Friday, March 18, 2016

Magnum Pink and Black Launch....

If one did not know what the product was, and was present at the glitzy launch, one might be forgiven in assuming that it was perhaps the launch of a fancy car, or jewellery or something beyond the reach of the ordinary mortal.  So, its nice to see that the product in question is something way within the reach of the ordinary mortal, in fact, it is my default to go to cold snack, the MAGNUM Ice Cream.  There's something reassuring about buying a Magnum, ever since its advent in Malaysia way back yore, I think in the early 90s if I'm not mistaken.

Held at the swanky Aloft, the foyer of the ballroom was a buzz with the glitterati, decked in Pink and Black, which was the order of the night, and also the dress theme, which surprisingly most guests adhered to.

To start there was an interactive "Mood Test" at the Moodology Kiosks, whereby you answer a few questions to determine if you were feeling Pink or Black, and the results were displayed in the ballroom with a vast majority feeling Pink.  In the ballroom itself, various kiosks, like the Magnum Pleasure Bar, that served drinks and desserts inspired by the new ice creams.

The Make My Magnum station was where you could personalize your own ice cream with various toppings, inspired by the new Magnum Pink and Black.

The evening started with a speech by the Who's who of Unilever Holdings Malaysia Sdn Bhd, ... Mr Rakesh Mohan, who said that "We strive to give the best to our customers by constantly innovating.  Pleasure and luxury have no boundaries and neither does Magnum ice cream.  We love our followers and our fans, and we will never stop bringing more pleasures in new and unique ways"
So WHAT EXACTLY is Magnum Pink and Magnum Black???

MAGNUM PINK is a lush, silky Pink Pomegranate flavoured ice cream with delicate swirls of Pomegranate sauce. On the outside, a pearlescent layer of world-renowned Pink Belgian chocolate carefully envelopes every inch of the ice cream. The tanginess of Pomegranate and the inviting Pink hue certainly reflects fun, exuberance and playfulness.

MAGNUM BLACK is intense Black Espresso swirled through smooth vanilla ice cream and covered in a thick layer of premium dark Tanzanian Chocolate, creating a supreme and redefined taste that appeals to both gourmet coffee and chocolate lovers alike.  A match made in heaven if you ask me.

A glitzy video with dance performance highlighting the Pink and Black theme led to the climax of the night, the unveiling of the two new flavours....and thereafter guests were treated to dazzling performances by violinist extraordinaire, Dennis Lau, and our renowned iconic songstress Ning Baizura...
The Magnum Brand Manager, Christine.... and Me...

The party packs came with these...

MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK are now available in two packages; a single 80ml stick at RM4.50 each and a multipack of three 80ml sticks per flavour at RM13.50 per pack. Both packages are available in all major retailers and supermarkets.

To discover more on MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK and your MAGNUM Mood Colour of the Moment, visit For live updates, please visit MAGNUM Malaysia official Facebook page at and Instagram page at

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