Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Finally, Bak Kut Teh, and 5 Things About Me

This group of friends, from the ELR group, have been talking and planning this trip to Klang for Bak Kut Teh for nearly 1½ years. You'd think it was located on the moon, the logistic planning involved in getting there. Finally, it materialised!!! I recall it's the same one that masak masak blogged about around last Chinese New Year. I remember, coz she mentioned the passing of an uncle, and I also had a grand uncle who passed away during that time. Didn't know her yet at the time though, but did wonder if it was the same uncle.

Teluk Pulai is hog heaven. There are many bak kut teh and an absolutely orgasmic char siew place as well. Above pic is one of them, but not the one we went to.

Ah, this is the one we went to, I believe the same one blogged about by Boolicious. By the time I parked, the claypots had almost arrived. To my delight one pot had offal, and spare parts. I lurve spare parts.

This is really bad photography, I know. What to do, blame the camera lah. In any case, I wasn't gonna "pretend" to be artistic, as amongst our midst was a professional photographer, who actually captured the first pictures of the 2004 tsumani in phuket. (or was it 2005) It would be like trying to bake for Nigella Lawson. Anyway, complemented by the yummy char siew (actually I am very thin skinned....dont dare snap away prolificly like other food bloggers, coz lazy to explain why I'm taking pics) it was a fantastic brunch.

Meanwhile, what did I do with the cake that was meant for Jackson Kah? I used it up and turned it into a coffee walnut cream cake for my cell group. So, I've still got lots of mascarporne cheese lying around at home.

Strange right, without any reference, there's no perspective to the size of the cake. It's only 5" diameter, but looks big here.

Also, apparently I've been tagged by Rasa malaysia. I'm not really familiar with this blog talk, but according to RM, it's like a chain letter, minus the curses that come along with it if you don't forward it to 10 others.

5 things about me.

1. I hate cauliflower. There's not much I don't eat, but for some reason, I hate cauliflower. I'd eat it if absolutely no choice, but it ranks on the bottommost rung of my least favourite vegetables.

2. Beneath this chubby exterior, is a person who's known pain and hardship. I did a 3 year stint in the Malaysian Army, paying back my scholarship. (bond was 10 years, but paid back the rest). This of course, was 40 pounds ago. I also spent two years, forms 4 & 5 in Royal Military College....more hardship.

3. After I left the army, I became a male model for a local brand of underwear.....

3. Heh heh, kidding... I've got hypertension. Started on meds last year.

4. I am exceedinly short fused, and have a bad temper. I hate eating places that don't serve water, and force you to buy imported mineral water. I am likely to kick up a bigggg scene.

5. I started toying around in the kitchen after I finished my part time MBA in UM...suddenly having a lot of time on my hands. (when you attend classes 2-3 times a week, at night, the sudden liberation can be quite a withdrawal symptom thing). Stupidly ambitious, I think one of my first experiments was apple pie. Friends were polite.

So, that's me. Am I supposed to pass this on?

But everyone's been covered oridi on Rasa Malaysia's blog, at least everyone who reads this.

okay, I tag:
1. That fler in Bangkok, who is counting the days to return to his sweetheart here.
2. The other fler in Klang... who is too busy to eat tiramisu.
3. The lady in Hong Kong who got me into this whole blogging thing in the first place.
4. That mysterious Lady In Red, at the Isthmus Martell Dinner.
5. Well, ideally, it'll be Nigella Lawson. Can someone pass the message to her.

Now, Rasa Malaysia, what do I do?


smallertoe said...

err, i tink my england is not as powderful as yours, but if cauliflower is on the bottommost rung of ur least fav, vegetables, that would make it ur most fav vege in the least fav category??? or do Irs count in descending order?? 10, 9, 8 ... ala talk show host with big gap in front teeth ... wats his name?

fatboybakes said...

haha, smallertoe, you know, that thought did cross my mind when i was typing it out, whether or not bottommost rung of least favourite was in ascending or descending order.
but i think finally people know what i mean lar....if i have a list of vegetables, and had to place them in a list, i'd probably list them from least favourite, ascending to favourite... and break them into sub categories of LEAST FAVOURITE, INDIFFERENT, LIKE, LOVE...kinda thing. faham?

UnkaLeong said...

Male Model... *Phew Fuit* Hahah all this wolf whistling is making my jaw hurt. You all torturinglah...torturing. How my rumbling belly cries out to be satiated with Spare Parts. Nots to say we don't get spare parts over herelah. Here Babi heaven. But prepared differently lor...

Kena Tag Pulak. *sheesh*

Rasa Malaysia said...

FBB, considered you're officially tagged. Well done, no need to do anything else, just relax and enjoy the upcoming holidays and yes, prep for the two cakes you are bring to Makansutra...W00T, I can't wait. I will be drooling all the way until I see you guys. :)

PS: MBA plus military training plus underwear modeling as well as cake baking, really "mo tak teng!" 2 thumbs way up!

fatboybakes said...

hahaha, i DID clarify i was kidding about the underwear modelling. only modelling i'll could ever do now is for Ms Read, clothes for fat women....in drag.

MBA no big deal lah, everyone has one, and mine's only from UM...which as we all know, is ranked like 6,500,000 in the world or something.

fatboybakes said...

oh, unka, you're welcome....

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hehe, would love to meet everyone in person and find out what they do when not blogging. I tell you, that Chief BSG, also mo tak teng , graduated from some snobbish tier-1 MBA overseas you know...don't siau siau with him...as you can see his profile on Blogger stated profession as "charge-by-hour-RM800-per-hour-con-sult-larger-than-life-tant."

UnkaLeong said...

FBB : Tummy rumbling. Just finished lunch some more. All this writing about BKT = Bad for full stomache. Hahaha...

Done with the tag and passed the bucj so to speak.

RM : Hahaha...I have MBA envy all of a sudden ;)

Tummythoz said...

Once done hardship in military college very possible to be underwear model-wat. All those hardship sure resulted in trim waist & bulging muscles. Military man-wor, I better don't play-play here.

team BSG said...

My god all these v din know lah ! FuuPpHeew !

Actually v have PHDs

..in eating lah what else !

smallertoe said...

fbb : yes, i guess u r rite. aei, where is dis klang restaurant dat has good char siew? i alwiz tot dat in klang, other den their specialties like bkt, min-fuh kueh, teo-chew style porridge, all other "normal" food taste diff/farni.

unka : agreed dat thailand babi cooked very differently. i was told dat there is dis dish where dey fry the chu-yar-cha (porky lard) until like thin slices of potato crisps, den serve it with some stir fried vege. true-ah? btw, no nid to have MBA envy, u oso ken if u want.

RM & fbb : wah. u all so fun alwiz got food bloggers get 2gether makan2. fbb, can i have a standing order for all the crumbs when u bake watever cake-ah ... u knw all those parts u cut off to make the cake look nice? kasi free-lah, den i got b/fast.

boo_licious said...

Yup, that's the one my family loves. It's not so far esp with the highway. Awww, you mean you weren't a male model? Shucks and I thought we could ask you do some catwalk moves during the makan.

snowdrop said...

i dislike cauliflower too! not quite hate, that's reserved for bitter gourd and okra, but it's not something i like eating. BUT have you tried nigella's method? just dry-roast them in a moderate hot oven with some spices (she uses cumin powder, just sprinkle over liberally) until cooked - it becomes quite sweet and delicious, soft but still crunchy at the same time.

fatboybakes said...

hai, RM, i've been combing the bsg's profile to see where it says RM800 per hour charge out rate...
anyway, tonixe, bow bow bow, we are not worthy.

snowdrop, aiyo, i dont think i particularly like cumin either lar, for that matter. i love bitter gourd and okra though.

boo...err..speechless...i did say "underwear" model. catwalk? u want everyone at the blogger thingie to lose appetite?

smaller toe, where got ALWAYZ food bloggers get together? never, in fact, to my knowledge. as for the crumbs of the plate... PUHLEEEEZ LA, just call me, and for your brother's sake, i'll send u a whole cake.

tummythoz, ahem, i did point out that the military experience was 40 lbs ago. (you young ppl know what is LB or not? it's pounds. 1 pound = 16 oz = 454gm)

MeiyeN said...

whoaaa... am a mysterious lady? :p looks like i got to start scratching my head....give me soem time for this okay? ;)

HL said...

just realised you tagged me! but the blog address is out of date, i moved back to blogger ages ago - here.