Friday, August 05, 2011

The OMG Burger, Daily Grind

If you like LOTS of meat shoved between your buns, on. Parental guidance is recommended.

Sick of birthday cake? Why not try something new, the new OMG Burger at the Daily Grind, weighing 6kg in total, and measuring 10 inches. Diameter, that is. I think this is one occasion where a picture paints a thousand words.

It takes two able bodied strong men to carry this mama to our table.

It is served with sparklers so it is perfect as a celebratory cake.

Cheapskate friends use this food review as an opportunity to celebrate Alilfatmonkey's Birthday, as we just havent gotten around to buying him a proper dinner. Well, at least I haven't. Judas Lemongrass has, I believe.

My piece I give to you.....she (Judas) says.

People do measure the dimensions of their buns and meat. And what an impressive result it is too.

Moist luscious beef patty with a generous layer of melted cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. All your food groups covered.

Since it was such a wholesome meal, (wholemeal buns, beef and veggies), one can afford to indugle in dessert, and the Daily Grind does a mean SALTY CARAMEL CHOCOLATE CAKE.

Brace yourself. The mother of all burgers in a whopping (no pun intended) RM360++, BUT, before you clutch your chest and faint, it CAN feed 12-15 easily, I reckon. So it's actually quite reasonable.

Daily Grind is located at the LG Floor of Bangsar Village 1. Thanks Paprika for burgering us.


JoinMe said...

Hi fatboybakes,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

YY said...

Thanks for blog. Pictures looked great too. YY

Judas Lemongrass said...

Judas Lemongrass! Muahahahahha!

So sad that you didn't even bake a cake for your ah boy....sighhhhhhhh. :-P :-P

Julian Si said...

Dimensions of buns and meat? Nuff said :-)

Cheers bro! BURPP ... I am filled up (pun not intended) just looking at your post!

Baby Sumo said...

That is one crazy huge-ass burger!

qwazymonkey said...

Judas & Ah Pa: LOL!!!! Yeah, pity I didn't get a cake the size of that bugger...I meant burger. Surely Judas would have something to say about that. LOL

AmuseDouche said...

you know fatboy, even if we were paid like 10K to eat at Gordon Ramsey's plc, we'd turn the other way and run for our lives. Coz he is douchebag hs some serious mental issues and even the creatures in hell are not deserving of such food cooked in a kitchen overflowing with negativity, not to mention the amount of 'expensive' foods he throughs down the drain, to suit some of his 'schizophrenic' food standards. Hvg said that, this burger was probably 'created' by those people who are no less than that idiot who bashed kittens in Seri Kembangan or probably wringed the head of some miserable guinea pig in his deprived childhood. Gluttony, wastetage and a gross disregard for honoring those dead animals we slaugther daily , not for our survival but for our GREED.