Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Magical Journey Of My Little Papadom


Meet my little madras papadom, (if I was of Indian descent, I can imagine calling a loved one, My Little Papadom....there's something so loving and endearing about the word. Maybe words that begin with P have a certain allure. My little pumpkin, my little peach, my little plum, my little pussy, my little papadom)..... it has been long rumoured that to turn her from a flat piece of nondescript dough? bread? what are they anyway? is possible to microwave them. A much healthier option.

I lay three of them onto a paper towel, on the microwave plate.

Set the timer to a minute. It's trial and error, like popcorn, so I just hantam one minute.

Press the start button with your pointer finger. A thumb is awkward, a middle finger is rude, the ring finger implies your spouse is making you do all the work, and the pinky is just to weak to be used as a finger.

Peer through the dizzifying glass window, as the papadoms go on their theme park ride, round and round and round.... and watch them slowly blossom into their full glory.

When they look fully grown, press stop. Again, use your pointer finger.

Looks like the approximate time is 44 seconds.

Ta dahhhhhh, the papadoms are ready to be eaten.

Now, how do they compare? Well, as someone pointed out in the Nirvana post, the microwaved papadoms are obviously less oily, in fact, probably oil-less, but for some reason, VERY salty. Also, the level of crispiness isn't quite the same as the deep fried ones. However, if you are craving for a sodium chloride laden snack, to go with the beer, and haven't got a deep frier or oil in hand, this is an excellent way for a quick tidbit.

I wonder if they sell low salt papadoms. I am still thirsting from yesterday.


babe_kl said...

i cant remember where i've read it that they hv come out with a mv oven dat hv a one pressed button setting to cook papadams LOL

Nic (KHKL) said...

great discoveries la, fbb! firstly, the paps. secondly, the allure of the P! in just a flash, i tot of 3 P words (in different languages summore) already..cant tell here cus quite explicit. hehe

CUMI & CIKI said...

A thumb is awkward, a middle finger is rude, the ring finger implies your spouse is making you do all the work, and the pinky is just to weak to be used as a finger..?!!

FBB! stop making me LOL! why ru so farnee ar.. even this u can think of:P
wots the use of the pinkie? to pick one's nose la..

your microwave oven window is DIZZYFYIN!

xin said...

cooool. i tried with fish crackers before also!!!! but it was lacking the ooooohm. its the lack of oil i guess?

mh said...

hmm...maybe this is worth trying. They sell papadams here at AUD3.00 - AUD5 per plate of 2- 5 pieces of papadam. Daylight robbery....

Probably the microwave version is cheaper...

rokh said...

i tried this before with the smaller crispy stuff that you have with nasi lemak or so forth (can't recall the name for the life of me) and yes, less oily but definitely much much more saltier! doesn't make these any