Monday, April 16, 2007

Kampar, More Than Just Chicken Biscuits

Before that, further to the previous post, about landsliding meringues, you can now view a picture of the said disaster at the birthday victim's blog.

During the Easter weekend, (yes, I know, it's not a public holiday or anything of the sort), my cell group, spearheaded by godson's mother, organised a trip to Kampar. This sleepy town used to be one of the towns you'd have to pass before the North South Highway was built, if you wanted to go to Ipoh, and is famed for its chicken biscuits, CB for short.

Thanks to the comments of one reader who managed to scare the wife, I shall no longer be posting photos of the kids on any blog, nor shall I be referring the to family, so I shall just stick to photographs of food, and possibly scenery.

Anyway, what's there to do in Kampar, I hear the chorus of voices in unison. You'll be surprised. For starters, friend's family owns this spanking new hotel there, called the hotel grand kampar, new, clean and very reasonably priced. And yes, quite grand, with rooftop pool and all. The rooms are huge, and adequately finished. No carpeting, thank goodness.

Upon arrival, we had lunch at Kow Kee...since the locals brought us, it must be good. It was good, but the shop owner didn't use their common sense in dispensing the portions of food, as there was wayyyy too much. The large dish of big head prawns was very well fried, except there was enough shrimp to feed a whale. We were so hungry, that I think I forgot to take pics of most of the food, and in any case, my camera is still on the blink and I was relying on cheaplak camera.

The steamed egg with century egg had a lovely smooth texture, surely can't be that difficult to get smooth steamed egg. Wonder what's the secret.

A huge, and I mean HUGE, catfish. I didn't really care much for the taste of catfish, but the sauce was very good. There were a couple of other dishes, which now escape me, but all in all, it was a fabulous meal, although the bill, was staggering. Poor hostess refused to accept payment and belanja-ed us all. Hey, thanks a lot again.

Dinner was at another famous restaurant, Yow Kee. They have these delectable looking breads filled with curry chicken.

The curry chicken is the chinese style curry chicken, I can't really describe what I mean by that, but it's different from the malay curry chicken, if you know what I mean. Help!!! Anyway, the bread is actually edible, and goes very well with the curry sauce.

This pork dish, served with mantaus had to be the best dish of the night. So much so, after the first plate came, we immediately ordered another. I would have taken more pics, but I was borrowing a friend's lumix (dunno which model) and they JUST sent me the photos, in very large file sizes.

The dinner at Yow Kee was exceedingly reasonably priced. I think we had the curry chicken buns, a patin fish, the pork, vegetables, tofu, for 12 adults, and 5 kids, all for about 175 bucks.


wmw said...

Nice and cheap woh! Got buy Kampar biscuits? I like "Kill Ride Horse" Sat Keh Mah!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oooh I lurve the chicken curry bun at Yau Kee!! I actually have cravings for the bun and I'm not even pregnant! Thanks for making me salivate.

KampungboyCitygal said...

i know what u mean..the curry is laden with garlics and its very mild..taste very chinesey..dun like the curry chicken bread dy la..the bread is getting thicker, leaving a pathetic amount of curry chicken

Sam said...

Your wife is a wise woman! : D

fatboybakes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tummythoz said...

What scary comments?
Prawns too big portion? Never had that experience yet. =P

MeiyeN said...

oopsie..da strawberry meringues looks really bad! O_o :p

fatboybakes said...

wmw, we didnt get the CBs la, coz none of us, as in my family, are real fans of it.

lemongrass, the PORK, now that was really excellent. yummy.

kgboycitygal, ya meh? the bread was okay to me.

sam, well, i just wish the person concerned didnt go and approach her instead of coming to me la. maybe it was said out of concern, i dunno, but it sure caused a lot of unnecessary tension and anxiety.

tummythoz, basically the comment implied that i was baring everything about my life and family's, and also exposing them to danger by putting up their pics. so of course....have now got to remedy it lar hor, by deleting any post that refers to them, esp with pictures.

mei yen....nyeahhahahhahaha, ya duh...luckily they are my friends. gosh, can you imagine if it was a purely commercial client!!!! i'd have closed shop that very night.

boo_licious said...

Kampar sounds so good esp the porky one with the rim of fat. I always think food outstation is better becoz we have to travel so far for it.

teckiee said...

Wahhh i see a lot of fei chu yoke! *drools drools*. That kampar bread chicken must me nice too

UnkaLeong said...

Wah...Lau Nuah...

team BSG said...

wonderful the metamorphosis to Flogger is almost complete !
( as u can oso eat the Chinese bread )

You din try next day the balls ah ? or the original 'kampar' claypot chicken ? u missed taking the shots of the serenely beautiful hills nearby oso !
Got orang asli one.

General said...

That bread with chicken curry is so nice!