Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wine Pairing Dinner at Overseas Restaurant....A Blissful Marriage of Orient and Occident

Overseas Restaurant, be it the original one in Jln Imbi, or the one in Armada, (actually, is that the name of the building or just the hotel?) has always been one of our favourite family restaurants for Chinese food. Consistent, and delicious, although we don't go as often as I would like.

When I got an invite to attend a wine pairing dinner there, I was more than delighted, because I knew for sure the food was going to be good, so at least 50% of the battle was won.  Not only that, it's the first in a SERIES (how exciting is that, move over, Game of Thrones) of wine pairings from around the world, and this particular event was "Viaje De Gusto", wines from Spain, and likewise, food as well.

Over and above the media invite, the proprietor also asked me to extend an invite to my  friends, so what a fun night it was.

To start and paired with a lovely Cava (where apparently that night the restaurant had finished the that particular Cava stock in the whole country), cold cuts of Salami and Jamon, cheeses, olives, and I was just one step away from breaking into a Flamenco dance of joy.

...which incidentally, there was...

A pan of freshly seared Iberico  scented the entire area with that heavenly porcine aroma, and the meat was just melt in the mouth, washed down with the Cava.

The black truffle combo

The delicious fish maw and crab meat soup, I suppose was deemed to be in a level of its own, not to be paired or contaminated by any wines, so there was no wine pairing for this.  But actually it is a good match with the Cava.

The carnage...

Iberico  loin combo.... gorgeous iberico char siu, such decadence, paired with Montalvo Vilmot, a full bodied wine for full flavoured food.

Smoked Sliced Duck With Chinese Lamen, paired with the Prima.

As part of the evenings festivities, wine sommelier Jonathan walked us through the various wines we were drinking, explaining why each wine goes with what.

Hostess /emcee extraordinaire entertaining the crowd, with a game where participants could win some coveted bottles of wine, which entailed smelling and identifying certain every day items....which was harder than it sounds.  For example, the first item was "PINEAPPLE" and a good battalion of people had inhaled the mystery scent before a winner finally emerged.  Subsequently was vanilla, which even then, took a while, but Chris of Brought Up to Share won it.   Proud of you boy, if you read this, you know la hor, when to open that bottle you won and who to share it with.

Come and smell...


A lovely evening...can't wait for the next wine pairing....I think I heard Italy!

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