Monday, January 12, 2015

Pigs and Wolf, Pavilion

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?  That Disney tune keeps ringing in my ear everytime I think about this place.  Well, remember the story of the Three Little Pigs ...and the Big Bad Wolf?  The owners of the establishment have decided to truncate that rather mouthful to just Pigs and Wolf, afterall, why restrict the pigs to three, when you can have truckload, as seemed to be the case after eating here.

Newly opened on the 7th floor of Pavilion, (Yes, there is a 7th floor, hitherto unknown to me, but apparently it was the Beauty floor), but now beauty has gone to make way for something far more important, ie, food.

The Perennial Wolf's favourite, a rich carbonara with a delightfully poached egg with runny yolk.  I love this dish, but alas, find it too rich, so would only be able to share with someone.   Generous bits of crispy bacon, swimming in a sea of creamy carbonara sauce, almost guaranteed to clog every artery.....

The mighty piggy burger... RM 28, got fried egg, which I think ALL burgers should have.

The One That Didn't Get Away - A rack of delightful ribs, falling off the bone.  RM79.  Very filling, so advisable to share as well.  Despite the fact that the place had just opened that very day, and were beset with teething problems, I was surprised how good this rack was.

Just another pork steak RM38. Well, the name says it all.  Just.  Not very memorable, bordering on the dry side.  Then again, I did say it was their opening night, so I would not be averse to giving this dish a second chance, afterall, isn't life about that?

Pork steak sandwich, RM35, ...I noticed all the dished come with truckloads of fries, which the kids would love, I'm sure.  I like that there was fat on the meat, and not like  those pretend pigs that had undergone liposuction.  The porky was tender and moist, and that sauce had a hint of wasabe.

Snug Piggy, RM39, or known as Cornucopia in a previous life, this pork steak laced with mushroom sauce hit the spot with me, cos I lurve my shrooms, and the gravy served to adequately moisturize the meat.

What have we here???  A whole knuckle?

The german style pork knuckle, RM98, guaranteed to fill up even the greediest of wolves, conveniently chopped up, although it's debatable if it should or shouldn't be.  (chopped up).  There's something primal about seeing the entire knuckle served on a platter.... very Asterix style.

Green with Envy, RM39, another pork steak.  The meat was well done, as in, cooked well, ie, not dry.  Not sure I cared much for the sauce though, but the roasted vegetables were welcome after eating what have been a sack of potatoes.

I THINK this is called "LIKE BUTTERCUP"... don't ask me why.  Basically creamy pork chop with rice, which must be the token rice dish for the fan tongs who will just keel over and die without rice.  RM38.  Kind of reminds me of a pork version of chicken ala king, minus the chicken, and buttered rice.  Mmmm, talking of chicken ala king, I wonder where I can get this childhood favourite dish of mine these days,

A vaguely familiar looking tiramisu, and and even more vaguely familiar looking Pandan Gula Melaka Cheesecake....

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