Monday, December 29, 2014

Chyuan Tiffin Secret Supperclub...

I seldom respond to "strangers" adding me on Facebook, but when Eddy Kwong requested a friend add, I clicked out of curiosity (because we had like a gazillion mutual friends) and discovered he was the person behind Chyuan Tiffin Secret Supperclubs.  I've always been fascinated by these clandestine eating outlets, and I (mistakenly) assumed he was a celebrity chef of sorts, and being a sucker I am for glamour and hobnobbing with celebrities, I proceeded with the "Respond to Friend Request".

Fast forward a few months, phwahhhh la, the fler REALLY turns out to be a Celebrity Chef of sorts....featured on the FRONT cover of FLAVOURS, our local culinary magazine, and since Flavours is to Malaysia what Martha Stewart Living is to the world,  I was getting more and more intrigued by this particular supperclub, and tried unsuccessfully in getting a group together (mainly due to their apathy and lack of interest in responding to my plaintive whatsapp), and was despairing of ever getting a chance to attend.

But, bless his generous soul, he invited a couple of us, namely Umei of CC Food Travel and me, and gave us a free hand to invite whomever else we wished, to sample a secret supperclub feast at Chyuan Tiffin. This Tiffin is NOT to be confused with Tiffin in Gardens, which is no secret, and also owned by a friend (who also owns Erawan).

Having said THAT, after its plug in FLAVOURS, I doubt Chyuan Tiffin can be classified as Secret Supperclub anymore...

Located in an apartment in Sri Petaling, (since it's a private residence, I guess I won't be revealing the exact address here), it feels like a whole new world when you step through the doors.  His brother and Thai sister in law are also involved in the supperclub thing, and assist  in the preparation.

An eclectic array of artifacts reminiscent of days gone by adorn the apartment, mainly with Peranakan inclined style, and of course, as the namesake goes, a variety of tiffin carriers.

A tray of crimson dried chillies were a portent of the spiciness attack that was to follow...

To start, a piping hot clay cauldron of Tom Yum Gung soup, to warm the heart and soul, and tummy, as it was a rather rainy cool day...clear (as in not thickened with coconut), tangy, spicy and really packing a kick for those who like their food spicy.

When another Chef goes gaga over the preparation of another chef, that is high accolade indeed, as David Looi of M.A.D. expresses his admiration for Eddy's stuff.

To complement the tom yum these elegant parcels of mee hoon, (Rice Vermicelli) in convenient nests swirled and topped with garlic.

This traditionally Thai style steamed Tilapia is served with the lettuce and platter of other herbs, with a fabulous spicy green pestolike sauce that results in what feels like an hour's workout in terms of the perspiration acquired by partaking of this dish.  As I was too busy having a tipple or two, and taking human pictures, I totally did not have a picture of this fish, so am unashamedly lifting it off CCFood sue me. 

Sweet and Spicy Prawn Salad, I guess this was meant as a starter, but since everything was laid out, we ate the stuff in no particular order.  The contrasting flavours of sweet, spicy and sour makes this dish excellent with white wine actually.

Although I was really looking forward to his famed SIU YOKE, (Roast Pork), apaprently there were not nice cuts in the market so we did not have a chance this round. (anyway, Chef Dave Looi liked the place so much, he says he wants to have his birthday here on the 20th Feb 2015, so hopefully we'll get the Siu Yoke then).  We had this rather delicious Pork Neck Cucumber salad though.  Basically, at every turn, a new flavour shows up to assail the palate.

And for dessert, (I didn't know this was dessert and actually had this first), Homemade (obviously) Santan Marshmallows.  I am generally not a fan of marshmallows, nor its texture, but these were different, and the fine balance of textures and sweetness actually makes you want to have more than one.  The slight saltiness presumably from the grated coconut also adds the the interesting cornucopia of flavours.

Please excuse my sunburnt countenance....

The Chef surrounded by a bevy of Hawt Chicks...

Preparing for the groupie pic.... an empty slot reserved for Her Majesty, Queen Lemongrass...

A dinner like this would cost RM75 buffet style. A sit down dinner is also possible for crowds of 6 or less.

To book check out and LIKE their FB Page HERE, or search Chyuan's Tiffin Underground Supperclub.

Thanks muchly Eddy, we will be back soon.


tracy watkins said...

Wow, everything looked so good. The Sweet and Spicy Prawn Salad looks so delicious. I think the coconut was a great touch to the marshmallows. Happy New Year!

Ciki said...

what a great night.. nevermind i was shitting fire for days after.. hahaha :P (kidding) I like cumi's foto. seldom see such monkey antics!