Monday, April 19, 2010

Prime At Le Meridien

You know its going to be a great week, when your schedule is lined up with events with all your favourite people. A couple of weeks ago, I dropped Cheryl Lum, Paprika's cousin, an sms enquiring how she was, and long time no see, and just to let her know she was in my thoughts. (without sounding perverse, I hope). Honestly, it was not to solicit, but lo and behold, the dear lass suggested meeting up at Prime for lunch, with Fratmustard's alter ego, Jek.

I love lunchtime conversations between friends. As Cheryl orders the food, she says, "Shall we have a bottle too?" Jek echoes, "Did I hear a bottle or two?", and we guffaw, like two drunken sailors at port, drunk before we even begun.

Prime has a very attractive set lunch, priced at RM70 ++, or an express set lunch at RM60++. The bummer is, however, even for Starwood card members, there is no discount on the set lunch.

Cheryl's main aim was to let us try the Wagyu Skirt Steak. No, it is not cut from the tutu of an aspiring ballerina cow.

Lovely breads, with a trio of delicious butters. Rocket butter, fruit butter and other type of butter.

The pan seared maguro on a bed of buckwheat noodles, with an accompanying soft shell crab.


For starters, we also had these delightful crab cakes. As Cheryl pointed out, not many places serve crabcakes. Peeling crabs for their flesh must be one of the most painstaking culinary jobs on earth. No greater love has a person than one who peels crab for their loved ones to eat.



Their signature wagyu rendang. Interesting concoction of flavours, but the sauces overpower the meat, and I personally prefer my beef, especially if its good quality, like wagyu, to be minimally drowned in sauce.

Drinking mineral water such as this is a rare luxury.


Cosy Corners in Prime, for the all important business lunch.

Contemplating when to go off for their next puff.

Our hostess and the dashing Chef Justin, who Cheryl says works out in the gym daily.

The sound of wine trickling into the glass is as inviting as the sound of rain pattering on the window after a dizzyingly hot spell.

It seems to be monumentally difficult for me to take a decent picture of steaks and meat, and more often than not, the picture does not do the meat justice. I guess that rules out a career in meat photography for me. However, crappy turdish looking pic aside, the wagyu skirt is delightfully tender. Devoid of excessive fat, as the other premier wagyu cuts are famous for, the skirt is pure beef, but succulent, tender and juicy.


The meats are accompanied with a portion of rocket salad.

Check out the perfect doneness of the meat. I know it looks a bit messy and all, but seriously, wagyu skirt steak, costing a fraction of the usual wagyu cuts, seems to be a darn good alternative.

Crepe Suzettes for Jek. I am not a crepe fan, and sometimes I find the orange sauce tastes like cough syrup. However this sauce didn't, but it also didnt have any grand marnier that usually gives the sauce an extra kick.

My wild berry sorbet was superb and refreshing.

Freshly brewed long black with lovely homemade cookies to accompany.

The highlight of the meal was definitely the Wagyu Skirt Steak. However, if you intend to go there for this dish, you better call in advance, coz apparently the last shipment of 20kg sold like hot cows and they are awaiting delivery of the next shipment.

What can I say? Thanks Cheryl for a LOVELY meal, as always.


Life for Beginners said...

O Prime... such memories. Did you remember that the first time we actually had a conversation (methinks) was when you walked over to my table from where you were sitting with your wife and parents and said hi?

So honoured to have had the FBB approach me... Was kinda frightened in a fanboy way. Hehe.

qwazymonkey said...

I love love love the picture of Cheryl contemplating. It's such a beautiful picture. Calm and serene. Prime indeed. :)

J said...

Oh my, what a lunch! :D
(Hmmmm. 70 bucks ah? Ok for a once in a while treat, I guess... Ooh, or if you have a company account without a limit....)

UnkaLeong said...

Hmmm...Dad has been itching to try the place. Mebbe el cheapo son (me) may take a day off to treat him to lunch there. Hahah!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Sounds like a lovely meal. :-) Lucky bugger. :-D

CUMI & CIKI said...

ahpa.. u're like a fine wine. getting better and better each time i gargle ur write up in mah mind! :P

xoxo ciki ah girl

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

can i have her number to wonder how she is? hahaha..

wagyu, upskirt, long skirt or no skirt suits just fine!

thule a.k.a leo said...

don't take beef so I'm not tempted by your photo :P

gfad said...

Sigh... I'm all diarrhoea-d out. Beres. The loo is out of loo rolls and poop all flushed away.

'Drinking mineral water such as this is a rare luxury.'
You on the other hand, are in fine form. Such sarkiness.. Vintage FBB. Along with
'Most times, you can find me counting the number of castor sugar grains in the kitchen....slaving over the hot oven.' :D

Paprika said...

Pa! I miss ya! Have to meet up with you soon to pass you your stuff. Aren't you glad my cousin drinks more than enough for the two of us? :-)

fatboybakes said...

paps, yalar, preggers oridi ah you? so long havent seen.

gfad, but but but, its TRUEEEEE, i would NEVER order acqua panna or any imported mineral water by choice. as for counting grains of castor sugar, yeah, that's after i finish counting the cracks in the ceiling.

thule, got crab cakes leh....

fatboybakes said...

nipples, make sure you get it off her the next time you see her! but for the noblest reasons of course.

ahmei, you being sarky ah? pleez la, so uninspired to write today. unlike you, who are churning them out faster than MARA churns out lawyers.

thamby, who you calling a burger? chis.

fatboybakes said...

unka, go borrow thambys starwood card first la. and dont bring your marder, then 50% off leh.

J, lest i misled, the wagyu skirt wasnt RM70.

monkey, but cheryl is always gorgeous... contemplative or not.

LFB, ya i remember, now that you mention it. WHO were you dining with ah? wasnt devil right?

Tummy Rumble said...

nice.. Haven't been there for a long time man.. Dang..

J said...

Haaaaar? :(
I was so happy. Thought can finally afford to taste some prime wagyu, even though it's a smaller serving...

Julian Si said...

Droooooooool! Respek brader, that's one posh locale for lunchy ;-)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Lucky you! That's a gorgeous piece of steak. *drools*

fatboybakes said...

bangsar babe, yup, lucky lucky lucky...feng tao

jules, i am sure you're fine dining every other day in AD

fatboybakes said...

J, i think the wagyu is about RM108++

tummy rumble, you lucky la, i only went to prime when i was 40 something years old. ;p

HairyBerry said...

sigh, i'm passing my prime without a visit to prime because i have no time and a pocket with no dime. sigh, sigh, sigh.

waitaminute, got set lunch! i see hope! :)

FBB said...

Hairy, with prime and dime did you rhyme,
of which tis true u may have no time,
but as for dime, puhleez, sing dollar so sublime
compared to our ringgit, gasp, its a crime!

and you can always borrow thamby's starwood card....

PureGlutton said...

Lovely place to dine... must wait for my next birthday treat lor.