Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Richwell, Near Rothman's Roundabout

Don't you love the way Chinese people give names that exude wealth, prosperity etc? Choy, Fatt, Wong, Ong, etc, all have good joss associated with them. Which reminds me of a recent dinner party, at a friend's place, where we were discussing potential boy names for this expectant couple. Being rather anglophile, they were toying with names from the British Royalty, such as James, William, etc, but us, being chink and all, said, aiyooo, no la, cannot, chinese must have rich rich name one. Someone mentioned instead of James, why not follow the Nigerian President's name, Goodluck James. Brilliant!!!! So we suggested Goodluck Ong Fatt Choy. What a great name!!! I think this should be recorded for posterity.

So, back to the restaurant, RICHWELL! Now, what a good combination, Wealth Plus Health. We were invited by Marian Eu to try out this fairly new place, which boasts the former chef of the Teochew restaurant in Pudu ( I think closed down). It is easy to find, as it is along the same row as another freshwater prawn noodle establishment.

The place is new, nice and bright. It even has an in-house wine shop. To start with, a lovely scallop broth, which was flavourful and hearty. Strands of dried scallop and one plump fresh scallop. Any soup with salad is a good soup!


An fabulously fresh coral garoupa, (seven stars grouper...chut sing pan in Cantonese), in claypot, swimming in a broth of chinese wine. I could drink the broth on its own, the sweetness of the fish combined with the wine gave the chest a warm feeling of happiness.

The flesh of the fish was firm, and the broth really enhances the flavour.

Tung Poh Yoke... Glorious chunks of pork with layers of fat, the way pork should be! Wonderfully tender and of course, would have gone with rice divinely. Instead of the usual buns (mantau) it's served with these crispy rice crackers, which are just as good, and less voluminous than the normal buns. Very innovative.


Claypot dish of yam and vegetables. Very hearty, and if you are a yam fan, then this dish will send you to yam paradise. Hmmm, wonder where IS yam paradise? Ulu Yam?

I can't remember the Cantonese name, but it's basically a mince pork pattie, very homestyle, and reminiscent of something my grandmother used to make. Simple, effective and delicious. I could just eat this with rice as well, as I am not an overly gravy person.



Not that my photography is anything to shout about, but I felt this amazingly beautiful dish deserved to be viewed from all angels. Side elevation, plan elevation, and at an angle. I think sang har mee is a fabulous invention, and whoever invented this recipe deserves a Nobel Prize. Is there one for culinary achievements? Anyway, no complaints here, the prawns were fresh, and large, the roe plentiful, the sauce perfect, not starchy.

...and to really push us over the edge, stuffing us to the brim, a lovely claypot crab with glass vermicelli, (tong fun). Done just right, the noodles were not soggy, and the crabs tasty. However, since the crabs were not very big, there was a lot of shrapnel.

You know, I have not lived. I didnt know about the existence of these chocolates, supposedly the best in the world, and still would not have know about it if not for the generosity of fellow diner, Cheng Sim (of Chef Choy fame), who insisted we try it. That it is now available in Delicious Ingreidents is all thanks to Cheng Sim who apparently insisted they bring it in, and it was been selling like hot cakes. They are limited editions as well, as each bar has a serial number, only 20,000 are produced a year.

O Ni...that unique hokkien yam dessert that is not readily available. This version is nice, its not cloyingly sweet, and has a lovely tinge of orange zest on it. But really, after the feast leading up to dessert, I could only ingest very little of it.


Chef CY Kam and our friend, Marian who so kindly organised the dinner.

Restaurant Richwell
24G&26G, Jalan 19/3
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7955 5855

Read Masak Masak's review HERE.


CUMI & CIKI said...

larvely ahpa! we went with Marian too.. looks like she's been eating there a lot.

btw, your shots (Sang Har Mee) are superb. the orange colour is so deep! Shiokness :P

PS - i'm sorry but Marian looks prettier than the Chef Kam :P

aly said...

OMG the prawns!!! The PRAWNS!!! I'm gonna go this weekend!

J said...

Haiyo - your photos are nice lah!

Pureglutton said...

This will definitely be on my list of "To Go"!
Oh, did u mean "any soup with Scallop is good soup"... not salad? I can't see any salad in that bowl fo delish soup!

thule a.k.a leo said...

first masak-masak and now you :)
I'm going to post up sang har which is at least twice the size of your picture soon!!!

qwazymonkey said...

What are the odds of us blogging about prawns on the same day eh? Greats minds I tell ya or was it cos you called me out by name on your BFM interview? Hmmmm

Hafta agree that the food here was gorgeous. My fave has got to be that Fish Claypot and the two yam dishes.

KY said...

waaa i oso wan, jeles

Paprika said...

Mmmm sang har meen and ham yue chin yoke pang! Who needs veg?! Food sounds lurve!

Chaokar said...

I keep thinking of green view restaurant ... are they the same?

Tummy Rumble said...

I have to make it a point not to read food blogs at 3am.. *stomach rumbles*

eatbitemunch said...

The prawns looks too tempting!!

fatboybakes said...

eatbitemunch, them prawns are good!

tummyrumble, yeah, i know, i avoid food blogs before meals.

fatboybakes said...

chaokar, no laaa, competitors i reckon! this one is in front of the corner fruit stall.

paprika, what is veg?

fatboybakes said...

KY, haha, the king of the food bloggers jealous of us minions?

monkey, yalor, great minds hor. i love the ham yue fah lam pou, which we had on 2nd and 3rd visit.

fatboybakes said...

thule faster post and tweet it ya.

pureglutton, guffaw, yeah, my bad...i meant scallops, not salad.

fatboybakes said...

J, aww, you so sweet.

aly dear, fancy bumping into you there hor!!!

ahmei ah, of course marian looks better than chef kam.

fatfat said...

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