Monday, July 20, 2009

Sin Kee, Taman Desa

Quite a number of restaurants seem to bear this name.

In-laws have just housewarmed their city pad, in Taman Desa, so the whole brood congregated at the new apartment, before adjourning for dinner at one the nearby neighbourhood joints. Well, one thing about KL, there's never a dearth of places to eat, regardless of which suburb. Except Damansara Heights & Kenny Hills. Unless you've an eating budget like Eat Drink KL....

The place apparently is run by Ipohrians. Ipohian? Ipohites?

Definitely a neighbourhood a notch above tai chow place. By the time we got there at 8pm or so, all the dun tong (boiled soups) were all but sold out. Leaving a couple of bowls of watercress and pork rib soup, a white carrot soup, and a ginseng chicken soup. I love my soups.

Carrot & Pai Kuat Soup

Ginseng & Chicken Soup

Watercress and Pork Ribs. Somehow soups served in these blue and white ceramic bowls give the impression that they are double boiled, and are healthy. My watercress soup was a tad on the salty side, though you cant really go wrong with watercress.

Fried err...Pork Chops ? Pork fillets? The sauce was yummy, kinda like a marmite sauce but that was one grandfather of a pig aitelyu. Either that or it was a pro wrestler in its heyday. The meat was tougher than .... well, you get the drift. If the pork had been tender, the dish would've been delicious.

Spinach with garlic. Well, spinach is spinach, just as Popeye is what he is.

My favourite dish of the night. Chicken with sesame seeds and dried chilli. Lovely sauce (again, I think it was marmite based), pieces of succulent fried chicken, crispy on the outside, doused in that lovely sauce. Only snag though, is dishes like this scream for rice. And we all know how unfashionable it is to eat rice these days.

Steamed Tilapia, I think this was. Gosh, I really should take notes properly if I intend to blog about stuff. Fish was fresh, and I always like plainly steamed fish, if it is fresh. No complaints here.

I wonder who was the genius who first thought of deep frying Nestum. And to marry them with butter prawns. Incidentally, a few "butter" prawn recipes I've seen contain no or little butter. The sauce comes mainly from evaporated milk. But this crispy butter nestum prawn, ...well, it was good. Lovely deep fried nestum flakes, which probably completely defeats the purpose of nestum being a health food.

Crunchy choy sum. Very nice. The green is retained, and texture not too stringy. I love my greens.

Taufu...always a winner with the kids. The kids (4 of them) polished off two plates of this stuff.

Ipoh Style Creme Caramel. Father In Law loves this stuff. Me, not really a fan. I generally find it too eggy, (coming from someone who LOVES half boiled eggs in the morning, and eggs in almost any form, generally), but yeah, I can understand why the love for it. Texture smooth as silk. It just glides down your throat.

Since it was a housewarming, and I had bits and bobs of spare chocolate sponge from various cake orders, I decided to put together a chocolate banana cake. (okay okay, the idea I have to admit was from everyone's favourite bakery, Secret Recipe). But chocolate does go with an inordinate variety of stuff. FIL suggested I use durian instead of banana the next time.

Well, the cake was good, if I may say so myself. Not too sweet, but perhaps a bit more banana would not have gone amiss.

I foresee this Sin Kee place becoming a regular family dinner haunt. We are all creatures of habit.

Where is it? It's along the two main rows of shops, where Faber Tower stands. If you coming on Jln Taman Desa, you take the 2nd right of that shop area.


thule a.k.a leo said...

gotcha... Bangsar and Taman Desa is quite near to each other :) lucky you!
Sin Kee... hmmm... I haven't explored Taman desa before. But soups... Jenn loves soup!! Definitely have to come here... open for lunch?

J2Kfm said...

IpohANs. i think.hehehe..though most call us Ipohites.

which sounds funny, IMO.

i used to dig SR's cakes, esp the Choc Banana. really... until the quality dropped, and their cheesecakes taste generic.

Sean said...

i think i've been to a sin kee in brickfields. someone should copyright/trademark the name and charge everyone else for using it...
for your next secret recipe-inspired cake, the white chocolate macadamia could be another crowd-pleaser. :D

worldwindows said...

The soup and the garoupa (not tilapia?) looking good!

UnkaLeong said...

Ipoh Mali. Am a sucker for soups as well ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh not tilapia la..

yeah the idea i got is nestum absorbs cholesterol..and since the dish has alot to begin with, it is neutralised with therefore going dwn to ur stomachs at a very neutral cholesterol level..making sense ar me?

CUMI & CIKI said...

cake looks good! i like the squishy yellow bit that is leaking out of the crack..:P

What? is it REALLY unfashionable it is to eat rice these days..?! yay, i stop 2mro:P

thenomadGourmand said...

Hehe..u jz got to dig at sean dont u?
we chinese are ingenious arent we? marmite, then nestum, then guinness ribs...then ...heard of hennessy mee?

Nic (KHKL) said...

ya lor, ppl seem to be taking less rice these days hor? but still, they wallop fried stuff like there's no tomorrow. the youth of today ar, aitelyu..hehehe...

you cake looks good lah, dude! got name for it already? :D

Tummythoz said...

T'm so incorporating NJoe's theory into my 'healthy' diet conscience.

qwazymonkey said...

Oooh la looks tempting and good. I can almost taste the marmite based sauce in my mouth now.

And Choc Banana cake? Bila boleh order?

Raynebow said...

That's a garouper la, hehe!
I like my soups too - i have it everyday - true blue cantonese mah!

Lianne said...

good ole tai chow food eh .. so diff from the angmohs perception of what chinese food is all about ...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I could live on soup everyday.

Outstanding directions, as always.

daphne said...

Been some time since I hopped over and one thing never change.. the meals and desserts-esp the choc sponge looks delightful.

Alexandra@Chefspiration said...

ello ello...just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the kreativblogger award as I love reading your blog :)

fatboybakes said...

alexandra, this isnt a spam right? rubbing my eyes in disbelief. thank you thank you!

daphne, long time no see. yalor, nothing changes, we lead dull humdrum lives here.'s life?'re welcome for my sterling directions.

fatboybakes said...

lianne, what is the angmoh's perception of chinese food? chop suey and sweet and sour pork?

raynebow, my bad, yup, its a grouper.

qwazymonkey, for you, anytime.

tummythoz, test out la, and let me know outcome ya.

fatboybakes said...

hairy berry, truth be told, i quite like rice. pity its got such a bad rap. i mean, chinks have been eating it since time immemorial, and it wasnt until the advent of american fastfoods that obesity became a problem in china....

TNG, i want henessy mee,....

ciki, the yellow thing coming out of the crack, is bananaaaaaaaaa la...

nipples, you should pursue a career as a nutritionist. sure score one.

unka, soup is good for you...

fatboybakes said...

WW, i am impressed so many people know their fish. i cant tell a ikan bilis from an anchovy.

SEAN, speechless. i'm not a white choc fan at all.

j2kfm, yeah, i also think as we get older our palates are more discerning la. so mayyybe, its not their quality that's dropped, maybe your standards are higher.

thule, no idea wor...if they're open for lunch. anyway, lotsss of places to eat around tmn desa.