BBQ Spanish Spare Rib and Scallop salad.  Ola! The ribs...or should I say RIB, was succulent, and tender, melt in the mouth falling off the bone.  The scallop was alright, and the salmon roe crowning it made delicious popping feelings in the mouth.  I wonder if I am now impregnated with salmon fry...

Stewed Abalone with Eel and Garlic... Can't complain when there's abalone of course.  Though I did have that Eely feeling.... not because it was haunted, but that very distinct fishiness of the eel seem to permeate the dish.  The abalone was well cooked, soft and not rubbery.

The finale, a rather incongruous ending, I thought, with what was basically a beef rendang, although it was called Beef Shank Curry, with glutinous rice, which you'd expect at a wedding kenduri or Hari Raya.  On it's own, without context, I'd have thought it was lovely, but in this context, I felt it was a bit, if not a lot, out of place.  However, if anyone had still been hungry prior to this, this dish was definitely the killer...and filler.

Chilled coconut JUICE and ice cream, and crispy pumpkin pancake.  I loved the refreshing coconut dessert, which wasn't coconut milk, but actually coconut water, chilled.  The creaminess was derived from the ice cream.

I wouldn't quite describe this as a pancake, more like a fritter... but it was nice, not too sweet, and complemented the chilled dessert.
Ciki (the woman is EVERYWHERE aitelyu), with The Outlet Chef  Vincent

The best thing about these gatherings is the opportunity to meet new people, and occasionally, they turn out to be really fun loving people as well, as was the case of Mr Awsumpants here.  Uber cool chappie.

Chef Vincent, Outlet Chef and Executive Chef Chan Peng Wah (Chef Dai Bei)

Of course, as the fine dining chapter of Grand Harbour, this outlet will be more than happy to cater for your private wine pairing dinner and customize menus.

Grand Harbour
Lot LG2 – 01 & 02 Lower Ground Two,
Fahrenheit 88, No. 179, Jalan Walter Grenier,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-2141 1763
Hours: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

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