Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First FHM....no, not the Magazine

Public Service Announcement, for myself: FBB will be conducting his inaugural (aka Virgin) baking class on 22nd August 2009 at THE COOKING HOUSE. Check the website HERE for further details.

When Ryan Khang told me that he's gotten me a pass to attend the FHM, (Food Hotel Malaysia 2009), I was rather thrilled, coz I remember reading about it in Masak Masak (my idol)'s blog years ago, and thinking, "wahhhhh, if only I had the chance to attend such an event".....

Pah, little did I know it's basically opened to all and sundry...though supposedly trade related visitors only. But doesnt the whole world need to Food and go to hotels? So by extension, the whole world is really trade related visitors. Chis, there went the aura of exclusivity.

Nevertheless, where there is food, especially free food, you'd find many a happy camper. So I merrily trot along on the first day of the FHM, and do my rounds.


There is of course a dizzying gallimaufry of foods, ranging from stuff for the rakyat, to gourmet odds and ends, which were few and far between. Fresh produce, baked stuff, desserts, fried stuff, ..... the song from Oliver, Food Glorious Food sprang to mind, although some of the stuff were FAR from glorious. On day 3, Nigel, Master Baker from Just Heavenly Pleasures, managed to pick up some bargains, including a block of smoked salmon, 1kg, for only RM65.


Having just interviewed Chef Ismail but two weeks ago, I find this affable celebrity chef to be a delight to talk to. It was nice bumping into him doing a demo, with the other celebrity Chef, Florence Tan, and Jimmy Liew. I love the animated interaction between them. It really added a special touch in an otherwise impersonal and almost cold exhibition. Of course, friends from THE COOKING HOUSE and MY NOURISHMENT booth are like extended family by now. Afterall, they are the ones who got me the pass.


Machinery in all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of accessories for chefs, from shoes, to toques. Some of the machinery look positively menacing. The huge cake mixer looks large enough to mix concrete. Another interesting machine was the giant vibrator. I think its used to separate the chaff from the wheat.


Lastly, (there was an entire section that I missed, drat it!), I paid RM8 to enter the Culinaire Hall, where aspiring chefs and established chefs are pitted against each other in various competitions. In the middle of the hall, in an examination hall like set up, chefs were diligently and carefully carving pumpkin. I wonder how they grade these things?
Cleanliness - 10%
Intricate Carving - 50%
Realisticness - 20%
Ability to speak English - 10%?
Speed - 10%

I'd love to be a food examiner or judge. Then we can be brutally honest, without fear or favour.

On display were also a variety of ghastly wedding cakes, plated foods, that looked almost plastic. Sigh, if you ask me, the Culinaire was a waste of RM8, which I could have used for parking, instead of exposing myself to the influenza pandemic by taking the LRT with the masses.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience. And thanks guys, you know who you are, for showing up for the demo.....


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

No pictures of you doing the demo? Cis.

See you Sat at your class, tangechi.

thule a.k.a leo said...

ya loh.. where's your picture doing the demo??? the blog is not complete without your pic

Kenny Mah said...

Devil and I will be down South this weekend but we both wish you the best for your class!

P.S. I heard the Diva's signed up... beware of her drooling all over you; she's infatuated with ya, aitelyu! ;)

qwazymonkey said...

Hmm what happened to your AFC worthy demo pictures?

And thanks for the idea, perhaps can use your criterias to judge your class this weekend? Muahahahaha

HairyBerry said...

such a pity that i cant attend your class this saturday...arrgggghhh!!! i shall refrain from my earlier intention after yr klse remark (hehehe). here's wishing you every success in your first of many, many more classes to come!

note to the rest: i've learnt much from fbb's online recipes. think what a live demo can do for you! go sign up now! :)

PureGlutton said...

Aiseh...if not for the fact tat i'm going outstation this weekend, i sure go and poong-cheong one!
All the best - it must surely be fun and educative!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

1kg of smoked salmon for rm65..thats cheap wor..considering can keep rite?

Unknown said...

me too leh, i have something up otherwise would hv been the first in the signup list. good luck and have fun ya!

Tummythoz said...

Congrats on your coming class! Bet the whole area will be enveloped by the boom of laughter and great smells.

gfad said...

Aiya... our stars are also misaligned. Pity. I was hoping to be able to check out this cooking school.

Oh well, there's always next year..

J2Kfm said...

brutally honest alright. might as well give all "G-low%"....

i finished way past lunch that noon, hence didnt go over. sadly ...

Kiran said...

What an enticing experience. Where is your pic btw?

Paranoid Android said...

Hello, Celebrity Baker. You did not upload your demo videos... Wanted to drag myself out of bed to watch your demo, but somebody poured some glue on my bedspread. :p

UnkaLeong said...

Cement Mixer. Heheh...no probs performing in front of a live audience lah. All the best for the
"big show" show this Saturday!

Rebecca Saw said...

Teehee..luckily me no go for the Culinaire! ;p
And ya, why no pic of your glorious garbage ..err.. i mean cabbage cake??
Wan me to send ya my pics? I was late la i knw but i did snap a few ;p

fatboybakes said...

TNG, i tell the magimix see tou poh you call her cake garbage cake! hahah.

unka, well, have emceed 30 weddings, so cant see how a baking class can be more stressful than that. oh, wait, cakes dont sink when you emcee weddings. ARGGHHHHHH, stress stress!

paranoid android, that sounds soooo wrong. (the glue part. and celebrity baker. who's a celebrity baker? def not me)

kiran, i'm very shy. you wont see my pics on my blog heh heh. but you'd have seen it on twitter by now.

fatboybakes said...

j2kfm- tak faham ler... what is G-low%?

gfad, yala, you miss devagi the spice queen oso. i want to attend her class.

tummythoz, lets hope so. sob sob, enrolment is so poor. ayam a FAILURE ya hear, A FAYYYYYYLEEEEARRRRRR.

babekl, awww, i shall not forget it was you who intro-d me to d cooking house.

fatboybakes said...

nipples, ah, finally someone actually talking about the topic. yup, RM65 is dirt cheap.

pureglutton, sigh, another lost student. damn the school holidays!

hairy berry, hahah, so sweet of you. aiyo, you dont need to attend la. anyone who can follow my recipes online, basically no need to attend.

qwazymonkey, ....shudder.

fatboybakes said...

kennymah, wow, diva coming ah?! i am honored.

thule and thamby, (oooh, i like that, thule and thamby....sounds like the name of ...a hardware shop? or a law firm?) chis, surely by now you know better than to ask duhhh questions, like "where is your picture"....

thule a.k.a leo said...

Lol... yes!! you don't put pic of urself in own blog.. i get it! i get it!!!

Amelia said...

sorry i won't be able to join your class even though i'm dying to go. my little chef is leaving in the evening, so gotta have some time with him.

neway, have a wonderful time teaching!

you were at the FHM too? I missed you there, i was there on wed. my little chef and his friend entered the wedding cake competition category.

Eunice said...

I'm glad your class went well!!! If you are teaching a course on layer cakes on sponge thangs, you know, those things that are above my head haha, LET ME KNOW!

And I also was at FHM! NAWT BAD AT ALL! Grabbed all the good deals like free eggs and rm3.50 butter, free cream. Yeah became a dairy farm walking home by el ar tee. Good thing I brought my slave, oops, i mean Reliable Sis along. Made the dairy train go much faster.

Din get to see much of the competition tho - maybe cos it was the last day. SALMON DARN CHEAP! but only had eyes for bake stuff lah :/ not enuff time. eh got see the bakers choice ah? got cheapppp silicone mat. unfortunately bigger than my oven.